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Updated: December 8, 2021

4.5/5 Pisa Rating

✅ Affordable IELTS prep

✅ Plenty of support

✅ A generous score improvement guarantee

BestMyTest IELTS is a fabulous course because it includes features such as diagnostic tests, adaptive lessons, thousands of practice questions, score improvement guarantees, and ask-an-instructor questions.


The company charges the second-lowest price after Magoosh and allows a 7-day free trial.

Best My Test

BestMyTest IELTS is another platform that combines the best prices and features for its test prep packages. Subscribers get 1 to 6-months of access to thousands of practice questions, a broad range of common IELTS expressions, adaptive lessons, and full practice tests. 

It’s also one of the few IELTS online platforms that provide speaking and writing reviews and a score guarantee backed by a refund policy.

This here is a review of the IELTS study packages on the platform and which students they’re best suited for; keep reading to get the full, unbiased BestMyTest IELTS review from the experts at Prep Test Pros.


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The BestMyTest IELTS Review

BestMyTest focuses on providing quality test prep materials for English as a second language speakers, so they only offer mobile-optimized interactive TOEFL and IELTS preparation courses for a low price and with multiple scheduling options.

The company was founded in 2014 in Vancouver, BC, Canada, by former college buddies Ron Ross and James Liu. James Liu had to take TOEFL to get into college at a time when there were no test prep websites to supply students with revision material and practice tests. 

After he noticed the gap in the market, he introduced the idea to Ron, and there, the company was born, starting with TOEFL prep services and later IELTS.

About the BestMyTest IELTS course

The BestMyTest IELTS program is a completely online course for any student, no matter their English level. It’s a complete course, covering all IELTS modules with adaptive lessons, over 1000 targeted practice problems, and realistic tests. 

The platform uses machine learning algorithms that supply lessons based on an individual’s success rate. Above all, you get expert help on speaking and writing assignments and a personalized tutor tool to guide your revision.

Features of BestMyTest IELTS prep

  • 2.5+ band score guarantee
  • Diagnostic test
  • Adaptive lessons
  • 1000+ practice problems
  • Simulated practice
  • 7-day free trial
  • IELTS tutor tool
  • Online test prep – no classes
  • Mobile-optimized platform
  • Expert help on IELTS speaking and writing module – score, feedback, and communication

How does the IELTS tutor tool work?

The tutor tool is a new implementation on the BestMyTest IELTS platform to guide students in their revision. You can use the tool to get ready for the exam in just three steps:

Step 1: diagnostic test

Learn your strong and weak points by taking an IELTS mock test. Make sure to go over the speaking and writing components. Speaking and writing reviews are included in all subscriptions.

Step 2: adaptive lessons

Now that you’ve figured out the areas you need to improve, it’s time to master the skills, techniques, and strategies to help you achieve the same. IELTS Tutor provides courses on every section of the exam. Simply find the course you want on the map.

Step 3: simulated practice

BestMyTest won’t let you go without giving you the chance to put what you’ve learned into practice. So, the final step involves over 1500 drills to hone the skills you’ve learned and really gain confidence in test-taking.

Rinse and Repeat

You can complete steps 1 to 3 in a week then go through the process again and again as long as you have access.

What IELTS revision packages does BestMyTest provide?

The BestMyTest IELTS platform provides two score improvement money-back guarantee packages and one last-minute plan for students looking to do some final touches before the exam.


The Custom plan is designed to help get ready for the IELTS academic and general training exams. It’s a self-study package for students who are already comfortable with their language skills and can study independently. Simply select the term you want (1-6-months access), sign up, and get to work. It costs $69.

Package contents

  • Over 1000 practice problems
  • Over 2000 IELTS vocabularies
  • 200 adaptive lessons
  • 20 complete 3-hour simulated practice tests
  • No ads
  • Five essay grammar corrections
  • Ask-an-instructor 20 questions
  • Three speaking reviews
  • Two writing reviews
  • 1+ score guarantee or get your money back

IELTS Premium

The IELTS Premium costs $169 for a six-month subscription to IELTS academic and general training revision. It includes all the features of the Custom package plus some; here’s a look:

