Best GMAT Prep Courses [Updated 2021]

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Updated: December 1, 2021

🥇 The Winner: Princeton Review 

🥈 Runner Up: Manhattan Prep 
🥉 Honorable Mention: Magoosh 

Looking to take the GMAT test but don’t know where to start? We’ve made it easy with unbiased, expert reviews on all the top GMAT prep courses on the market.

If you are looking to study MBA overseas, a GMAT exam will help you get into the University of your dreams. GMAT exams test reasoning skills and include analytical writing, quantitative, and verbal sections.

To prepare for the exam, students use different online courses. But not all of the GMAT prep courses are the same. To help you spend your money on the right programs, here’s our pick of the top GMAT prep courses.

How do we pick the best GMAT prep courses 🤔

There are several GMAT prep courses on the market, but not all are created the same. To make this list, we looked at several test-prep companies and selected those that offer the best combination of features and prices so you can prepare for your GMAT in a smart way. Most of the courses in this list:

  • Are available in various formats: self-paced online, in-person, live online, private tutoring
  •  Include diagnostic test
  • Provide customized study plans
  • Come with unique features such as interactive software, dedicated student app,
  • Guarantee high score
  • Are designed and taught by top 99th percentile scorers
  • Provide a personal set of practice questions and mock tests
  • Provide a wide range of resources online
  • Have a refund policy
  • Allow free trial

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The Princeton Review

Pisa Pick

The Princeton Review


Starting Price










Private tutoring at $150/hr.

Paperback book at $15


Self-Paced, Live Online, In Person

Boot camp, live online,

Self-Paced Online

Self-Paced Online, Live Online, and in-person

Self-Paced Online

Self-Paced, Live Online, and In-Person

Self-Paced Online

Live course, online course, private tutoring

Private tutoring, live online, in-person, telephonic


Practice Exams











Practice Questions


900+ quant
400+ verbal






Essay Grading

Score Guarantee

Princeton Review Score Improvement Guarantee


+50 (live online only)

Improve score or get your money back

Kaplan's Higher Score Guarantee

+60 total score guarantee

Access Period

4 months


1 year

1 year

6 months

4 months

4 months






Magoosh is a company by a bunch of education enthusiasts who get stoked about helping college-bound students ace tests for admission into the study programs of their dreams. It has been on the test-prep scene for over a decade now, and you can bank on their wealth of experience and carefully designed study materials to help you get ready for the GMAT exam.

Magoosh provides two types of TOEFL prep courses, combining math, verbal, AWA, and IR syllabus in video format with over 1000 practice questions and practice tests. You also get personalized study plans and an accurate score predictor to know where you are before the exam.

Depending on your learning style, initial skills, and budget, you have the following options:

Math + IR program

This is a self-study program for those already good with spoken English. It’s a $ 249-course granting access to 175+ video lessons and 620 practice questions in math and IR.


This is another self-study program; it’s priced at $249 and grants a full year of access to 340+ video lessons, 1300+ practice questions, and 2 practice tests.

Tutoring + Premium

This is a $799 guided study course for those looking for extra help. It comprises tutoring sessions amounting to 6 hours, and you can talk to them one-on-one. Above all, you can schedule it at your convenience.

  • Guaranteed score improvement in all their plans: the Math + IR promises to boost your math score by +3 while the Premium guarantees a +50 total score improvement.
  • 12-month access upon payment
  • Large practice questions
  • A mobile app for smooth access to study materials
  • Budget-friendly: with a $249 starting price, this is one of the cheapest GMAT prep course on this list
  • Free trial is possible
  • Money-back guarantee
  • No essay grading services


Final Thoughts

That said, if you are looking for the best combination of features and prices to help you prepare for your GMAT in a smart way, this is it. The fact that they have a mobile app also sets them apart from the rest of the companies on the list


Check out our full review of the Magoosh GMAT prep course here.



In the test-prep scene, Kaplan is king: this is a veteran test prep company and has helped thousands of students ace their GMAT exam and join MBA programs in the college of their dreams already. They cover math and verbal and start at $599. Here’s a look:


Pay $599 get 180 days of access to a complete on-demand course to study at your own pace, with instructor support of course. This program includes 140+ hours of study content, 2,500 practice questions from an adaptive question-answer bank, and 9 practice tests. You will also get a true test-taking experience by taking a final practice test at a real test-taking center.

 Live online

Take live online classes taught by top GMAT instructors. The classes are taught in an interactive format. provides the same features as the self-paced course. You will also get to ask questions and access live and on-demand video lessons.


