The Best SAT Prep Course [UPDATED 2021]

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Updated: December 1, 2021

🥇 The Winner: Princeton Review 

🥈 Runner Up: Magoosh 
🥉 Honorable Mention: Testive SAT 

Looking to take an SAT prep course? Well, not all SAT programs are created equal. To help you make the best decision, here’s a list of 5- and 4-star rated SAT courses reviewed and tested by the Prep Test Pros experts.

What are the best SAT prep courses? Not all SAT programs are created equal. Some combine the best price and features such as superstar tutors, essay grading, customizable learning, enormous practice questions bank, and above all, they’re interactive and fun.

Others are only available in a self-paced online format, with no coaching. To help you make the best decision, here’s a list of 5- and 4-star rated SAT courses reviewed and rated by the Prep Test Pros experts.

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Pisa Pick

College Prep Genius


Starting Price





$249 (One-month)








  self-paced online, on-demand, private tutoring, and live classes

Exclusively online

  Self-paced online and private coaching

  Self-paced online, live online, in-person, private tutoring

  Self-paced online, live online, private tutoring

  Self-paced, live online, in-person and private tutoring

  Self-paced online only

  OnDemand, in-person and private tutorial

  Pre-recorded video, live online and in-person classes

OnDemand study materials

Practice Questions







 Less than 1000



Less than 1000

Practice Exams











Essay Grading




Mobile App

Student Support

Personal coach


Phone and email

Chat and email

Chat and email

Email, chat and phone


Email and phone

Email, phone and chat

Email and phone


Improvement in quant score

+5 score improvement or refund

+5 improvement

+7 improvement, 1-week money back

+7 score improvement

Higher score

+7 improvement or refund

+7 improvement or refund

+7 score improvement or refund

Access Period

1 year

1 year

1 year

1 year

1 year

1 year

6 months

6 months

1 year

6 months

1. Princeton Review SAT

Princeton Review

Princeton is another excellent provider of college admission help, including test prep programs. This is a veteran test prep company; it was established back in 1981 and now can truly claim to have helped thousands of people go into the schools of their dreams.

Compared to other companies, Princeton Review stands out because of its wide course range, including self-paced online, on-demand, private tutoring, and live classes.

Features of the Princeton Review SAT

  • 3200+ practice questions
  • 3+ practice tests
  • Higher score improvement assurance
  • Printed book available
  • Video instructions
  • Mobile app available
  • No flashcards
  • $299 self-paced online
  • $899 live online
  • $899 in-person
  • $167/hr. private tutoring

What makes this program stand out?

It’s a combination of the best features at a moderate price

For just $299, the self-paced online program allows you access to 3200+ practice questions, more than 3 practice tests, free access to top ACT practice materials, and a personal coach.

Indeed, their 3200+ practice questions bank is second only to PrepScholar’s. You will never run out of practice questions. Plus, they are generated just based on your skills.

A wide range of course options

You can get the course in any format you like, be it self-paced online, OnDemand, private tutoring, or in-person classes. They also make it easy to upgrade from one program to the next. Plus, they use AI to help craft unique study schedules for each individual.

They guarantee improvement in scores.

All of Princeton Review SAT packages come with score guarantees. For the private tutoring, it’s 150+. They also have the SAT 1240+ program and the SAT 1400+ course.

Impressive instructors

Princeton Review SAT prep instructors are among the best in the industry. Not only are they selected based on their excellent SAT scores, but they also undergo training. Get ready for fun and interesting classes that will leave you able to solve problems and feeling confident.

What is not appealing about the program

The Princeton Review OnDemand and in-person courses are the second most expensive on this list at $899 each. There’s also the fact that the study materials include 3 textbooks that are not eBooks, making it hard to study anywhere anytime.

That said, the Princeton Review SAT program is a combination of comprehensive study materials and expert instructors. Plus, the fact that it’s available in every format makes it suitable for all students.


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2. Magoosh


Magoosh has a five-star rated SAT prep course that you can take online and costs not more than $100. This course involves studying 1750+ practice questions and 3 tests to determine your progress. Many college applicants have aced their SAT tests and got into their dream institutions after preparing using this course.

