Best IELTS Prep Courses [Updated 2021]

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Updated: December 1, 2021

🥇 The Winner: Best My Test 

🥈 Runner Up: Kaplan 
🥉 Honorable Mention: Magoosh 

Looking to take the IELTS test but don’t know where to start? We’ve made it easy with unbiased, expert reviews on all the top IELTS prep courses on the market.

If you are looking to study, migrate or work in a country where English is the native language, you have to improve your English skills. An IELTS exam is a premium test that immigration officials, employers, and schools use to gauge applicants’ English writing and speaking skills.

Presenting proof of high scores on the IELTS test will surely make you stand out from the competition. Here is a review of the best IELTS prep courses to help you get ready to crush the test. 💪

Premium IELTS Prep Courses

There are several options to choose from when you want to get ready for your IELTS test. The best IELTS prep courses are crafted by professionals and combine the best price with the best features such as high-quality study material, enormous practice questions bank, essay grading, mobile app, student support, and availability in various formats as well.

You can find these premium IELTS prep courses online. They usually provide extra materials than what the British Council gives. Check them out.

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Starting Price








Self-Paced Online, Live Online, and in-person

Self-Paced, Live Online, and In-Person

Self-Paced Online

Self-Paced Online

Self-Paced, Live Online, In Person

Practice Questions






Practice Exams






Speaking review

(IELTS Master only)

Score Guarantee

1-2.5 Band


+0.5 band



Access Period

1-week to 6 months

 6 months

 1 month

45-180 days



Best My Test

BestMyTest IELTS prep courses are also quite affordable. The company charges the second-lowest starting price in this list and has a number of courses to choose from.


The IELTS Custom course is designed to help prepare for the academic and general training modules. Students who are already confident in their language skills and can study on their own will find this course wonderful


  • 1000+  practice questions
  • 2000+ frequently used IELTS expressions
  • 200+ IELTS lessons arranged into a study guide
  • 20 full-length practice tests
  • 5 essay writing assignments
  • Ask-an-instructor sessions
  • 3 IELTS speaking  skills reviews
  • 2 IELTS writing skills reviews
  • +1 score improvement
  • Money-back guarantee

IELTS Premium

This is also a course to prepare for the academic and general training module, but it provides little extra tutor services.  

  • 1000+  practice questions
  • 2000+ vocabulary words frequently used by IELTS
  • 200 lessons put into a study guide format
  • 20 full-length practice test
  • 25 essay writing assignments
  • Ask an instructor up to 25 questions
  • 12 IELTS speaking  skills reviews
  • 8 IELTS writing skills reviews
  • +2.5 score improvement
  • Money-back guarantee
  • 6 Months Access

IELTS Last Minute

This is another stellar IELTS academic and general training module test prep course from BestMyTest. It’s designed for students looking to brush up on their skills, like a cram session, shortly before the real exam.


  • 1000+  practice questions
  • 2000+ vocabulary words frequently used by IELTS
  • 200 lessons put into a study guide format
  • 20 full-length practice test
  • 25 essay writing assignments
  • Ask an instructor up to 5 questions
  • 12 IELTS speaking  skills reviews
  • 8 IELTS writing skills reviews
  • +1 score improvement
  • Money-back guarantee
  • 1-week access

What puts this program among the best IELTS prep courses?

Essay grading: the writing part is often one of the most challenging parts of the IELTS exam. What’s sad is most courses don’t do much to help students in this area; they assume you learned all that’s needed in high school. BestMyTest is one of the few companies that provides up to 25 essay writing assignments and grading services to help students improve their writing skills.

Writing and speaking reviews: This course will help you get ready for IELTS speaking and writing papers by going through your speaking clips and writing samples and providing constructive feedback.

Many practice tests: Of all the courses in this list, BestMyTest provides the highest number of practice tests making sure you really gain confidence in test-taking before the actual exam.

What you might not like about the program

No video lessons: BestMyTest is mainly an interactive test-based program, without video lessons like you’ll find in other programs.

That said, the program is one of the most comprehensive IELTS test prep courses on the market. You can take advantage of a vast practice question bank, ask-an-expert sessions, and grammar corrections to prepare for the real exam.