This course is provided in partnership with the Manhattan Prep Partnership. That means you gain access to stellar study materials as well as individual attention. It’s a real classroom experience hosted by teachers who scored in the 99th percentile. They will meet you wherever you are.

  • They offer strategies to improve your score
  • Superstar instructors
  • 70+ score improvement guarantee
  • True-test taking experience
  • An adaptive question-answer bank
  • Over 2500 plus practice questions
  • Up to 8-practice tests
  • Online and in-person tutoring is available
  • Mobile app
  • Kaplan’s tutoring packages are the most expensive ever, starting at $2499 for 10 hours.


Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a study program with unique features, this is it. Their packages include a true test-day experience where you take the test in a real exam center. If you have no concerns about money, this is the program for you.


Check out our full review of the Kaplan GMAT prep course here.


Prep Scholar

PrepScholar is another great provider of test-prep services. Their GMAT prep courses combine the best price and features such as top 1% teachers, a personal study plan, and accessible tutoring options. Once you subscribe to their course, they will give you a diagnostic test to assess your skill levels in various GMAT concepts and then tailor a study plan to provide you the lessons you need to boost your score.

The company provides their course in the self-paced online format only, starting from $139. The course includes interactive lessons, customized study plans, 1000+ practice questions, 4 computer adaptive mock tests, progress tracking, and customized feedback. Tutoring is available from $99/hour.

  • Free trial: you can try the course free for 5 days, and this includes a diagnostic assessment; if you cancel the account after 5 days, you won’t be asked to pay anything.
  • +60 improvement in score guarantee
  • Cheapest GMAT course on the market
  • Students on a tight budget and schedule can get the course at $100, though with limited features.
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Only a 2-4 months access period
  • No in-person or live online courses
  • Limited question-answer bank


Final Thoughts

The PrepScholar GMAT course is designed and taught by instructors who scored in the 99th percentile themselves. The fact that they provide customized feedback and accessible tutoring is also wonderful. If you want a truly personalized GMAT prep course, this is it.


Check out our full review of the PrepScholar GMAT prep course here.

Veritas Prep

Veritas Prep

Veritas is the largest provider of test preparation and college admission consulting services in the world. They help college-bound students get ready for SAT, ACT, GRE, and GMAT exams.

When it comes to GMAT test prep, there are a number of options.


For students who want to study at their own pace, this is the course for you. Upon making a $699 payment, you will have access to pre-recorded interactive video lessons, live online assignments, 5000+ practice questions, and practice tests for a year. Furthermore, free admission consulting is also available. The study material can be accessed via PC, iPad, iPhone, or Android devices.

Live classes

Veritas live classes cost $399 and include all that the self-study program includes, plus teacher-led sessions. The teachers are 99th percentile performers and provide two lessons a week over six weeks. You can schedule the lessons at your convenience and will also get to interact with teachers and students.

Private tutoring

If you want extra help, private tutoring is available online or in-person from $2,650. This package includes everything in the live class package plus one-on-one GMAT instructions. Your tutor will design lessons based on your learning style, strengths, and weaknesses, meet you wherever you are, issue assignments, track your progress, and provide feedback

  • Various course formats
  • Tutoring available for those who need extra help
  • Free admission consulting
  • 99th percentile instructors
  • 5000+ question-answer bank
  • Long access period
  • You can try the on-demand course for free
  • The +50 score improvement is available with the Live Online class only
  • No customized lesson plan on the On-demand course


Final Thoughts

The bottom-line? Veritas GMAT prep has a few weaknesses but various strengths, including 99th percentile instructors, an enormous question-answer bank, and various course formats. Check their website to learn more about their program.


Check out our full review of the Veritas Prep GMAT prep course here.

Target Test Prep

Target Test Prep

Target Test Prep, aka TTP, is another top online test prep company. They have various plans to suit different learning styles, budgets, and schedules. Their plans include video lessons containing detailed explanations of various GMAT topics, over 2500 quant practice questions, customized study plans, error trackers, and smart analytics to determine every student’s weaknesses and strengths. Here’s a look at TTP plans and pricing:

Flexible Preparation

This plan is priced at $99/month and comprises the complete GMAT verbal and quant course.

Dedicated Study

Pay $299 and access a complete TTP GMAT verbal and quant course for four months.

Maximum Learning

Pay $399 and access a complete TTP GMAT verbal and quant course for six months.

5-day trial for $1

This offer grants full access to TTP’s verbal and quant study materials for 5 days for just $1.