Magoosh SAT Prep Course features

  • Self-paced online
  • More than 1750 practice questions
  • 3 practice exams
  • Printed books are available for purchase
  • There’s a mobile app for students
  • Study plan, flashcard, and progress tracking available
  • 100-point score improvement assurance

Here’s why the Magoosh SAT prep course stands out as one of the best on the market:

You get the best value for money.

No other SAT prep course offers a bunch of study materials, schedules, video instructions, and a 100-score improvement guarantee at just $100. Oh, and once you register, you can access the course via mobile anywhere anytime for 12 months.

Generous score improvement guarantee

Of all SAT prep courses, Magoosh score improvement guarantee only comes fourth after College Prep Genius, Veritas, PrepExperts, and PrepScholar. But these three aren’t cheap. For example, PrepScholar costs a whopping $397

Flexible Practice Sessions

The whole point of testing yourself regularly is to track your progress and figure out your strengths and weaknesses. Magoosh understands that too. They’ve made it possible to customize your SAT prep sessions. You can choose to focus on specific subjects and topics based on difficulty levels, and should you hit a bump, just click the videos or text explanation and let experts break down the hard bits for you.

Furthermore, you get to study whenever and wherever using a mobile app as long as there’s the internet. Also, they don’t have just a 12-month plan; you can choose a one- or three-month plan if you prefer.

What you might not like about the course

Magoosh is a recent entrant in the SAT course prep market. Even though they’ve done well to distinguish themselves with customizable courses with stellar study materials, they still suffer from a few limitations because their course is only self-paced online, not any classroom experience. They also don’t do essay grading. Still, you will receive essay writing tips.

The take?

Despite a few limitations, the Magoosh course pairs the best features and prices. If you are looking to prepare for your SAT test on a budget, this is the course for you.


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3. Testive SAT


Testive has been in the test prep scene since 2011, and they are known for their huge practice questions bank and full-length prep tests. The experts here will meet you with great professional support, study materials, and schedules to improve your test scores and get into your dream school.

Features of Testive SAT prep

  • A combination of SAT and ACT prep in one package
  • A free self-paced online prep course
  • Private tutoring at $399/month
  • 3000+ practice questions
  • 8 full-length practice tests
  • Video instructions
  • No live online or in-person classes
  • No printed books
  • No specific score improvement guarantee

Pros of the Testive SAT prep program

Free self-paced online test prep program

Testive offers a free self-paced online program. You can access the study materials and practice questions free of charge. But if you want extra content and weekly coaching, you can opt for their:

  • $399 Coaching program includes personalized study schedules, weekly coaching, more than 3000 practice questions, video explanations totaling up to 60 hours.
  • $799 Bootcamp program: a short 6 weeks intensive course that includes 2 weekly coaching sessions, customizable study plans, video instructions, and more than 3000 practice questions.
  • $599 Coaching plus, which comprises all the features of the coaching program plus one extra weekly tutorial.

Phone and email support

All paid versions come with phone and email support any time of the week.

Interactive platform

Even though there’s no student mobile app, the platform is interactive, and you can still access it via mobile devices. Straight from the beginning, the technology attempts to craft a study program just for you, based on your learning style, strengths, and weaknesses; that way, you don’t waste time in areas you are already great at.

Why you may not like the program

Even the most stellar programs are bound to have a few weaknesses. For Testive, the fact that there’s no dedicated smartphone app, flashcards, or live instructions is a bummer. But still, with endorsement from the Wallstreet Journal NPR and MIT, this is a trusted SAT program.


Check out our in-depth detailed review of the Testive SAT course here.

4. Prep Scholar

Prep Scholar

PrepScholar is another stellar SAT prep course, though at a significantly higher price than the course offered by Magoosh. Still, you can bank on their many years of experience in the field to provide a comprehensive course so you can crush that test. The founders of PrepScholar themselves aced their SATs, and as it’s often said, experience is the best teacher.

Features of Prepscholar Sat Prep

  • Over 7,100 practice questions
  • 6 practice exams
  • 160-point score improvement assurance
  • Self-paced online
  • Private tutoring available at an extra fee
  • 3- or 6-month access
  • Plenty of video instruction
  • They do progress tracking
  • No printed books
  • No flashcards

Why this course is among the best SAT prep courses ever:

A huge practice question bank

 Unlike Magoosh and other new entrants into the course prep scene, PrepScholar is a veteran; they have amassed many practice questions, more than 70000 to be exact. This ensures that once you’re done, you won’t find the actual test scary. Plus, some of the questions you will practice will definitely show up in the actual exam, just in a different format.

