Our Process

At Prep Test Pros, it’s our mission to provide high-quality, unbiased information, free to everyone and readily available. We take this very seriously. Each of our reviews is custom-written by our team of professionals and is never influenced by outside sources. We pride ourselves on delivering unbiased in-depth content you can trust.

In our quest to offer the best value for test-takers, we have created a framework that makes sure no thin content slips through the cracks. The following is the process each and every piece of content on Prep Test Pros goes through.


First, we get our hands on as much content we can regarding the course in question. We scour for info, stats, and numbers to get a good overview of what they have to offer.


Next, we get our hands on the actual course. Most test prep sites don’t do this, but it’s imperative to actually do the course, otherwise, how could we give an honest review?


After we have completed the course, we like to talk to other students who have taken the course and make sure our findings align with theirs.


We take all the findings we have gathered, and give the course a rating based on dozens of data points we have gathered along the process.


Only now, after many hours and cups of coffee are we ready to publish our review.

Following this rigorous framework ensures every review we write is top-notch and provides the highest level of value to our readers.

– Prep Test Pros