  • Over 2500+ practice questions in the GMAT quant section
  • Over 800 instructor-led lessons to stream
  • Private tutoring is available from $300/hour
  • 24/7 support
  • $1 trial version for 5 days of access to self-diagnostic tests, study material, and practice questions
  • Guaranteed score improvement
  • Lowest starting price at $99
  • No practice tests
  • The study material is not adaptive


Final Thoughts

The bottom-line? If you are looking for GMAT practice material at a discount, this is it. You can get the on-demand curriculum at $99. Though TTP courses don’t include everything, they’ve got an impressive question-answer bank in the GMAT verbal and quant module.


Check out our full review of the Target Test Prep GMAT prep course here.

Princeton Review

Princeton Review

Princeton Review has been offering test prep and admission consulting services for decades now. You can bank on their experience to get your test score where you’d like them.

The Princeton Review GMAT course combines excellent explanation sessions, an adaptive DrillBuilder feature, ensuring you study only what’s necessary to improve your score.

During the course, you will also take 10 adaptive mock tests to assess your progress. The course is available in the following formats.

Self-paced online

You can enroll in this self-study course so you can take it anywhere, anytime. It costs $499 and includes one-on-one tutoring sessions.


This $1399 course is for those who learn better under a classroom experience. It is available in-person and online and includes 27 hours of live classroom lessons.

GMAT 700+

For those looking for a course with specific score improvement assurance, this course promises to improve your score by 700+ points and is available in-person and online too.

Private Tutoring

For students looking for extra help, you can schedule in-person or live tutor sessions starting at $167/hour.

  • 4,400+ drills
  • Interactive videos lessons
  • Build your own practice set with an adaptive DrillBuilder
  • Over 800 teacher-led video lessons
  • Every program format includes a coaching session
  • Multiple course formats
  • The private tutoring and in-person course plans are not available in all cities
  • Princeton Review does not have a dedicated student app


Check out our full review of the Princeton Review GMAT prep course here.

Manhattan Prep

Manhattan Prep

Manhattan Prep is another incredible test prep company characterized by brilliant instructors who adapt to individual students’ learning styles.

They design the curriculum based on each student’s needs. They also organize boot camps and math workshop sessions to learn in person from the teachers and each other. Manhattan Prep GMAT course options include:

GMAT Boot Camps

Manhattan Prep GMAT Boot Camps start at $2599 and include 35 hours of lessons in 14-21 days. It’s a comprehensive study program covering all GMAT modules in a short time. It’s also available online.

GMAT Complete Prep Set

This is the 6th edition of the popular full GMAT course. It covers verbal and math modules and costs $289. You will also get over 900 past GMAT questions with detailed answer explanations. Furthermore, there are 100 diagnostic exams, 6 practice tests, and an online question bank containing 200+ problems of varying difficulty levels. Be prepared to tackle a lot of assignments too.

Private Tutoring

For $2450, you can get one-on-one personalized GMAT instructions for 10 hours. The course is ideal for those looking for extra help and can be taken online.

Live GMAT Course

Alternatively, you can pay for a live online GMAT course for $1599, which comprises 27 hours of live classes. It’s ideal to start on the course 2 months before the real exam.

Interact GMAT Course

For $999, you can purchase the Manhattan Prep interactive GMAT course. It includes over 35 ‘streamable’ interactive video lessons.

You also get boos and access to online resources, including essay grading software. The program uses software that mimics the expertise, guidance, and empathy you’d get with an in-person tutor.

  • An award-winning platform combined with a top-rated curriculum by experienced teachers. The company’s Interact software bagged the Digital Content Silver Award in the Reimagine Education Conference & Awards.
  • The company limits class sizes so each student can participate and receive personal attention
  • Interactive fun lessons even on the driest topics
  • Intense boot camps that cover virtually every GMAT module in 2-3 weeks.
  • A dedicated student app so you can study on-the-go
  • Admission guidance from mbaMission.
  • Free trial
  • The cheapest course package costs $289 and doesn’t even include a 1-on-1 tutor session
  • The in-person and live online classes are available to students in major cities only
  • No score improvement guarantee


Final Thoughts

The bottom-line? Manhattan Prep GMAT course comes with a lot of unique features but at an extra fee. If money is not an issue, you will enjoy a dedicated student app, computer-adaptive mock tests, interactive software, and expert tutors.


Check out our full review of the Manhattan Prep GMAT prep course here.


Test Masters

TestMaster is a company that offers live and online test preparation courses for premium tests such as the GRE and GMAT. It was founded by Robin Singh in 1991. He is a world record holder with twelve perfect LSAT scores. Testmaster also provides private tutoring services, in addition to live and online packages.