  • Over 1000 practice problems
  • Over 2000 IELTS vocabularies
  • 200 adaptive lessons
  • 20 complete 3-hour simulated practice tests
  • No ads
  • 25 essay grammar corrections
  • Ask-an-instructor 25 questions
  • 12 speaking reviews
  • 8 writing skills reviews
  • 2.5+ score guarantee or get your money back

IELTS Last Minute

If you are looking to do some final touches on the IELTS academic and general training syllabus before the exam, this is the package to use. It comes without any score improvement assurance or money-back guarantee but grants week-long access to an ad-free platform where students can get the following:

  • Over 1000 practice problems
  • Over 2000 IELTS vocabularies
  • 200 adaptive lessons
  • 20 complete 3-hour simulated practice tests
  • 25 essay grammar corrections
  • Ask-an-instructor sessions – 5 questions
  • 12 speaking reviews
  • 8 writing skills reviews
  • 25 essay writing assignments
  • Ask an instructor up to 5 questions

Why choose the BestMyTest IELTS platform? 👍

The BestMyTest IELTS platform has various appealing features; here’s a look:

✅ 1. Various course packages

As already reviewed above, there are two score improvement money-back guarantee IELTS study plans and one last-minute revision package. The Custom package will appeal to students who are already confident with their English skills and can study independently. You can choose from 1 to 6-months package terms. 

The Premium package is for students who want more expert help since it allows students to ask an instructor more questions. Plus, students get more speaking and writing reviews and essay grammar corrections. 

The Last-Minute package is designed exactly for what its name suggests. All the packages are provided solely online. Any student, no matter their English level, can use the packages to prepare for either the IELTS Academic or General training exam.

✅ 2. Speaking and Writing Reviews

Many test-takers find the IELTS speaking and writing task 1 and 2 modules quite challenging. What’s even terrible is that beyond mere tips and vocabulary packages, most IELTS prep companies don’t do much to help students improve their skills in these areas.

But BestMyTest is different. In addition to over 1000 IELTS vocabularies, they include essay grammar corrections and writing and speaking reviews in every of their IELTS packages. Custom prep subscribers get five essay grammar corrections, and they are allowed to submit three speaking samples and two writing assignments for reviews. 

Premium prep subscribers get 25 essay grammar corrections and can submit 12 audio samples and eight written assignments for review. Last Minute prep subscribers get the same perks as Premium subscribers.

After students submit their speaking clips and writing samples, they will be reviewed by experts who then provide customized audio feedback. It’s this extent of attention to detail that clearly sets the company apart from the competition.

✅ 3. Dedicated student app

Forget the hassles of having to schedule classes; BestMyTest gives IELTS students the flexibility to learn from anywhere anytime via a mobile app. No classes or commuting is needed.

✅ 4. Comprehensive IELTS syllabus coverage

The IELTS academic and general training curriculums are wide, and the BestMyTest course covers them with complete guides dedicated to speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills.

✅ 5. Great student support

The BestMyTest platform provides email and chat support 24/7. Furthermore, each IELTS package includes ask-an-instructor questions so students can get help whenever they are stuck.

✅ 6. 20 full-length practice tests

BestMyTest IELTS has the highest number of practice tests for the courses on our list. Each package includes 20 full-length 3-hour simulated practice tests to really help develop test-taking confidence.

✅ 7. Score improvement money-back guarantee

The Custom IELTS prep package offers a 1+ band score improvement assurance, while the Premium IELTS package offers a 2.5+ assurance. Refund policies back the score improvement assurances so that you can ask for your money back should you not like your official exam score. 

The score assurances and refund policies set the course apart from the competition. For example, Kaplan has no score guarantee or refund policy whatsoever, and Magoosh has a 1+ band score improvement guarantee only.

✅ 8.  Seven-day Free trial – no credit card needed

Most IELTS prep companies don’t allow free trials, and if they do, you’ll have to provide credit card info, and failure to cancel the plan at the end of the trial period results in automatic charges. BestMyTest IELTS provides a no-credit-card-needed free trial. This allows students to take the course for a test drive and determine if it’s suitable for their learning style and skill level.

What you might not like about the program 👎

That said, there are a few things you might not like about the BestMyTest IELTS course; here’s a look:

❌ 9. No live online

If you want a structured IELTS course with a classroom learning experience, better look somewhere else because there’s no such thing with BestMyTest.