Private tutoring

Some people can study on their own; others love the structure provided by the classroom experience. PrepScholar has a private tutoring option so experts can help students in areas of difficulty.

Interactive lessons

For PrepScholar, lessons are just more than a collection of texts and videos on the same portal. It’s about keeping students engaged. Therefore, the lessons are dynamic interactive sessions involving written instructions, videos, drills, and question-answer sessions. Prepare to participate.

Generous 160-point score improvement assurance

Unlike other prep courses that do not guarantee specific improvement in scores, PrepScholar guys are sure about their platform and promise to boost your SAT score by up to 160 points. That’s one of the largest score improvement assurance for the programs on this list. It could certainly help you get into that college you’ve been dreaming of joining.

They do essay grading.

Essay writing is often one of the most challenging parts of SATs. You’ll want to prepare adequately, not just with essay writing tips, but have experts mark your work and highlight areas of improvement. PrepScholar offers essay grading as part of their SAT program.

Course personalization

This platform uses stellar algorithms to craft a course just for you based on your background, strength, and weaknesses. And that’s why they can give you a score improvement guarantee because, unlike other prep courses, you’ll doing exactly what you need for better scores. Practice questions change in difficulty as your skills improve.

What you may not like about the course

PrepScholar doesn’t offer live online classes. Furthermore, there’s no student mobile app, despite their $397 starting price.

That said, you still will be able to access and use the course on your mobile devices, though it won’t be as smooth as in the case of an app. But for the comprehensive study material, it’s worth it.


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5. Prep Expert SAT

Prep Expert

PrepExpert’s SAT program is the most expensive on this list, starting at $499 but with the highest score improvement guarantee at 200 points. They are new to the SAT course prep scene but combine some of the best features to help you get ready to crush the exam, just like gifted students.

Features of PrepExpert SAT program include:

  • 1500+ practice questions
  • 6 practice tests
  • 200 score improvement guarantee
  • Self-paced online ($499)
  • Live online ($799)
  • In-person ($1099)
  • Private tutoring available at an extra $79/hour

Why the course is in this list of best SAT programs

High score improvement

Depending on your start score, the course you choose could mean the difference between getting into the school of your dreams or missing out. PrepExpert assures a 200-score improvement; that’s enough to take your score from the 60th to the 4th percentile.

Top-notch instructors

The guy behind PrepExpert aced the SAT test himself, and he only employs people who scored in the top percentile themselves. They are the ones who prepare the course materials, set tests, and provide text and video explanations. They are also available for one-on-one tutoring too at $75/hour. Get ready to learn from the best.

Essay graders

Get ready for help with your essay from the past top 1% SAT performers. They not only share essay writing guides and tips but will grade your essay and provide constructive criticism.

Wide range of course formats

Be it self-paced online, live online, in-person classroom, or private tutoring, you can find it at PrepExpert. They use Adobe Connect, and students are encouraged to engage with each other and their tutors. You will be asked to answer questions, explain certain points, etc. The only caveat is that the in-person and live online classes are not yet available in every part of the country.

What you might not like about the course 

The PrepExpert SAT program is only 3-6 weeks long, which means they cram a lot of material in a short schedule resulting in a heavy and often stressful workload.

That said, for $499, this course combines the best features and top instructors as it should. Plus, the 200 point score improvement speaks volumes.


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6. Veritas SAT

Veritas Prep

Veritas is another good provider of college entrance and counseling services, including test prep programs. It’s a veteran company, having entered the market back in 2001, and now uses its vast experience to help students crush their SAT exams.

About Veritas SAT program

The Veritas SAT program is one of the most expensive on this list, at $499 and with no practice questions. Still, they promise a 200-score improvement guarantee and meet you with expert professional help.

  • Video instructions
  • Printed books
  • Study plan
  • Progress tracking
  • 8 practice tests
  • 200-point score improvement guarantee
  • Self-paced, live online, in-person and private tutoring available
  • 1-year access

Advantages of Veritas SAT program: why is it a 4-star rated program?

