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Updated: December 8, 2021

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✅ Affordable GMAT prep

✅ Personalized GMAT prep

✅ Higher Score Guarantee

With low-budget course options that include hundreds of video lessons, thousands of practice questions, score improvement guarantee, live support, and customization options, Magoosh has delivered a solid GMAT prep option.


If you want to pursue MBA studies in the U.S. or Canada, a high GMAT score will help you get accepted into the right program. GMAT is an abbreviation for Graduate Management Admission Test. It assesses analytical writing, numeric skills, and verbal reasoning ability.

Students use courses such as Magoosh, Veritas, The Economist, Target Test Prep, and Kaplan GMAT to prepare for the exam. However, not all GMAT prep courses are created the same. Read on to the full, unbiased Magoosh GMAT review from the experts at Prep Test Pros.


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About Magoosh

Magoosh is a startup by a group of academic geeks passionate about helping university students prepare and crush standardized tests for admission into the programs of their choice.

It has been in the test-prep industry for over ten years now, and you can rely on its depth of experience and expertly developed curriculum to help you prepare for the GMAT exam.

The company started in 2008, but it was until a year later that it started offering GMAT products, including math practice questions accompanied by answer explanations, video lectures, and verbal questions. Since then, Magoosh has expanded to include several other features in its GMAT prep products.

Magoosh GMAT Prep Course Overview

Magoosh’s GMAT curriculum is an excellent choice for self-motivated learners who want to study anywhere on desktop or mobile, at a fraction of the cost of competitors, and earn an average of 90 points or better.

They offer a one-month prep program, an I.R. and quantitative-only plan, a verbal-only package, a full-service package with six hours of private tutoring, and a premium plan with all of the company’s GMAT, video lessons, practice tests, and questions you can go through for up to 12 months.

We highly suggest you try the premium GMAT prep package because of its affordable price, amazing score guarantee, extensive answer explanations, and intuitive interface.

Features of The Magoosh GMAT Prep Course

  • Score improvement: Magoosh promises that if you complete their program, you’ll see a 50-point improvement from your previous score
  • VERBAL, MATH, I.R., & AWA: Magoosh’s GMAT specialists create high-quality content for each exam.
  • Customized study schedules: Choose the ideal study schedule for you depending on your objectives to keep focused.
  • Over 300 video lessons: Boost your GMAT score by learning new techniques and studying strategies from pros
  • Over 1300 practice questions: Learn where you went wrong in the exam by seeing a video explanation for each question.
  • Two or more practice tests: Take a full-length self-proctored practice test, just like on the actual test day
  • Accurate score predictor: Know when you are ready to sit for the exam with the company’s accurate score predictor
  • 24/7 learner support: When you get confused or need some additional help, the company’s test prep professionals are available via email and chat.

Magoosh GMAT Prep Course Options

Depending on your learning style, initial skills, and budget, you have the following options:



The Premium GMAT option is excellent for self-driven learners. For one year of access to course content and features, you can pay $249 once or $62.25 every four months.

 Package features include:

  • Access to Verbal, Math, I.R., and AWA prep materials
  • 340+ video lectures
  • 340+ video lectures
  • 1300+ practice problems
  • 2+ practice exams
  • Customizable study schedules
  • 50-point score improvement
  • Ask-an-expert
  • Accurate score predictors
  • Pause plan anytime and resume later

Premium + Classes

Perfect if you are looking for a self-study package that includes flexible instructions, this is it. The package includes all Premium features plus drop-in classes for a year. Drop-in classes are one-hour interactive sessions with a Magoosh’s GMAT expert. 

You will get instant feedback, learn strategies and interact with other students. The classes are available live or on-demand. You can pay a $399 one-time payment for 12 months of access or $99.75 every four months.

Stand out features of the package:

  • All features and content of the premium package
  • Unlimited number of drop-in classes with a live GMAT expert for 12 months
  • 25+ hours of on-demand video lessons recordings

Tutoring + Premium

Tutoring + Premium

If you are looking for dedicated instructions, this is it. It includes all the Premium and Premium + Classes features plus extra hours of one-on-one GMAT coaching at flexible scheduling. The package costs $799 for 12 months of access or $119.75 every four months.


  • All the features and contents of the Premium package
  • All the content and features of the Classes package
  • 6 hours of private one-on-one coaching worth $660 in value
  • One-on-one video communication with a GMAT expert
  • Flexible scheduling
  • No lecturing or classes

Why Choose Magoosh GMAT Prep Products? 👍

There’s a lot to like about the Magoosh GMAT program contents and features. Here’s a look:

✅ The Price

Price is usually the first thing that most learners consider, and if you want affordable GMAT study packages, the Magoosh GMAT programs are among the best options.

For just $219, students receive video instructions for one year, 800 practice problems, up to two diagnostic exams, and over 250 lessons. This course is clearly ideal with competitors asking hundreds or thousands of dollars more!

