Kaplan IELTS Review

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Updated: December 8, 2021

4.5/5 Pisa Rating

✅ Over 5000 practice questions

✅ 99th percentile instructors

✅ Up to 6 months of access

In the test prep scene, Kaplan is generally considered the king owing to the fact that it’s over 80 years old and always offers the most number of practice questions. The company has designed and maintained a great IELTS prep program over the years. 

It’s well known that the IELTS exam structure is complex. Most students don’t know where to begin and end their revision.

But with the help of test prep companies like Kaplan, you can make quick work of the syllabus and boost your confidence before the exam. Here’s a look at the Kaplan IELTS course features, packages, pros, cons, and who it’s best suited for.

Read on the get the full, unbiased Kaplan IELTS review from the experts at Prep Test Pros.


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About Kaplan


Kaplan is a veteran company in the test-prep scene. It was established over eight decades ago to help students crush standardized tests. Whether it’s GMAT, GRE, IELTS, SAT, or TOEFL, you can find help on the Kaplan platform. Over a million students in 40+ countries use the platform to prepare for their standardized exams.

Kaplan IELTS Review

Kaplan IELTS is an online course that combines live and recorded videos from superstar instructors with realistic practice exams by Cambridge English assessors.

The video lessons are designed in a fun, interactive format and cover all four modules of the IELTS exam, plus additional tips and strategies to understand and approach questions.

There’s also the option for live classes for students looking for something close to a classroom learning environment.

Features of the Kaplan IELTS course:

  • Self-paced online and live online
  • Four full-length authentic practice tests
  • 5,000+ practice questions
  • Personalized progress reports
  • Over 18 hours of teacher-led video lessons
  • After class assignments
  • Email support
  • 24/7 access
  • 6-months subscription

How is the Kaplan IELTS course delivered?

You can access the IELTS Online Course content online via mobile and desktop devices. The IELTS Live Online Course includes classroom sessions held virtually and allows students to talk directly with teachers and other students. 

Kaplan IELTS Online and Live Online Prep Courses

IELTS online and IELTS Live Online are the two versions of the Kaplan IELTS course. One is an on-demand test prep course, while the other provides a classroom learning experience, available vistually.

  • IELTS Online
IELTS Online

This is an online study subscription that allows access to on-demand lessons for six months. It costs $65 to enroll in the plan. You will access all the features of the course except for live classes. It’s suitable for busy professionals or students who want the freedom to study at their own pace and time. 

You can schedule lessons within office hours, evenings, nights, or weekends. The lessons are made up of short videos and texts so that you can fit them into your already tight schedule easily.

  • IELTS Live Online
IELTS Live Online

For students looking for a more structured IELTS preparation package, this is it. It’s a $190 six-month subscription that allows students to live-stream classes led by Kaplan’s top IELTS experts. You will get 12 ninety-minute lessons totaling 18 hours. You will get an opportunity to chat with the teacher and interact with other students. 

It comes with all the perks of the on-demand course, too. That means over 140 recorded video lessons, four full-length practice tests, interactive flashcards, progress reports, homework assignments, and email support.

Why choose Kaplan IELTS? 👍

There’s a lot to like about the Kaplan IELTS course. Just the fact that the provider has been around for over eight decades is enough to assure students of a wealth of study resources; here’s more:

✅ Interactive flashcards

Learners use flashcards to improve memory by proacting information retrieval. The sad thing is most test prep platforms don’t offer flashcards.

Well, Kaplan is not one of them; the platform includes a set of over 200 flashcards for each subscriber. They are interactive and cover a broad range of vocabularies, from environment and nature to justice and crime. 

You will be asked to rate each flashcard as hard, easy or whether you’d like to do it again. This allows the platform to customize your set of flashcards and issue progress reports.

Every time you move on to a new topic, you get new flashcards. That way, your learning experience remains fun and immersive.

✅ Robust Analytics

Forget revising without keeping track of your progress to know how much work you need to put in; the KAPLAN platform provides progress reports highlighting your performance by topic, trends, strengths, and weak areas.

The IELTS exam structure is detailed; why not get a detailed progress report, too, to help revise smartly. Use the robust stats to figure out opportunities for growth.

✅ A virtual classroom learning environment

Not all IELTS students love self-paced online revision; some want a structured course with expert guidance from teachers. English can be hard, especially the pronunciation. It’s always easy to learn by doing; that means interacting with other speakers so they can correct and give feedback. 

An approval from peers and teachers can go a long way in inspiring a person to higher skills. If you want something close to a classroom learning experience, the Live Online course is for you.

Get ready to interact with teachers and students, ask questions, and answer questions and chat to perfect your conversational skills.

✅ The live class package grants access to the online center

Just because this is a live IELTS preparation package, doesn’t mean you won’t be doing any reading on your own.

Expect homework assignments, quizzes, practice questions, and tests. Plus, you will be permitted access to the online portal for recorded videos and extra DIY study resources.

✅ Mobile phone access

The Kaplan IELTS online study center is accessible to mobile phone users allowing studies on the go. Indeed, this level of accessibility is one that busy students and professionals looking to take the IELTS exam will appreciate. No longer do you have to sit down for hours to get your prep. 