A variety of courses

Not every student prefers self-study, like Magoosh. Veritas offers self-paced online, live online, in-person, and private tutoring. You can even pay for specific subjects only, and if you want ACT prep material, you will get it free of charge.

Free resources

Veritas does not offer a free course demo, but provides free SAT books, SAT preparation webinars, and college application help.

Expert instructors

Veritas tutors scored in the 99th percentile themselves. That means they ranked among the top 1% when they took the test and now use their experience to develop study plans, tutor students in various subjects, set practice questions, grade essays, and offer guidance and counseling on college applications.

A full year access period

Forget the 3-weeks or 6-months access guaranteed by other SAT prep programs; Veritas knows every student isn’t rushing to take their SAT just because they signed up for tutoring. That’s why they grant you 12-month long access to their OnDemand study packages so you can integrate the program into your tight schedule.

What you may not like about the program

The Veritas SAT program is quite expensive. Their cheapest course costs $499 while the most expensive is at $899. Plus, they say they offer discounted tutoring at $154/hour-seriously?

Furthermore, don’t be fooled by the 200-score improvement assurance; it’s not on all courses, only those who subscribe for the Live online classes are guaranteed this feature.

That said, the combination of highly qualified tutors and various course formats makes the Veritas SAT program one of the best. The 12-month access period is convenient to boot!


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7. Olive Book SAT 

Olive Book is a new entrant into the test prep scene but has earned the trust of many high school graduates looking for help with their SAT preps. The company focuses on visual; content to keep students engaged and motivated to study.

Nothing is more fun than learning using animated videos, even the most difficult bits are broken into short, fun content packed in fantastic videos. Above all, the company guarantees unique discounts to help students prepare for their SATs on a budget.

Features of Olive Book SAT

  • $50 starting price
  • $390 self-paced online
  • No live-online, in-person, or private tutoring
  • No printed books
  • No flashcards
  • Video instructions available
  • Study plan
  • Progress tracking
  • 6-month access

What makes this program stand tore to tore with 5-star rated programs?

Emphasis on visual content

Students learn mostly via visual content. Olive Book knows that; that’s why they employ top animators to help them put even the most difficult topics into fun, an interactive animated format that’s easy to follow.

Discounts guaranteed

For students who can’t afford the course completely, there are need-based discounts that can reduce the cost of the course for you to absolutely zero. That’s as long as you can demonstrate your need for financial help. Teachers can buy for their students, too, and even apply for need-based discounts.

Improve your score or ask for your money back

The Olive Book SAT program promises to help you score higher in your SAT exam. Plus, they have a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee in place so that if you find the program unhelpful, you can ask for, you’re a full refund.

Various syllabi options

Depending on when you will take the actual exam, you can opt for a one-month course, a two-or three-month course. That way, if you want a short course to help you brush up before an exam, the one-month course is for you, but if you want to master content over a long time, then the three-month syllabi will suit you best.

What you may not like about the course

Olive book SAT prep has less than a thousand practice questions and only open practice exams. Any serious student is sure to run out of questions to drill themselves on. Furthermore, because the company is new, they haven’t created an animated explanation for all the questions on their portal.

That said, if you learn better via visual content, this is the course for you to get ready for your SAT exam. They won’t overwhelm you with texts, just short video explanations. Plus, they have fantastic discount offers for needy students.


Check out our in-depth detailed review of the Olive Book SAT course here.

8. Kaplan SAT


Kaplan is another veteran test prep company. Indeed, it’s widely regarded as the best test prep company, helping hundreds of students each year to get into the schools of their dreams using almost perfect SAT scores.

Features of Kaplan SAT.

  • Live rapid SAT review for those looking to brush up on the content and do some cramming shortly before the exam
  • Available in all formats from self-paced online to OnDemand, in-person and private tutorial
  • Printed books
  • Over 50+ video lessons
  • Over 1000+ practice questions
  • 8 full-length tests
  • 6-month access
  • Essay grading

What’s good about this program

Their 1.5 hours live rapid SAT review is wonderful

Not all students are looking to sign up for extended study plans; some just want help brushing up on the material shortly before the exam. That’s why this 1.5-hour cram session is incredible. You’ll go through commonly-tested areas, learn test-taking strategies and ask questions for just $30 (math or verbal sessions) or $50 for both.

