Kranse Institute ACT Review

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Updated: December 8, 2021

3/5 Pisa Rating

✅ ACT strategies from a perfect ACT scorer

✅ 4-point score improvement guarantee

✅ 18 months of access

Overall, the Kranse Institute ACT course is decent if you want to learn something unique instead of the traditional memorization techniques.


The instructions are delivered through a series of short videos to pique the interest of the average high schooler.

Kranse Institute is one of the world’s providers of online ACT prep courses. The company was founded by Shaan Patel, a perfect score student, and Shark Tank winner.

But does the celebrity status of its founder and teacher make the ACT course worth your money? This review takes a detailed look at the Kranse Institute ACT prep course and provides an analysis of its strengths and weaknesses.

Read on to get the full, unbiased Kranse Institute ACT review from the experts at Prep Test Pros.


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Kranse Institute ACT Prep Review Outline

  •  About Kranse Institute
  • What’s Kranse Institute ACT Prep
  •  Kranse Institute ACT Prep Pricing
  • Overview of the Kranse Institute ACT Curriculum
  • User Interface and Experience
  • What sets this digital prep course apart?

 Cons 👎

Verdict and Recommendation: Kranse Institute ACT Prep Review

 About Kranse Institute

Kranse Institute

Kranse Institute is an online test provider founded by Dr. Shaan Patel, a perfect SAT scorer and shark tank winner. He is the same man who developed the Kranse Institute SAT, which is what it is mainly known for because of his perfect 2400 SAT score.

Before that, he was merely an average student, then he sought to improve his score and came up with strategy-based methods instead of the good old memorization techniques leading to top marks in the exam.

After that, he was awarded over a quarter-million dollars in scholarships to study at Yale. He visited the White House, has appeared on shark tank, and was featured in NBC News, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, The New York Times, and more.

Right now, he has repurposed his strategy-based test prep methodologies to work for various standardized exams, not just the SAT. His ACT course is one of the leading digital ACT prep programs in the world.

What’s Kranse Institute ACT Prep?

Kranse Institute ACT Prep is a digital course aimed at students looking to sit for the ACT exam. The course focuses on test-taking strategies and comprises 204 videos divided into twelve different lessons lasting just under 10 minutes each.

In each video, Dr. Patel shares a new strategy and takes students through different ACT questions using the strategy to show them how it’s applied. He will switch between different sections (Math, English, Science, and Reading) so learners can fully prepare for the exam.

There’s a free eBook to supplement the video lectures, and you also get a 4+ point score improvement or money-back guarantee.

Kranse Institute ACT Prep Pricing

The Kranse Institute ACT course is available in the self-paced online format only for $499 (limited time offer). Features of the course include:

  •  204 video lectures
  •  18 months of instant access
  • Progress tracking
  •  Free downloadable and printable ACT practice tests
  • Accessible to both mobile and desktop users
  • Student mobile app

How’s the Kranse Institute ACT Curriculum?

The Kranse Institute ACT curriculum has a lot of distinguishing features. The ACT course is entirely strategy-based as opposed to traditional memorization techniques. From experience, Dr. Patel understands that even gifted students find tests challenging if they are not familiar with the exam and practical strategies.

Throughout the video lectures, he will walk you through various strategies and show you how to apply them to different ACT problems. For example, you will learn how to work a math problem backward or go through questions before reading text passages so you can pay attention to what’s being asked.

The videos themselves are kept short, and to the point, so you won’t get bored. Plus, he’ll often switch between different ACT subjects to give you a full course. Between the videos, you get exercises to put the strategies into practice yourself.

The course is supported by a 4+ points increase assurance; otherwise, you’ll get your money back. These are enough points to take your score from the 47th to the 70th percentile.

It’s also supported by an eBook containing more standardized tests and guides on college and scholarship applications.

Overall, the Kranse Institute ACT course is decent if you want to learn something unique instead of the traditional memorization techniques. The instructions are delivered through a series of short videos to pique the interest of the average high schooler.

That said, the short videos mean that the course is not the most comprehensive. Dr. Patel uses only questions to teach; he doesn’t cover core ACT concepts. If you are looking for a course with robust study materials to learn ACT concepts, consider Magoosh, Kaplan, Prep Scholar, and other ACT courses.