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Kaplan IELTS online prep course is led by superstar instructors and is either recorded or live. You will also get to experience the real test with genuine practice questions and simulated tests courtesy of Cambridge Assessment English – the guys behind the Cambridge University Press. With thousands of students thanking the program for helping them crash their IELTS exam, this is the real deal when it comes to course prep.

IELTS Online and Live Online Prep Courses

Kaplan offers two types of IELTS prep courses, online and live online. The online course is in the self-paced format allowing students to study at their own time and pace with lessons, practice questions, and tests available on-demand at $65. 

The live online course is accessed via an online classroom to talk one-on-one with teachers and interact with other students. You will also be allowed to access the online study center that houses comprehensive IELTS study resources. The live online course is priced at $190.


  • 5000 practice questions
  • 4 full-length practice tests
  • Up to 18hrs of interactive and engaging video lessons led by expert instructors
  • Homework assignments
  • Personalized score reports

What puts Kaplan IELTS among the best in the market?

Superstar instructors and assessment by top English experts: Well, if you want to learn English, who better help you than the guys from Cambridge press?

It’s excellent for both first-time test-takers and those looking to re-take: Any students with an English level above IELTS band 4.0 looking to take the IELTS academic exam will find this prep course useful.

Many video lessons: Kaplan IELTS courses comprise 18 hours of teacher-led video lessons in engaging, interactive format. This is the third most hours of video lessons by any course in this list, and above all, you are allowed up to 6 months of access.

Live online class: Kaplan offers 2-6 weeks live online course where you get access to your own IELTS instructor. You will get to ask questions and interact with other students, too.

What you might not like about the program

No score improvement guarantee: Most top IELTS prep programs offer score improvement guarantees; Kaplan doesn’t.

The live online course at $160 is a bit expensive: This is the course that makes Kaplan stand out among other programs on this list. However, you will have to pay more to access it.

That said, in the test prep scene, Kaplan is usually considered the king. They provide the most practice questions and video lessons, plus there’s tutor help for those who need expert guidance and one-on-one interaction.


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Magoosh IELTS


Magoosh offers two types of IELTS prep programs: a $109 1-month premium course and a $129 6-month premium course. All courses include essay grading by the company’s superstar instructors. Here’s a look at what each course entails.

Magoosh 1-month premium

This $109 IELTS prep course combines comprehensive syllabus coverage, practice questions, mock tests, and essay writing assessments in just 30 days. It’s the best course for students with limited test prep time.


  • 120+ video lessons
  • Comprehensive syllabus coverage
  • 600+ practice questions
  • 8 full-length practice tests
  • Personal study checklists
  • One graded essay writing assignment
  • +0.5 band score improvement
  • 1-week refund policy

Magoosh 6-month premium

This course allows students to save up to $500 by purchasing a 6-month IELTS prep package at once. It includes all that the 1 monthly prep course provides, plus some.


  • 120+ video lessons
  • Comprehensive syllabus coverage
  • 600+ practice questions
  • 8 full-length practice tests
  • Personal study checklists
  • 6-month access
  • 4 graded essay writing assignments
  • 6 Month Premium
  • +4 Graded Writing Assessments
  • Comprehensive IELTS coverage
  • Over 120 video lessons
  • Over 600 practice questions
  • Up to 8 full-length mock tests
  • Study schedules
  • 7-day refund guarantee
  • +0.5 band score improvement guarantee
  • Pause your plan

Pros of the Magoosh IELTS prep

The best combination of features and price: among the premium IELTS prep courses, Magoosh charges the lowest to get into their program but still provides a decent amount of practice questions, mock tests, and video lessons, just like the best courses in the market.

Can be accessed via mobile devices: you can study this course anywhere, anytime on your PC, android, or iPhone device, as long as there’s an internet connection.

Score improvement guarantee: you can always tell a serious test prep course from a fake by their score guarantee. Companies with confidence in their programs guarantee specific score improvement while those without guarantee nothing. Magoosh is a case of the former, promising to improve your IELTS score by +0.5.

Money-back guarantee: Magoosh guarantees satisfaction, no gimmicks. If you find the course unsuitable for your learning style or initial English skills, you can always ask for your money back within a week of purchase.