A variety of courses

Depending on your preferred learning style, you can go for the OnDemand, live online, or unlimited prep.

The OnDemand costs $199 and includes 1000+ practice questions, 8 practice tests, 50+ video lessons, and a money-back guarantee. The live online includes all the above features plus 18 hours of live classes and a hardcopy textbook; it costs $699. The unlimited prep offers 9 more class hours and costs $1299.

Tutoring is available

Though private tutoring is not part of their prep course, Kaplan will provide it should you want it. This is for students who are targeting higher scores than the standard course guarantees. They have 10–40 hour packages for around $2,000-$4,000.

Kaplan makes their contents available only for 6 months, making it harder for people who find themselves needing multiple retakes. Plus, their tutoring rates are way above what other companies are charging -$200/hour vs. $150/hr.

That said, if you are looking for a well-rounded SAT prep program, this is it. They have the course in all formats and do essay grading too.


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9. College Prep Genius

College Prep Genius

College Prep Genius is another great test prep company. The company’s distinguishing feature is to teach students how to take reasoning tests instead of other prep programs that just teach you what you already learned in high school. It’s an award-winning program as voted by

Features of College Prep Genius SAT

  • 12-month long access
  • 260plus score improvement
  • 11+ hours of video instructions
  • Makes use of real test questions
  • Live online, in-person, and pre-recorded videos
  • Combines SAT, ACT, CLT, and PSAT

Full year-long access

Unlike other programs that only allow you 3-month access, which honestly is not enough time to prepare for a test, this company will allow you access to study material for a whole year. You won’t have to pay again in case of the need for retakes. And if you wish to renew the program after a year, you just need $49.

Recurring patterns and shortcuts

You’ll learn how to recognize recurring patterns and employ shortcuts to solve problems quickly.

Highest score improvement

Unlike other programs that don’t promise you a specific score improvement or just subpar improvement, College Prep Genius assures students of a 260+ score improvement. That’s the highest of all programs on this list.

What you may not like about the program

They do not do essay grading; they only emphasize teaching test-taking strategies and assume you learned all that is required about essay writing in high school.

That said, this program also combines great value for money. For a $139 starting price, you get 540 hours of video lessons, student textbooks, workbooks, and SAT-taking strategies.


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10. Higher Scores Test Prep

Higher Scores Test Prep

Higher Scores Test Prep is a woman-owned, family-run college admission services company, and that matters. Unlike big companies that have lost personal touch with their customers, this company arranges meetings between every applicant and the CFO (the dad, for college application guidance.

And if you order their books, they’ll be packed and shipped by the mom without delay. it’s family-oriented, and they will create a family support system around you

Features of Higher Scores Test Prep SAT include

  • On-demand lessons
  • 2-full length practice tests
  • 100 % satisfaction guarantee
  • A free college admission counseling workshop
  • 6-months access

Available in various formats

You can opt for the SAT complete package for $697 and include a study guide, a student book, video tutorial on 65 test-taking strategies, 2-practice tests.

There’s also the 10-day quick prep course to help students brush up on their knowledge before the test; it includes videos on SAT strategies. It also includes a study guide, downloaded SAT prep materials, and one practice test. You will also have the chance to ask questions and attend college workshops.

Apart from the two, there’s the one-week cram course to help you go through the study material quickly and boost your confidence before the exam.

Money-back guarantee

This program claims 100 % satisfaction or gets your money back, no gimmicks.

What you may not like about the program

This course provides new practice tests, each of their programs has only two. Also, the complete SAT prep course is costly, at $697.

That said, if you are looking for a personalized test prep program, this is it. Plus, it’s a family-oriented operation,  and the owners will create a family support system around you.


Check out our in-depth detailed review of the Higher Scores Test Prep SAT course here.


Getting into the learning institution of your dreams can be hard, but what’s more challenging is the student loan debt. If you don’t find scholarships, you may have to rely on student loans to fund your college education, leaving you with a significant debt for years to come. SATs help college applicants stand out and win scholarships. Check the above courses to help you get ready for the test.

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