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Updated: December 8, 2021

4/5 Pisa Rating

✅ Best combination of features and prices

✅ Score improvement guarantee

✅ Comprehensive IELTS syllabus coverage

Magoosh IELTS is one of the best because it offers hundreds of video lessons and practice questions, 8 full-length practice tests, easy grading services, a score improvement guarantee, and a fantastic price tag to boot!


The company charges the lowest starting price and allows a one-week risk-free trial.


Magoosh is an online study platform for various standardized tests, including IELTS. The platform offers two types of IELTS prep: a 1-month premium prep and a 6-month premium prep.

All courses cover the IELTS syllabus comprehensively and include video lessons, mock tests, practice problems, and graded assignments. There’s also a mobile app for accessing the platform’s features on the go.

Read on to get the full, in-depth Magoosh IELTS review from the experts at Prep Test Pros.


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About Magoosh

Magoosh is a team of academic gurus who are enthusiastic about helping students achieve their academic goals. The company was founded back in 2008, starting with a GMAT study website, but has grown over the years to include prep courses for exams such as GRE, TOEFL, and IELTS.

It has bagged awards such as the happiest company in education, the best place to work in the Bay, and rated among the fastest-growing companies.

Magoosh IELTS review

The Magoosh IELTS platform provides two kinds of IELTS prep in 1 or 6-months packages. Depending on the kind of exam you’ll be sitting for, you have an option between Academic IELTS prep and General Training Prep.

Academic IELTS prep

This IELTS prep course is designed for students preparing to start a post-secondary study in an English-speaking country or people looking to join a professional group. 

The curriculum is taught at an advanced level to provide students the confidence they need to pursue additional education or advance their careers. It is designed for students looking to take the Academic IELTS exam.

General Training Prep Course

This IELTS prep is for persons looking to take the IELTS General Training exam to emigrate, work or visit an English-speaking country.

How’s the Magoosh IELTS course delivered?

It’s completely online. There are no DVDs available. There are no offline books. It’s a fully online platform accessible via desktop and mobile devices for studying anywhere, anytime as long as you’ve got internet access.

Features of Magoosh IELTS prep

The Magoosh IELTS prep is designed to enhance your knowledge and confidence to read, write and speak English as you prepare for either the Academic or General Training exam. The features of the prep include:

  • Fully online
  • Progress tracking
  • Essay scoring
  • Band score improvement or get your money back
  • A team of online tutors to answer your questions via email
  • Over 125 video lessons that include useful strategies, tips, and essential features of the exam
  • Over 600 practice questions to give you the exposure you need to take the exam confidently
  • Dedicated student app for accessing the videos, practice questions, and progress reports on the go
  • One or six-month access period

Magoosh IELTS plans and pricing

Depending on the length of access you want, you have the option between a 1-month premium and a 6-month premium study package:

Magoosh 1-month premium

In just 30 days, this $109 IELTS preparation course will provide extensive syllabus coverage, practice problems, mock examinations, and written assignment evaluations. This is the perfect course for students who have limited time left before the exam.


  • Over 120 video lessons
  • Comprehensive IELTS syllabus coverage
  • Over 600 practice questions
  • Eight full-length practice tests
  • Personalized study plan
  • One written assignment scoring
  • +0.5 band score guarantee
  • One week refund guarantee
  • Ask-an-instructor unlimited number of questions
  • Score predictor
  • Pause your plan anytime

Magoosh 6-month premium

This IELTS test prep package enables students to save up to $500 by purchasing a 6-months IELTS prep bundle once. It includes all the features of the 1-month premium package plus some:

Contents of the package:

  • Over 120 video lessons
  • Comprehensive IELTS syllabus coverage
  • Over 600 practice questions
  • Eight full-length practice tests
  • Personalized study plan
  • +0.5 score improvement
  • Four essays scoring and grading
  • One week refund guarantee
  • Ask-an-instructor unlimited number of questions
  • Score predictor
  • Pause your plan anytime

Why choose Magoosh IELTS 🤔

There are several great features to like about the Magoosh IELTS online platform and the course itself; here’s a look:

✅ 1.  Affordable

Whether you want an IELTS package to do some final touches or revise for six months, Magoosh has all of them at low prices.

The one-month premium package costs only $109 and includes video and text instructions, essay scoring, practice problems, full-length practice tests, guaranteed score improvement, and score predictor. 

The 6-month study plan costs just $129; that’s $40 less than the package from BestMyTest. Furthermore, this study package includes all the perks of the one-month premium package plus some.

