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Updated: December 8, 2021

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✅ Affordable SAT prep

✅ Personalized SAT prep

✅ Higher Score Guarantee

Magoosh is relatively new to the test prep scene, compared to Kaplan and Princeton Review. However, just because they are new on the block doesn’t mean they’ve got nothing good to offer.


Magoosh has swiftly established itself as one of the most popular providers of SAT prep services. Their goal is to make exam preparation both cheap and effective. They provide online-only courses that are very flexible and boast high-quality content.

Magoosh has a highly reviewed online SAT prep package that you can take for $100-$129 depending on the length of access you want. 

It comprises adaptive lessons, thousands of practice questions, and three practice tests. Subscribers get a +100-score guarantee. 

There’s also an option for live classes for students who want tutor-led classes. Read on to find out more about these SAT prep packages and who they are best suited for in the Prep Test Pros Magoosh SAT review.


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About Magoosh


Magoosh is a recent entrant into the test prep scene. It’s made up of a team of academic nerds willing to help students reach their academic goals. The company was established back in 2008, starting with affordable and effective GMAT prep services. 

Since then, it has grown to include test prep services for SAT, GRE, ACT, IELTS, and TOEFL. They are all online-only, flexible study programs backed by high-quality materials in videos and text format. 

Thousands of students have already used the company’s SAT course to revise and crush their exams, earning scholarships to the graduate schools of their dreams.

How does the course work?

How does the course work?

The course is wholly online; no books or DVDs. It’s accessible to users of both PCs and Mac devices. Android and iOS users get an app to go along with their desktop accounts. The course provides a diagnostic test to assess students’ initial skill levels. 

It’s a 60-75 minutes test, and the results will help the instructors to customize the course for each student.  Subscribers of the live classes can schedule live lessons every Tuesday and Thursday.

Features of the Magoosh SAT course

Features of the Magoosh SAT course
  • Self-paced online plus live online classes
  • Diagnostic test
  • Over 1750 practice problems accompanied by video and text explanations
  • Three full-length practice tests
  • iOS and Android mobile app
  • Customized study plan
  • Flashcards
  • Progress tracking
  • 100-point score improvement guarantee
  • More than 200 video lessons
  • 7-day money-back guarantee
  • Score predictor

Which SAT study packages can I purchase from Magoosh?

 SAT study packages

Students have an option between Magoosh SAT Prep and Magoosh SAT Prep + Live classes.

Magoosh SAT Prep course

The platform offers one-, three-, and twelve-month SAT self-paced SAT prep. Each plan includes over 1750 practice questions accompanied by video and text explanations, three practice tests, and over 200 video lessons. The plans also guarantee +100-point improvement. The one-month plan costs $100, the three-month plan is $119, while the twelve-month plan is $129.

Magoosh SAT Prep + Live Classes

This package carries all the perks of the self-study plans plus 16 hours of live instructions. The classes are taught by 99th percentile SAT teachers, and they are interactive. 

That means participation is required. It’s a 12-month subscription for $399. The classes are available Tuesday and Thursdays at noon and evenings.

Why choose Magoosh SAT? 👍

Why choose Magoosh SAT?

Here are some of the reasons why the Magoosh SAT prep course is one of the best on the market.

✅ Low priced course

For only $100 for one month, $119 for three months, or $129 for 12 months, you get over 200 video lessons with over 1500 practice questions and friendly support. Each course package offers a personalized, efficient way to study for the SAT.  

You’ll also have access to their popular smartphone and flashcard apps. This is one of the best combinations of features and prices for an SAT course. Indeed, it’s the lowest starting price compared to Prep Expert’s $499 course or Prep Scholar’s $397 course.

Furthermore, students looking to take the ACT, TOEFL, or any other standardized exam course get discounts if they’ve already subscribed to one of Magoosh’s offers.

Free trial

Magoosh is one of the few test prep companies that allow free trials on most of their test prep courses. With the Magoosh SAT prep course, students get one week to try the course free of charge. 

The offer grants access to select lessons and practice questions. But you will need a credit card for the feature. However, you won’t be charged anything as long as you cancel your subscription before the week-long trial expires.

✅ Wholly online

Forget the hassles of struggling with bulky hardcopy books; they are certainly not convenient for studying on the move. Magoosh SAT prep is for the modern learner. 

No books. No DVDs. Everything is online, accessible via browsers on desktop and mobile phone devices. Plus, an iOS and android app, making it easy to use the course anywhere, anytime.