For example, Veritas asks $699 for itself-prep GMAT course, $1399 for Live Classes, $2560 for Private Tutoring. Kaplan self-paced GMAT is $599; Live Online is $1249; In-Person is $2499. Many other companies ask approximately the same amounts or more for their courses, so if you want to save a couple of hundreds of dollars on your GMAT prep, choose Magoosh.

That said, saving a few dollars is not worth it if a GMAT test-prep program doesn’t help you get accepted into your dream MBA program, so here are other reasons to choose Magoosh.

✅Online Access

The GMAT exam preparation program offered by Magoosh is 100% online. It doesn’t have any worksheets or textbooks. You can learn anywhere anytime provided you have the internet. You can use a desktop or mobile device to access practice questions, video lessons, and answer reviews.

The company’s GMAT app is also accessible for Android and iOS, and there’s a flashcard app too. These apps will be useful when you’re often busy and want to study on the move.

✅ User-Friendly

Magoosh GMAT revision platform is very user-friendly, allowing for flexibility and customized learning experiences. Just a glance at your dashboard will persuade you that the organization does not fool around when it comes to user experience.

Everything is naturally and thoroughly designed to allow students quick access to their progress reports, suggested lessons, practice questions, flashcards, and other key course features.

You can easily watch video lectures, customize your practice tests and browse the GMAT course material. The course format is also straightforward, making it suitable whether it’s your first time sitting for the exam or a retake.

✅ Excellent Customer Support

Magoosh is known for being swift and comprehensive when it comes to replying to learner’s queries. Each of the company’s GMAT prep packages includes an ask-an-instructor feature so you can ask for help whenever you feel stuck or just want additional help.

It’s all made possible by an integrated help tab that displays on the dashboard once you are logged onto the platform; it allows you to easily submit questions straight away instead of pausing the session to navigate to a different section of the platform to email the questions.

✅ Personalized Curriculum

The Magoosh GMAT prep provides personalization beyond what a traditional classroom allows.  The company’s video instructions are incredibly important. You can watch classes again and again, pause, and continue from the convenience of your own home anytime. 

The Online Course also saves a lot of time since there are no trips to on-site study locations; this is especially useful for working professionals or busy students. The online study program also has the advantage of allowing students to use the program as many times as they have to during the 12 months following registration.

On the contrary, in a traditional learning setting, you are compelled to keep up with the pace set by the instructor. You can’t rewind to take a second, third or more look at what you don’t understand. You also can’t skip what you already know and go straight to the challenging topics.

You may ask a question, but the teacher won’t probably go over the instructions more than three times. You can also not skip or skim through, which are perfect if you already know the topic or question clearly.

Magoosh also allows learners to customize their practice problems based on their individual needs. You can select questions based on the level of difficulty, section, and type of question. It’s also up to you to choose how many questions to include in the practice exams. 

Furthermore, you have the choice between “Practice Mode: and “Quiz Mode” when sitting for the exams. The Practice Mode is where answer explanations are displayed as you work, while the Quiz Mode is where no answer explanations are displayed.

✅ Text and Video Explanations for Every Practice Problem

Another thing that puts Magoosh on top of our best GMAT courses list is the fact that the course includes video and text explanations for every practice question. That makes it suitable for both visual and literal learners. 

The video explanations are 1 to 3 minutes long and provide an in-depth explanation of the solutions beyond what you will find in traditional GMAT textbooks. Video explanations come in handy, especially for quantitative questions. 

You will see the solution in detail on a whiteboard. You will learn the basics, including the equations and logic behind each question. You’ll also see an explanation of why a particular answer works and how to apply the solution to related problems.

✅ Quality Instructors

All of Magoosh’s GMAT teachers scored in the 99th percentile and have shown a strong desire to teach the GMAT syllabus in an engaging, fun, and results-oriented fashion. They have also acquired Ivy League degrees and MBAs, J.D.s MDs, PhDs, and other post-graduate degrees. Because of these excellent teachers, the majority of the company’s GMAT students rank in the top 5 % of test-takers.

✅ Endless Resources

Apart from video and text explanations, Magoosh GMAT has the following resources:

✅ Shortcuts:

GMAT problems can be solved logically without looking at the answer choices, alternatively applying elimination or precisely if you have time. Magoosh teaches shortcuts, including guesstimates, to help solve problems quickly and do more in the exam.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Sometimes knowing how to tackle a problem isn’t enough, and students puzzle why their strategy didn’t work. Therefore, apart from video and text explanations, the platform also answers frequently asked questions on each topic. These help correct common errors and clear up important concepts.

Related Lessons:

Magoosh also makes it easy to find more information on a given topic by providing quick links to related lessons. That way, if you are having problems with a particular problem, you can simply refer back.

Notes Section:

The Notes section allows students to mark down things they want to come and check later. Save notes on anything you’d like to review later.