Flexibility: it’s easy to find a plan that suits one’s budget.  You can choose between a 1-month and full 6-month access, with different pricing plans.

Accurate score predictor: Magoosh score predictor tool has predicted scores of thousands of IELTS students with a narrow margin of error. Know when you are ready to take the test with the help of the tool.

Cons of the Magoosh IELTS prep

You won’t get a live lesson: Magoosh offers a self-paced online course only, with an ask-an-expert question feature. There are no live lessons. So if you are looking for a classroom experience, this is not the course for you.

That said, if you are looking for smart IELTS test prep at an affordable price, Magoosh provides the ability to study anywhere anytime using stellar material, video lessons, and practice with over 600 questions, then test yourself then predict your score. Essay writing help is also available.


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Udemy is another incredible IELTS training course provider with several $12.99 courses to choose from. Here’s a look: IELTS band 7+ complete prep course

This IELTS course was crafted by Keino Campbell, a specialist in IELTS and TOEFL and UDEMY award-winning IEKTS instructor. He’s been developing courses for students of international exams for over 15 years now and has worked in several countries, including China and Brazil. The course teaches academic and general exam strategies to help students get in the high score band.


  • Guide to band 7+ score: this course promises to help students take their score to band 7+. It includes resources on all parts of the IELTS exam and teaches techniques and skills required to excel in the test.
  • Expert instructors: the team behind this course is top-notch. Keino himself is rated among the top 10% most engaging instructors at UDEMY, and his team boasts of a background in Law, English, test psychology,  standardized exam designing, and grading.   
  • One live group class every month with real-time assistance on reading, listening, and writing skills
  • Learn the best time management strategies to help you do more in the exam
  • Help with IELTS listening, speaking, and writing modules.
  • Contest to enter into a 5-hour private tutor program
  • 20+ Assignments to assess your knowledge
  • 160 lectures with up to 30 hours of content
  • Video lessons totaling 80.5 hours
  • Band 7+ score guarantee
  • Lifetime access

Mastering IELTS Writing Task 2

This course promises to help students achieve a band 7+ score in 7 hours. It focused on the IELTS writing task 2 module and was last updated in May 2021. It can be accessed using mobile or TV devices, and all lectures can be downloaded.


  • A free live IELTS writing class every month
  • On-demand video lessons totaling up to 7.5 hours
  • 1 article
  • A Q&A tool to provide students with straightforward and supportive answers
  • Time management skills to help with IELTS task 2 writing
  • Teaches how to write engaging introductions and conclusions and a high-scoring body section
  • A wide array of academic and common vocabularies
  • Teaches how to link ideas logically, so your work makes sense
  • Grammatical constructions to help students score high in the grammatical range and accuracy
  • Lifetime access

IELTS 7 Plus

This is another cheap but incredible IELTS prep course at UDEMY. It contains resources to prepare for all sections of the IELTS Academic exam and promises to get your score to the band 6+.


  • Strategies and skills for taking the IELTS test
  • A band 6+ score guarantee
  • 24 hours of On-demand video containing instructions on how to write IELTS task 1 and task 2
  • Common vocabulary and phrases in the IELTS speaking test
  • Full-length IELTS listening, reading, and speaking tests
  • Homework
  • Lifetime access
  • A one-month money-back guarantee
  • Certificate of completion

IELTS Speaking Success

This is a 9.5 hours On-demand video lesson to boost your English speaking skills before the IELTS exam. It promises to take your speaking test score to the 7+ band. It’s taught by a DELTA-qualified English teacher from Britain and promises to grow your vocabulary, improve your fluency and help you sound just like native English speakers.


  • Video lessons totaling 9.5 hours
  • Teaches how to answer common questions in the IELTS speaking module
  • Improve your pronunciation and fluency
  • Learn idiomatic expressions and brush up on your grammar

Practice using the most common types of questions in the IELTS speaking session

IELTS Preparation Masterclass:

This affordable online course at UDEMY offers a full guide to the IELTS. Get the best preparation tips from experienced IELTS instructors to get ready for the exam fast and effectively.