✅ User-friendly dashboard

Forget those cliché SAT prep courses that don’t do much to improve your test score. What’s the need for revision if you waste time on the topics you’ve already mastered? Magoosh SAT prep course is designed with the user in mind, allowing students to focus their revision on their key areas of growth for maximum improvement quickly.

Right from the start, when you log in, you get a personalized dashboard with algorithms to track your progress, compare it to that of other students and make appropriate lesson suggestions.

The dashboard is exceptionally user-friendly. Each area of the course is clearly displayed for quick access. You can view progress, take a look at the practice questions and tests, etc.

✅ Personalized practice

Each Magoosh SAT prep package is accompanied by a personalized study plan to keep students on track with lesson and practice suggestions. Students can use the suggestions to customize their revision and practice. 

The study plan keeps track of your progress through each lecture and adjusts your practice quizzes accordingly. You’ll also get a Notes Section to mark down things you want to remember or come back and check later.

When it comes to practice, you have the option of either the ‘Practice’ or the ‘Quiz’ mode. The Practice mode is where answers are displayed as you work through the test. On the other hand, no answers are displayed when you switch to Quiz mode.

✅ Robust statistics

The Magoosh online SAT platform provides a detailed analysis of your performance. This is just a summary of your practice questions and test answers.

You can filter the stats by topic, question type, and difficulty to know which areas still need work. This allows you to study at the level of difficulty needed for maximum improvement.

✅ Plenty of support

You will get video and or text explanations for each question. But that’s not all; you also have the option to chat with online tutors via email and get support for the questions you find difficult. The chat service is available 24/7, and you can ask an unlimited number of questions.

✅ 8. Expert-powered SAT prep with realistic practice questions

Magoosh SAT instructors are former 99th percentile scorers themselves. They design the course and set the practice problems. The questions are set to look just like the real exam to give students a feel of the real thing. The teachers use students’ answers and feedback to update the course materials and study plan. 

As a further measure of dependability, the company’s Score Predictor gives a forecasted range for your GRE result. This is possible by comparing your course performance to that of other subscribers, including their official exam scores and their performance on the platform.

✅ Over 200 video lessons

The Magoosh SAT prep course will appeal more to students who learn better by watching videos. The course comprises over 200 video lessons and 1500+ video explanations. Indeed, every topic, from basic math to advanced writing and reading, has a video lesson. 

Every practice question is accompanied by a video as well. What’s more, the videos provide deeper explanations of concepts, useful shortcuts.

 ✅ Alternative solutions

The video explanations also carry alternative solutions for every question. That way, you not only learn the mathematical solution but the logical one too.

Usually, the logical solution is cheaper and straightforward than the mathematical solution. Learning to approach problems logically will save your time so that you can do more in the exam.

✅ Links to further question explanations

If you are not satisfied with the answers provided on the platform, you get links to other blogs discussing the concept in detail. And if that’s not enough, you can also chat with instructors via email. It’s this level; of support and redundancy that makes the Magoosh SAT prep dependable.

✅ Related Lessons

Apart from ask-an-instructor questions, video and text explanations, and links to further explanations, Magoosh also provides suggestions to related lessons allowing students to cover a topic exhaustively before leaving. It’s provided at the end of every lesson to save students the hassle of going back to the menu to find related lessons themselves.

✅ Live lessons are available

Students who want to learn under a tutor can pay for the live lesson packages. You will get over 16 hours of tutor-led lessons every Tuesday and Thursday. This package is suitable for students who really want to get a perfect score. The lessons are presented in an interactive format, so your participation will be needed.

✅ Generous score improvement guarantee

The Magoosh SAT prep packages carry a +100-score guarantee. This is one of the most generous SAT score improvement guarantees, bested by Veritas and Prep Expert’s +200 and PrepScholar +160. However, they aren’t priced as cheap as Magoosh SAT. 

For example; Veritas On-Demand SAT prep costs $499. The course from Prep Expert also starts at $499, while that from Prep Scholar is $397. The Magoosh SAT prep course is significantly cheaper.

✅ Seven-day money-back guarantee

Most SAT prep courses don’t allow students to change their minds, but Magoosh does. If you don’t like what the course is offering, you are allowed to cancel your subscription and ask for your money back within the first week of purchase.

✅ A bunch of free resources

Even if you don’t want to subscribe, you should visit the Magoosh website for a chance to use their free resources. The online blog contains tips and tricks to the SAT exam, several free lessons, flashcards links to other SAT resources, and free college admission guidance. 