Kranse Institute User Interface and Experience

It’s simple to use the Kranse Institute’s website and lesson platform. The website uses a simple design with only a few clickable tabs that give you an idea of what Dr. Patel has put together for you.

As for the tutorial platform, it is straightforward to use. There is a large white space, giving off the feel of a college lecture, and on the bottom right corner, you’ll see Dr. Shaan Patel delivering the lectures.

Kranse ACT also offers a mobile app that is optimized for iOS tablets and smartphones. The Android version of the app is still in development.

What Sets This Digital Prep Course Apart? 👍

If you are looking for reasons to choose the Kranse Institute ACT course, here are some:

1. Bite-sized videos make it easy to handle the content.

Video lessons are the foundation of the Kranse Institute ACT instructional material. You will get 204 videos. They are brief, only running 10 minutes long. Dr. Patel made a great call with this one to prevent a snooze fest because high schoolers’ attention spans aren’t always the longest.

He appears at the bottom right corner of the tutorial platform and voices his instructions while graphics, visuals, and other learning aids appear on the screen.

He keeps the videos short and entertaining and will switch between subjects frequently to ensure full preps. You can pause the videos anytime to research a given point, rewind them and watch them any number of times.

2. Teaches test-taking strategies

Instead of the conventional review and memorization, the ACT course from Kranse Institute uses a novel, new approach that emphasizes strategy and shortcuts. As already mentioned, even gifted students may perform poorly in an exam if they are not familiar with its format beforehand.

Learning test-taking strategies using real ACT questions helps prevent anxiety during the exam. You’ll approach the exam with confidence, knowing you can always apply a few techniques to arrive at the correct answer even if you don’t have all the information.

3. Full ACT walkthrough

Most ACT preparation programs include an answer key accompanied by explanations. In contrast, Kranse ACT does it differently since Dr. Patel walks you through every question while sharing his strategies for taking the exam. 

This method is useful because you can immediately identify what parts of the exam are simple and difficult and prep effectively.

 ✅ 4. Score improvement guarantee

Score improvement guarantee

Kranse Institute Reviews ACT guarantees an average score improvement of 4 points. For a test with a maximum score of 36 points, this is a decent score improvement target.

5. Free eBook

Among the many bonuses of your Kranse ACT course access is a free ebook filled with information about scholarships, college applications, and college standardized tests. The parents can use this information to guide their kids through this critical journey in a helpful way.

It’s worth mentioning that some of Kranse Institute students have already been accepted by prestigious universities.

6. 18-month-access

Kranse Institute allows 18 months of access to the ACT video lectures following the date of purchase. No other ACT course on the market allows such a long access period; it’s enough to revise and take the exam several times until you attain your desired score.

7. Free mobile app

Kranse Institute makes it easy to study on the move using your mobile app. You will get lifetime access to android and iOS student apps through which you can access the video lectures anywhere, anytime over the internet.

8. 100% money-back guarantee

100% money-back guarantee

If you buy the course and find it’s not suitable for you, you have up to 7 days following the date of purchase to ask for a full refund. If you also take the course and don’t see any improvement in your score, you can ask to be refunded in full.

Cons 👎

9. Price

$499 for a self-paced course with no content review, only test-taking strategies, and a little practice work seems overkill. The only advantage is the 18 monthly access period.

Apart from that, there are no other good reasons why this course costs more than the courses from Magoosh, Kaplan, PrepScholar, Princeton Review, and PrepExpert; and these are renowned test prep services providers.

10.  No captions or transcriptions on video lessons

It would be nice if Dr. Patel’s video lectures included transcriptions or captions so you can get what’s being said faster instead of having to rewind if you’ve missed the point.

11.  The mobile app is not available for android users.

Kranse Institute has been promising android users that they’ll get a mobile app for several years now, but still, it hasn’t arrived, which makes us question their commitment to their students.

Wrap Up 🎁

Kranse Institute provides a unique approach to test prep by teaching strategies and uses a series of bite-sized videos making things fun and engaging. It also allows 18 months of access to the video lessons, hence three stars out of five.

That said, it’s not comprehensive enough as there’s no review of the ACT subjects.  The $499 price is also too high given all-inclusive, comprehensive courses from Kaplan and PrepScholar cost way less.

To summarize, this course is only suitable if you are already familiar with the different ACT subjects and want to learn test-taking strategies to improve your score. You can start with the 7-day risk-free trial offer to learn more about the course.