✅ 2.  Academic and General Training prep services

The Magoosh IELTS platform prides itself in providing customizable test-prep services. Whether you are looking for IELTS Academic or General Training prep, you are sure to benefit from this platform.

The Academic prep is for students looking to sit for the IELTS Academic exam to gain admission to an institution where English is the primary teaching language. The exam can also be used to qualify for work in a country where English is the language of the natives. 

The IELTS Academic course is taught at an advanced level to help students gain the knowledge and confidence they need to speak, read, write and comprehend English.

Students looking to sit for the IELTS General Training exam can switch to General IELTS prep.

✅ 3.  A dedicated student app to go with a platform optimized for various devices

When it comes to online exam prep courses, ease of use is key. Otherwise, students are going to struggle to access the course features, making them quit before completing the course. Magoosh understands that. 

The platform is optimized for both desktop and mobile device users, be it IOS, mac, windows, or Android. Furthermore, there’s a student app to go with the desktop account. That way, students can access the course anywhere, anytime, as long as there’s the internet.

✅ 4.  Unlimited ask-an-instructor questions

Although it’s a self-paced online course, you won’t be really alone in your exam prep. The company provides email support to students. You can ask any number of questions you’d like, and a team of online tutors will provide help.

As you advance through the course, feel free to send feedback on features you’d like the company to do better. Expect a timely response to your questions.

There’s also a Facebook group where you can talk with other students and get extra help or advice whenever you feel stuck.

✅ 5.  User-friendly platform

The Magoosh online platform is easy to use. You get a personalized dashboard that allows easy navigation to videos lessons, practice modules, practice tests, essay submission, and progress reports.

There’s also a link for one-on-one communication with an online tutor whenever you feel stuck. Even the less tech-savvy students are going to get the hang of it in no time.

✅ 6.  Customizable practice

The dashboard also includes lesson suggestions based on your performance so far. This allows students to choose lessons and practice based on key areas of growth for maximum improvement. 

Furthermore, when it comes to taking practice problems, you have the option between practice mode and quiz mode. Practice mode is where you see the answers as you work, while quiz mode is where you get answers once you are done.

✅ 7.  Grammar and exam lessons

Another feature that enables a tailored learning experience is an option between exam and grammar lessons or both. Simply choose which lessons you want to focus on.

The Exam Lessons teach students about the exam, including format and common question types. You’ll learn how to tackle different types of questions. 

On the other hand, the Grammar Lessons teach students how to speak, read, write and comprehend English.

All lessons include hundreds of practice questions accompanied by answer explanations.

✅ 8.  Constantly updated content

The IELTS content on the Magoosh platform is updated regularly based on subscriber feedback and test answers to give students an up-to-date and worthwhile learning experience.

Expect instructions and practice problems suitable for the modern test-taker. They also provide research-based revision materials to help students grow practical skills.

✅ 9.  Various learning experiences

Studying for IELTS is not just about grammar lessons and practice exams; knowing the type of questions and how to approach them will lead to greater success, too. That’s why Magoosh provides various learning experiences. 

The 120 video lessons will take you through learning the English language, concepts, shortcuts, and frequent mistakes learners make.

You will also learn the tips and strategies to excel in the exam. Furthermore, you’ll get speaking and writing prompts and the hacks to boost your confidence in taking tests.

✅ 10.  Simulated practice

Each Magoosh IELTS package includes eight full-length practice mock tests throughout the course to really give students the real test experience. 

The essays will be scored and graded. Subscribers of the one-month premium package can submit one essay, while those with the 6-month package can submit four essays. This enables students to boost their writing skills for university work and beyond.

✅ 11. Accurate score predictor

Thousands of IELTS students use the Magoosh score predictor to tell if they are ready for the actual exam.

The tool uses a student’s performance on the platform and compares it to the performance of other subscribers and their official IELTS scores. Expect only a small margin of error.

✅ 12. Free trial

Magoosh offers IELTS students the opportunity to take their course for a test drive and find out if it’s the right one for them. The free trial includes 20+ practice questions and lessons.

✅ 13. Money-back guarantee

Students who start on the Magoosh IELTS course and feel disillusioned have a money-back guarantee subscription option, but only if you do that within the first seven days of purchase. 

Therefore, in addition to the one-week free trial, you will have this opportunity to change your mind too. These generous allowances simply show how confident the instructors are in their course, and it’s all backed by great user reviews online.