There’s also a guide to setting up an SAT study plan. Don’t miss out on the question of the day, too. This is usually accompanied by a detailed video explanation to give you a taste of the kind of practice available on the premium platform.

What you might not like about Magoosh SAT 👎

Overall, the Magoosh SAT prep course is a good course for doing your revision on a budget. However, there are a few missing features; here’s a look:

❌ No in-person or private tutoring classes

The Magoosh SAT prep is a self-paced course with a few live online classes. If you are the type of student who thrives better in a classroom learning environment, this is not for you. There are no in-person classes or private coaching. 

The advantage of the self-paced online format is that it allows students to schedule lessons anywhere, anytime. However, there’s no accountability as in a structured course.

For in-person classes or private coaching, consider going with Veritas, Princeton Review, or Prep Expert SAT.

❌ No essay scoring

The fallout from not having a tutor continues here; you won’t get expert help with your essays beyond mere tips and strategies. Essay writing is often one of the most challenging parts of the SAT exam. 

It would be great if the company provided essay scoring because students could use the feedback to improve their writing. Sadly, that’s not the case; if you want essay grading and feedback services, consider going with PrepScholar or PrepExpert SAT.

❌ Small question answer bank

The Magoosh SAT question answer bank contains only 1750 practice problems. That’s a significantly less number compared to PrepExpert’s 7100. Even Testive SAT, a very recent entrant into the market, offers 3000 practice questions. It’s possible to run out of questions when drilling on a certain topic on the Magoosh platform.

Furthermore, the company provides only three full-length practice tests; to some students, these are not enough to get a good feel of the real exam. SAT platforms by Kaplan and Veritas provide eight practice tests, while PrepExpert and PrepScholar provide 6. 

Magoosh’s is the second-lowest, only beaten by Olive Book, which is a book, not a website run by a team of experts. The only advantage is that Magoosh SAT prep tests are drawn from a pool of unattempted practice problems, so they are unique. 

Is Magoosh SAT better than Kaplan SAT 🤔

No two SAT prep courses are the same. Both Magoosh and Kaplan are among the best SAT services providers. Magoosh provides self-paced and live online SAT prep, while Kaplan provides on-demand, live online, and private one-on-one SAT tutoring. The two companies have done a lot to distinguish themselves;

  • Plans and Pricing

Kaplan’s on-demand SAT course costs $199 and is a six months subscription. That is $70 more than the 12-month self-paced online package from Magoosh. 

The Kaplan course includes only 1000 practice questions and promises no specific score improvement. On the other hand, the course from Magoosh includes over 1750 practice questions and a 100+ score guarantee or get your money back.

Kaplan’s live online package is also priced significantly higher ($699) than the Magoosh live SAT ($ 399). But the course from Kaplan offers six more practice tests and two more hours of live lessons. You will also get printed books. However, it’s still too pricier for its perks.

  • Overall

Overall, if you are looking for the best combination of price and features, the Magoosh SAT course should be your choice. Just the fact that it includes a score guarantee, more practice questions, and a money-back offer should be convincing enough. But if you want one-on-one tutoring, you will have to go with Kaplan because Magoosh offers none.

Who is the Magoosh SAT course for? 🤔

Who is the Magoosh SAT course for?

The Magoosh SAT course is for anyone to use; no prior knowledge of SAT is needed.  However, students who fall into the following categories will benefit the most:

  • Self-driven students who are confident enough in their skills and can study at their own pace and time.
  • Busy students and professionals looking for brief, straightforward lessons to fit into their busy schedules.
  • Students who learn better by watching will enjoy the number of videos the course provides.
Here's what our students say.

However, the course does not cover SAT subject tests; it’s only for students looking to sit for general SAT. For help with SAT subject tests, check the free practice materials from the College’s Board.

Wrap Up 🎁

Overall, the Magoosh SAT course is a great program for getting your prep on a budget.  You can go with the self-paced course and follow provided study plans to do your revision.

The study plan includes lesson suggestions and weekly reminders of tasks to do. It also keeps track of your progress on each lecture and adjusts your quizzes accordingly. You also have the option for a live online package with classes every Tuesday and Thursday.

However, there are no in-person classes or private tutoring. But still, you will get plenty of support via email chat 24/7. All the packages cost significantly less than similar packages from other SAT prep companies.

Hopefully, this Magoosh sat review is enough to help you make up your mind. However, if you need more information, try the course free or call the Magoosh office to speak with an SAT expert.