The course is exclusively self-paced with just a little help from instructors on essays, speaking and writing assignments, or answering questions when you are stuck.  If you want live online classes, check with Kaplan IELTS.

❌ 10.  Not entirely video-based

The BestMyTest products page says you will get video instructions, but only brief videos introduce each section of the course. What the course focuses more on is simulated adaptive practice.

❌ 11.  No IELTS official questions

The practice questions on the BestMyTest IELTS platform are not official questions. Only the British Council, IELTS Australia, IDP, and Cambridge ESOL University provide official IELTS practice tests.

The questions on the BestMyTest platform were set by top IELTS experts to mimic the actual exam. But they are not endorsed by the IELTS exam body. 

Some are even harder than the real exam to help students prepare thoroughly. However, it could have been nice if students practiced with official IELTS questions to eliminate doubt.

How does BestMyTest IELTS compare to Magoosh IELTS?

BestMyTest and Magoosh are two of the best providers of IELTS test-prep services.  Magoosh is a popular interactive learning platform with courses for a variety of standardized exams.

BestMyTest focuses on providing quality test prep materials for English as a second language speakers, so they only offer TOEFL and IELTS preparation courses. 

BestMyTest, on the other hand, concentrates on offering high-quality test prep materials for people who speak English as a second language.

Therefore, they only provide TOEFL and IELTS preparation courses. Both companies provide low-cost dynamic IELTS preparation with various scheduling options for mobile users.

However, there are enough distinctions between their courses that one will probably be a better fit for a specific student than the other.

Course plans and pricing

Compared to other premium IELTS test prep services providers, both BestMyTest and Magoosh IELTS courses are reasonably priced. When it comes to the cheapest packages from both companies, BestMyTest’s $69 one-month bundle edges out Magoosh’s $109.

However, Magoosh’s other IELTS course alternatives are less expensive than their equivalent options from BestMyTest. For example, Magoosh’s six-months bundle costs $40 less.

That said, BestMyTest’s greater price also means premium features. For example, students are allowed the flexibility to adjust the length of their course. You can choose from 1 to 6 months access to get the amount of revision you want. 

The company’s course packages also include in-depth writing and speaking reviews and essay grammar corrections; these allow you to get personalized feedback on your skills from expert instructors. On the other hand, Magoosh provides only one writing review and no speaking review.

And when it comes to scoring improvement and money-back guarantees, Magoosh IELTS has a 0.5+ band score improvement assurance backed by a money-back guarantee. BestMyTest has a 1+ band score improvement guarantee too, but that’s on their cheaper course; their expensive course promises a 2.5+ band score improvement.

Furthermore, you can ask for refunds if you complete the course but fail to perform as promised


It’s easy to see where the BestMyTest IELTS platform trounces the Magoosh IELTS platform. It has the lowest starting price, approximately half of what Magoosh asks from students.

The course also allows for scheduling flexibility; students can increase their subscription by a month, up to 6 months. It also provides premium features such as speaking and writing assignment reviews, essay correction, and ask-an-instructor questions.

Even if the company’s alternative course costs $40 more than its counterpart from Magoosh, you will get more practice questions, tests, and a higher score improvement guarantee.

Who is the BestMyTest IELTS course for?

This course is suitable for all English levels. It’s a comprehensive course with entire sections dedicated to the speaking, writing, listening, and reading sections.

You can use it to prepare for the IELTS academic or general training exams. There are three packages to choose from.

The Custom package is for self-driven students who are already confident in their skills and can study on their own. For students looking for extra expert help, the Premium package will suit you.

And finally, for students looking for last-minute prep, the Last-Minute package has been designed exactly for that.

What are the forms of payment accepted on the platform?

You can purchase the course using PayPal or credit cards such as America Express, Visa, and MasterCard.

Wrap Up 🎁

Even though the BestMyTest IELTS platform has a few kinks that the company needs to address, it’s still one of the best prep courses on the market – if not the best.

Their number of practice questions is the third highest on our list of courses (after Kaplan and IELTS Online). They also provide the highest number of practice tests, essay grammar corrections, speaking and writing assignment reviews.

Plus, you will get ask-an-instructor features on every package, score guarantees, or ask for a refund. But why believe us when you can taste the course yourself. Start today by taking advantage of the free trial. Take a free IELTS mock exam here or sign up here. You will need an email address only, no credit card.