Access For a Whole Year

While other test prep companies only allow 4 to 6 months of access, all Magoosh GMAT packages allow one year of access to the course features and contents. This is a fantastic offer, allowing learners to go through the material again and again until they feel prepared enough for the exam. 

Furthermore, if you are not pleased by your official score, and there’s still time to revise for a retake, you have the freedom to do so. The company also has a 30-day course for students looking for last-minute prep.

Magoosh GMAT Flashcards

The Magoosh GMAT course includes 400 flashcards containing math and verbal practice resources. Use the flashcards to drill your algebra, geometry, statistics, and idiomatic expression skills. The cards are available to both desktop and mobile platforms users, and you won’t be charged anything extra. 

Dedicated GMAT App

Magoosh provides an app to go along with the desktop platform. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms and will allow you to access 700+ practice questions, tutor help, 200 video instructions, performance reports, and much more. Busy students and working professionals will enjoy it the most because it enables studying on the move, when waiting in a line, or taking a short break from work. 


Magoosh provides a detailed score performance report, including your score estimate, the number of questions answered at average pace, and other learners’ average pace.

You can use these stats and the lesson suggestions to customize your prep and drill on your areas of weakness until you feel ready for the exam.

Magoosh GMAT Score Guarantee

Magoosh promises that you will see a 50-point increase in your previous score once you finish the GMAT course. That’s a generous score improvement guarantee. Furthermore, there’s a satisfaction guarantee too, meaning you can ask for a refund if you don’t score as promised.

What you might not like about Magoosh GMAT 👎

From the affordable price range to the quality of instructions and study platform, there’s a lot to like about Magoosh GMAT. Arguably, it’s one of the best courses, if not the best. That said, there are a few things about the course you’ll likely find not pleasing. Here’s a look:

❌ Only 2 GMAT Practice Tests

Practice tests are very important in any standardized test prep. Learners use them to self-diagnose and figure out where to do more practice. The best GMAT prep courses include practice tests, even Magoosh does.

But Magoosh only provides two of them, so you won’t get many opportunities to diagnose as let’s say, for example, when you prep using Veritas GMAT (12 practice tests), Princeton Review GMAT (10 practice tests), or Kaplan GMAT (9 practice tests).

❌ Completely Online

Magoosh GMAT is 100 percent online. No books. No Worksheets. It comes with both a desktop and mobile platform. That makes it awesome for studying anywhere, anytime. However, that’s only possible if you have the internet. 

Magoosh GMAT vs. Princeton Review GMAT

Magoosh GMAT vs. Princeton Review GMAT

Both Magoosh and Princeton Review GMAT programs are popular with students. Magoosh is younger than Princeton Review, though, having started approximately 27 years later.

Princeton Review appeals more to learners using abundant practice since it includes over 3000 practice questions and ten GMAT practice tests. On the other hand, Magoosh appeals to students looking for a cutting-edge, modern learning experience.

Course Plans and Pricing

Magoosh has self-paced, self-paced + classes and self-paced +classes + tutoring GMAT packages. On the other hand, Princeton Review has self-paced, in-person, and online classes and in-person and online GMAT tutoring.

Magoosh’s self-paced GMAT package costs only $249, while the sell-paced + classes costs $399 and the self-paced + classes + tutoring costs $799. All packages provide one year of access and carry a 50-point improvement guarantee.

Princeton Review’s self-paced GMAT costs $699; live classes $1299; live classes plus 700+ score $1699; private tutoring $167/hr.

Both companies provide mobile and flashcard apps. Magoosh provides 400 of them for math and verbal sections. Princeton Review provides 500 of them for math and verbal sections and general revision strategies. Magoosh’s flashcards are free, while the ones from Princeton Review cost an extra $17.


If you want the best blend of features and prices, Magoosh GMAT is the course for you. The course allows for a year of access to video and written instructions, practice exams, practice tests, and flashcards.  

On the other hand, Princeton Review GMAT packages cost more than Magoosh’s and only allow up to 6 months of access. However, it’s suitable for learners looking for extra help since each package included private one-on-one coaching.

Who is Magoosh GMAT for?

Ideal Magoosh GMAT Student

Any learner can use Magoosh to prepare for the GMAT exam. However, because of the way the curriculum is designed, students who belong in any of the following categories will benefit the most:

  • Self-studiers: if you prefer to prep on your own schedule and at your own speed.
  • Video-learners: If you learn better by watching video lessons than by reading or participating in live classes, Magoosh provides video explanations for every practice question
  • Busy students and working professionals: If you don’t have much time to study but would like to sneak in some practice sessions every now and then

Wrap-Up 🎁

Magoosh’s GMAT course offers high-quality study resources at a significantly lower cost than the competition. It’s all delivered via a user-friendly online platform.

You have the option between self-paced GMAT prep, self-paced + live classes, and self-paced + live classes + tutoring. All packages allow for one year of access and carry 50-point score guarantees.

The company also offers a one-week trial program so you can assess if the learning approach is suited for you. Try the course here to find out more.