What you may not like about the Magoosh IELTS prep 🤔

❌ 14. Low score improvement guarantees

Magoosh IELTS offers only 0.5+ band score guarantees with all of their packages. Compared to BestMyTest’s 2.5+ total band score guarantee, the Magoosh guarantee doesn’t do much to improve student’s confidence in the course.

❌ 15. No live online classes or private tutoring

The Magoosh IELTS course is a self-paced online study program only. Expect no live lessons or private coaching. You will also get the opportunity to ask an instructor an unlimited number of questions.

But still, if you want a classroom learning experience or one-on-one help, you won’t find any with Magoosh.

❌ 16. Only eight practice exams

Magoosh only offers eight practice tests in all their IELTS packages. Although they are more than what Kaplan and IELTS online provide, they are still fewer than the 20 complete practice tests offered by BestMyTest IELTS.

With the BestMyTest IELTS platform, you get two full-length tests consisting of brand-new questions and 18 full-length tests that draw exams from your set of practice problems.

❌ 17. No speaking reviews

Magoosh doesn’t provide students with the means to record and upload their audio samples for reviews. In fact, apart from essay scoring, you won’t get any other expert review. 

On the other hand, IELTS prep companies like BestMyTest and Kaplan offer speaking and writing reviews to teach students how to speak and write just like native English speakers.

BestMyTest IELTS subscribers can submit up to 12 audio samples and eight written assignments for reviews. Those are perks you won’t find with Magoosh IELTS.

❌ 18. Credit card info is required for the free trial

Unlike BestMyTest that provides a free trial to all students without the need for a credit card, Magoosh does require a credit card to attempt their course.

You won’t be charged a cent if you cancel your subscription before the free trial expiry, but still, it’s a hassle.

Is Magoosh better than Kaplan? 🥊

Both BestMyTest and Kaplan are among the best providers of IELTS prep services. Magoosh prides itself on being an interactive self-study platform for the IELTS academic and general training exams.

On the other hand, Kaplan combines live and recorded instructions to suit different types of students.

Plans and pricing

When it comes to plans and pricing, the Kaplan self-paced package costs $65, while the Live package costs $190. Both are six months subscriptions. This makes the starter package from Kaplan cheaper than the one from Magoosh. 

However, it includes only four practice tests, while Magoosh provides 8. In terms of practice problems, Magoosh provides 600+ while Kaplan provides 5000+.


However, in terms of innovation, Magoosh being a younger company is more innovative. They provide a personalized dashboard with a dedicated student app to go with it. Furthermore, they update their course materials often. 

On the other hand, Kaplan doesn’t provide an app; in fact, some students and teachers feel that the study materials from Kaplan are out of date.

The bottom-line?

No two IELTS prep courses are the same. Depending on your learning style, you can make a clear choice between Kaplan and Magoosh. 

If you want an easy-to-use platform with an updated curriculum for studying on the move, go with Magoosh IELTS. On the other hand, Kaplan, with its 5000+ practice questions and live classes, will suit students who want thorough practice and a classroom learning experience.

Who is the Magoosh IELTS course intended for?

The Magoosh IELTS course is for all students, no matter their English levels. Whether you want to prepare for the Academic or General Training exam, there’s a course for you on the platform. Specifically, the platform is designed to suit:

  • Self-driven students who are comfortable in their English and can study on their own anytime
  • Video-lovers: every practice problem includes engaging slideshows explaining the correct answer to suit students who learn better by watching videos.
  • Busy professionals or students who have no time to schedule in-person classes or commute to learning centers; simply access the course wherever you are.

You won’t need to have taken the test before; this program is suitable for first-time test-takers and those looking to repeat.

The lessons cover the IELTS syllabus comprehensively and include tips and strategies useful for those taking the test for the first time.

What are the forms of payment accepted?

You can purchase the Magoosh IELTS course using credit cards such as America Express, Visa, and MasterCard. You can also use Paypal.

How does the score improvement guarantee work?

Magoosh guarantees that you’ll notice a +0.5 total band score gain over your previous results after finishing the premium course. If not, they’ll refund your entire payment.

Wrap Up 🎁

Magoosh has a winning combination of features and prices. If you want a course to help you brush up before the exam, there’s the one-month premium package. On the other hand, if you want a long-term study plan, a 6-months premium package is available.

Both plans include unlimited ask-an-expert questions, essay grading, score guarantees, and money-back agreements. If you are interested in the course, you can start today with a free trial that includes 20 practice problems and lessons. Feel free to contact the company and speak with an IELTS expert too.