You can squeeze lessons into your already tight schedule simply because the platform is accessible to mobile phone users for studying anywhere, anytime. You can access flashcards, stream videos, and check progress reports. But you will need the internet.

That said, the practice exams need pencil and paper. Once you’ve recorded your answers, you can enter them online – there’s a grid for that.

✅ 18+ hours of video instructions

The online study center grants access to recorded and live videos. The streamable content totals 18 hours and is among the highest you’ll get.

Furthermore, the videos are fun and interactive to keep students engaged. With the 6-months access period, any serious student has enough time to go through all the video lessons.

✅ High-quality study materials

The Kaplan IELTS course is offered in partnership with Cambridge University, and if you are wondering whether this is the organization behind the Cambridge English dictionary, you are not wrong. 

Expect high-quality videos and realistic practice tests. What’s better than learning English with help from the world’s foremost English language institution? Yeah, learn with confidence using Kaplan IELTS videos and practice tests from superstar instructors.

✅ 99th percentile instructors

Apart from providing  Cambridge English Assessment, the company also employs only 99th percentile scorers as instructors.

You must have teaching experience, too, to qualify. That way, students learn from the crème de la crème of the English language and receive IELTS tips and strategies that work.

✅ Writing assignments review

Many IELTS students find the writing section quite challenging. What’s even sadder is most IELTS preparation courses don’t do much to help students perfect their writing skills; apart from a vocabulary package, tips and strategies, you won’t get extra help.

Well, the Kaplan IELTS is different. In addition to key IELTS vocabularies and tips to boost your writing, your work will be reviewed by an online tutor, followed by personalized feedback highlighting hits and misses and how to do better. That way, come exam time, you’ll be feeling confident on all four modules.

What you may not find like about Kaplan IELTS prep 👎

That said, there are a few things to point out that the platform should fix; here’s a look:

❌ No score improvement guarantee

Test prep companies provide score improvement guarantees to assure students of the quality of their courses. Some even back the score guarantee with refund policies.

For example, Magoosh IELTS has a 0.5+ band score guarantee; Best My Test has a 1-2.5 guarantee, and several other IELTS courses on Udemy are band 7+. 

On the other hand, Kaplan provides no such assurances for their IELTS course. This tends to scare away students looking for a sure thing.

Furthermore, there’s no money-back guarantee. The company website clearly states that they don’t return funds no matter the circumstance.

❌ Pricey

While the Kaplan self-paced IELTS course is competitively priced, the company’s other course is on the pricier side. You will have to pay $190 to stream live classes.

That makes the course the second most expensive course on our list. So, if you are looking for fantastic IELTS live instructions on a budget, consider other providers like Magoosh and Udemy.

For example, Magoosh’s live online IELTS preparation costs only $79 and grants 6-months of access to content. Furthermore, it comes with a 0.5+ band score guarantee. That’s a feature you won’t get with Kaplan despite their higher price.

❌ No free trial

Kaplan IELTS doesn’t allow a free trial, and this is a feature we’ve observed with many other providers of IELTS preparation services, too. The fact that they don’t allow students to take their programs for a test drive denies students the chance to find out more about the course before purchasing. 

What’s even sadder is that Kaplan doesn’t provide refunds whatsoever, so there is no room for a subscriber to change their minds.

❌ No score predictor

This is another feature that the Kaplan platform lacks and, therefore, no way to predict one’s score after completing the course. Not that this is a deal-breaker because the company’s IELTS course has various appealing features, but a score-predictor could have made it even more appealing. 

Most students want to use their score estimates to decide if they’ve had enough practice and are ready for the exam or not.

Who is the course for? 🤔

Who is the course for?

The Kaplan IELTS course is excellent for both amateur test-takers and those looking to re-sit for the exam for visa or graduate school admission. It’s a well-rounded course comprising video instructions, practice tests, exams, and assignments to get hands-on. 

Any student with CEFR level B1 (IELTS band 4+) English skills will digest the course material without difficulty.

Self-driven students can use the on-demand course to revise. It’s accessible to desktop and mobile platform users and includes on-demand video instructions, over 5000 practice questions, and full-length practice tests courtesy of the Cambridge English Assessment.

Students looking for a structured course option will love the Live Online package. It includes all perks of the on-demand course plus live online teacher-led lessons, albeit at a significantly higher price. You will get 12, ninety minutes, live lessons totaling 18 hours. The package also includes homework assignments.

All packages include writing reviews from expert tutors to help students get the writing section right.

Is the Kaplan IELTS course suitable for General or Academic training?

The Kaplan IELTS is designed for students preparing for the IELTS Academic test only.


Even though Kaplan IELTS courses are a bit pricier than the competition and don’t guarantee band score improvement, they boast stellar features such as writing reviews, more hours of Livestream, and realistic practice tests courtesy of Cambridge international.

Many IELTS students view Kaplan in a positive way, saying the learning experience was fun, interactive, and productive. 

Subscribers get interactive flashcards, progress reports, and writing feedback; these are features most IELTS courses don’t provide. That makes Kaplan IELTS stand apart from the competition. Furthermore, the course is structured in an easy-to-follow step-by-step format, and the software is user-friendly.


Are you interested in the Kaplan IELTS course and want to learn more? Kaplan doesn’t offer free trials with their course packages. Get in touch with the company here or visit their help center to speak to an IELTS expert and learn more about the course.