All TestMaster GMAT packages follow a common curriculum that provides students with a strong foundation in grammar, math, and logic skills tested in the exam.

This program is designed to help students understand the exam language, know the concepts being tested and use basic English and math to solve complex problems.

There are numerous quizzes, drills, and even interactive games to motivate students to participate. Here’s a breakdown of the plans and pricing:

$950 online course

This plan includes full lessons and 3 hours of one-on-one tutoring. You will also get your own set of GMAT practice questions and up to 9 practice tests.

$1250 live course

This package comprises up to 60 class hours and 3 hours of one-on-one tutoring and a set of practice questions and tests based on each student’s learning style and skills. You will also be allowed access to eBooks and online software.

Private tutoring

Private tutoring online or in-person is available starting from $150/hr. You can pay for a 10-, 25- or 60-hour package; the 60-hour tutor package includes access to books and diagnostic tests.

  • Tutoring via phone, in-person, or online
  • Each of their course includes 3 hours of tutoring
  • Their course is not limited to text instructions only; it also comprises interactive videos and games, 1-on-1 tutorials, and animated whiteboard presentations.
  • If you do not live near a TestMaster location, your options are restricted to either the online package or private tutoring
  • There is no free trial period
  • There is no guarantee of a good grade.


Check out our full review of the TestMasters GMAT prep course here.


Powerscore Test Prep

PowerScore GMAT was founded in 1997 by test training “specialist” Dave Killoran premised on his industry experiences. He claims his methodologies help students excel on various standardized tests, including the ACT, LSAT, GMAT, GRE, and SAT exams.

PowerScore GMAT course options

PowerScore provides private tutoring, live online, in-person, or via telephone for $150/hr. or $625 for 5 hours. You can also stream their 40-hour on-demand course for $495. Dave and his team use lessons, lectures, and discussions just like in a traditional class to teach concepts of the GMAT English exam. They focus on the verbal, critical reasoning, and sentence correction part of the exam. Together, they’ve also published highly reviewed books that you can get for $34.98:

 The PowerScore GMAT Critical Reasoning Bible

This book promises to boost your accuracy and speed, too, so you can attempt most of the questions in the exam. You will learn how to deconstruct GMAT argumentation, identify GMAT types of questions, and distinguish correct from incorrect answers.

 The PowerScore GMAT Reading Comprehension Bible

This is the ultimate guide to the GMAT Reading Comprehension section. It features passages, questions, concept drills with answer explanations. You will learn how to break down and attack any Reading Comprehension question in the exam.

The PowerScore GMAT Sentence Correction Bible

The PowerScore GMAT Sentence Correction Bible is the most comprehensive book for the GMAT Sentence Correction portion. The book contains a thorough methodology for attacking Sentence Correction questions, such as recognizing mistakes in words and phrases, determining and correcting possible errors, and using the elimination method to solve problems quickly.

  • Excellent study books at a cheap price
  • The books can be downloaded for studying offline
  • Tutoring available online, in-person, or via phone
  • Cheap tutoring sessions
  • No score improvement guarantee
  • No refund policy
  • No practice tests and mock exams


Check out our full review of the PowerScore GMAT prep course here.

Barrons Gmat


If you are looking for a budget-friendly GMAT prep book, this is it. It’s an 800-page study guide written by award-winning teachers and the top experts in the field in North America.

It is an updated version of the popular Barron’s GMAT guide and comes with extra strategies and methodologies to help you crash the exam. Each problem is thoroughly explained so that you understand why the selected answer is the right one.

It’s really the best option if you are on a limited budget and want to make sure you’re ready for the exam. It covers the quantitative, verbal, integrated reasoning, and analytical writing assessment sections of the exam. You will also learn some of the challenges to expect during this computer adaptive exam.

Here’s a complete breakdown of what the book provides

Diagnostic Skills Tests: start with quizzes to assess your strengths and weaknesses on each topic.

Targeted Review Questions: get extra questions on frequent test areas such as probability, data sufficiency, and parallelism.

Strategic step-by-step approaches to the various GMAT questions, the methods have been tested on students with different goals and abilities and proven to be effective. ‘

Complete content: there are strategies, questions, and tips suitable for every test-taker, no matter their abilities and goals.

  • Excellent value for money
  • Includes a diagnostic skill sets test – a great way to figure out where to start
  • 2 complete practice tests
  • Incompletely edited


Check out our full review of the Barrons GMAT prep course here.

Wrap-up 🎁

If you are going to guarantee entry into the MBA program of your dreams, then you have to prepare with the best course. The above list of GMAT prep courses will raise your score and help you stand apart from other applicants.