  • Includes essential information about the exam
  • Explains the format of each section of the exam
  • Explains different IELTS question types
  • Provides the most effective exam tips
  • Includes IELTS listening and reading test plus other quizzes to assess yourself before the exam
  • Articles to learn vocabulary
  • Videos with English and Vietnamese subtitles

IELTS Vocabulary:

This $12.99 course from UDEMY promises to teach you 400 essential words for the IELTS exam. It focuses on the reading, writing, speaking, and listening sections of the exam and is available via video-on-demand.


  • 11.5 hours of video lessons
  • 10 articles
  • A band 7+ score guarantee or get your money back
  • Promises to help you sound just like a native
  • Teaches essay writing using a broad range of vocabulary
  • Lifetime access

What you will like about Udemy IELTS prep courses

So many options to choose from: Whether you are looking to improve your writing, listening, or speaking skills or just general test-taking tips, Udemy has several $12.99 courses by top IELTS experts for you.

Real-time instructions: The IELTS band 7+ course by Keino is in video format and delivered by award-winning instructors. It amounts to 30+ hours of content, and you can access it for a lifetime.

Money-back guarantee: Most of the IELTS courses on Udemy guarantee satisfaction or refunds otherwise.

Mobile and PC device access: You can take the courses anywhere., anytime via your mobile or PC device, as long as there’s an internet connection.

Band 7+ score promise: All of the courses on Udemy promise to help students score in band 7 or above. They provide comprehensive study materials, tips on time management, and the most effective test-taking strategies.

What you may not like about the course

Not for beginners: Most of these courses are geared toward students with intimidate English skills score above the band 7 range.

The bottom-line

For students with intermediate English skills looking to take their IEKTS score higher, Udemy has a range of fantastic courses at an affordable price for you. Brush up on all IEKTS modules before the exam using some of these $12.99 courses.


Check out our full review of the Udemy IELTS prep course here.

IELTS Online

IELTS Online is another provider of high-quality IELTS test prep courses created by top English tutors in Australia. They have several different options so you can choose what suits your budget and schedule. All courses are provided online; here’s a look:

IELTS Express

This $49 course is designed for quick preparation for the exam. Upon payment, you will be allowed access to self-study material for 45 days. It’s a step-by-step course that covers all the sections of the IELTS exam and includes:

  • 100+ interactive activities
  • Answers for the interactive activities
  • An explanation of IELTS strategy and skills with clear examples
  • Definition of hard words

IELTS Master

This $99 course is designed to help students prepare for the IELTS test comprehensively. Upon payment, you will be allowed access to the study materials for 3 months. It’s a step-by-step course that includes:

  • Detailed lessons
  • Full-length practice tests with answer explanations
  • 260+ interactive activities with answers
  • Audio recording amounting to 5 hours
  • Tips and study strategies for every IELTS test section

IELTS Master Plus

This premium IELTS training course comprises over 100 hours of teaching material, audio and video recordings, and direct feedback from expert English tutors. It costs $299, and upon payment, you will be allowed to access the course for 3 months.


  • Tests that cover all sections of the IELTS exam: reading, speaking, listening, and writing
  • 260+ interactive activities with answers
  • Video recordings that amount to 5 hours
  • Test-taking tips and strategies
  • Means to record and assess your own speaking
  • One-on-one feedback on two essays
  • One-on-one feedback on 3 speaking exercises

Pros of the IELTS online course

Comprehensive course coverage: All IELTS Online courses cover all the four modules of the exam, you will learn the writing, reading, listening, and speaking skills needed to ace the test.

Practice tests: Apart from comprehensive coverage, each section includes practice questions to test one’s progress.

Personalized feedback on writing and speaking skills: This is the feature that makes the IELTS Online master + course stand out from the rest; you’ll get to work directly with a teacher on your essays and speaking exercises.

What you may not like

Price: The IELTS Online master program with personalized feedback is the most expensive on this list at $229 for 3 months of access.

That said, anyone with basic English skills looking for a well-rounded prep course will like this program; their lessons are detailed, include a lot of activities and answers. Above all, you can go with a course that suits your budget and schedule.


Check out our full review of the IELTS Online IELTS prep course here.



Not all IELTS prep courses are the same; some are comprehensive, others are not. For the best combination of features and prices, check the above courses to help you prepare adequately for the exam.