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Updated: December 8, 2021

4.5/5 Pisa Rating

✅ Comprehensive course

✅ Tutoring and live classes available

✅ A lot of supplemental resources

Manhattan Prep provides a comprehensive GMAT course offering unique features such as bootcamps and basic math workshops for students who want to learn the foundations of GMAT math.


Though some reviewers say the courses are not as solid as the ones offered by Kaplan or Princeton Review, still you’ll get thousands of practice tests and several hours of video lessons.

Manhattan Prep

Manhattan Prep is a leading company in the GMAT prep scene. Whether you want a high-level, in-person curriculum taught by a brilliant instructor or a customizable self-paced course for prepping at your own pace and time, this company has you covered. 

This Manhattan Prep GMAT Review takes you through the course in its entirety, including the pros and cons and some of the aspects that may make other GMAT courses on the market better alternatives. Stick around to get the full, unbiased Manhattan Prep review from the experts at Prep Test Pros.


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GMAT Prep Courses, Tutoring, and Classes Near Me

If the only thing standing between you and that MBA program letter of acceptance is a great GMAT score, then you have to prepare for the exam using the best resources available.

In the test prep scene, Manhattan GMAT stands out as one of the best, if not the best. Both the company’s self-guided prep programs and in-person classes are first-class curriculums.

Manhattan’s self-paced GMAT prep program is based on award-winning interactive video lessons that are miles ahead of the competition.

Video-based learning is a fully immersive experience that adjusts to match your skills and performance as you advance through the course. This makes it a first-rate course both in terms of content and the way the content is delivered.

Alternatively, if you learn best in a classroom setting and prefer face-to-face instruction, Manhattan’s live course is hard to beat.

The content is excellent, and the teachers are pretty engaging. Furthermore, the small teacher-to-student ratio fosters a workshop-like environment, allowing for productive involvement and more individualized attention from the instructor.

About Manhattan Prep

Manhattan Prep was established in 2000 by Zeke Vanderhoek, a Yale Alumni who also worked for the Teach for America foundation. His initial goal was to supply GRE students with the best prep resources because he figured students learn better from better teachers. 

So, he put together a team of remarkable GRE instructors to help students prepare for the exam. The company now helps millions of students in over 192 countries crush standardized exams and get accepted into their dream institutions, professions, or qualify for scholarships. 

The company employs only 99th percentile scorers with teaching experience. They’ve also sold over a million GRE, GMAT, SAT, and LSAT prep books.

Their GMAT program will help students ace their exams and prepare them for the challenges ahead as they try to earn their MBA and enter the business world.

Features of Manhattan Prep GMAT

  • A full GMAT course live or on-demand
  • Tutoring options
  • Bootcamps
  • Math basic workshops
  • Comprehensive GMAT guides -hardcopy books
  • An adaptive interactive software
  • Over 4200 practice questions
  • Six practice tests
  • Free trial

Manhattan Prep Lessons and Coursework Review

There are over 35 GMAT lessons across the Manhattan Prep online platform. These Video-based instructions put Manhattan Prep ahead of the competition because they are high-quality and dotted with animations that make preps interactive and fun.

On the screen, one of the Manhattan Prep GMAT instructors often gives a quick oral lecture on a subtopic as notes display around them. The lessons spun every GMAT concept and are conveyed in a manner that makes them stick, so you can use them to tackle GMAT practice questions later. 

When the teacher is not on the screen, you will get notes on a particular concept on an aesthetically pleasing digital whiteboard. Above all, they are interactive.

They’ll start, stop, ask questions and react to your correct and wrong responses to adapt your prep accordingly. You can stream or download the lessons for use even when you have no internet connection.

Apart from high-quality, comprehensive interactive lessons, you also get solid coursework comprising 4,200+ practice questions and six full-length practice exams. The practice questions are offered through the company’s question bank, which is comparable to the one offered by Kaplan GMAT.

Plus, these practice questions closely mimic the real GMAT questions that are even hard to tell the difference, which is great if you want to get really ready for the test day.

Of course, the company provides explanations for each practice problem. They have this software that goes by the name GMAT Navigator through which they provide explanations for every practice question and track your progress. 

It’s how they break down each problem that makes the explanations impressive. You’ll know exactly what concept is being tested and why a particular answer is correct or incorrect.

Overall, Manhattan Prep GMAT coursework and lessons are a cut above the mark. Expect interactive, engaging, and fun lessons backed by substantial coursework.

What OnDemand GMAT Prep Programs Does Manhattan Prep Provide?

Manhattan Prep’s OnDemand GMAT course is called Interact. It’s delivered completely through the company’s innovative digital platform called Atlas and comprises video-based instructions, practice questions accompanied by explanations, practice tests, and more. 

The program is award-winning and taught by the top 1 % GMAT experts. Simply choose a lesson or practice problems, and they’ll guide you through it; that way, the lessons adapt to your learning style, correct and incorrect responses leading to a customized prep.

You have a choice between two packages, both delivered in HD to users across desktop and mobile platforms:

Interact: Full Course + Tutoring

A GMAT on-demand course spanning every exam topic plus three hours of coaching. For $1449, you get 35+ interactive video lessons, over 4000 practice questions, six practice tests, online tools, a mobile app, five strategy guides, tutoring from a GMAT pro, and more. You will also receive paper books as well as eBooks.

Interact: Full Course

A self-paced GMAT course spanning every exam topic as well. For $999, you get 35+ interactive video lessons, over 4000 practice questions, six practice tests, online tools, a mobile app, five strategy guides, and more. However, there are no one-on-one instructions.

A free trial lets you try the courses for free before purchasing. You can take the first five lessons free of charge. No credit card is required.

Manhattan Prep GMAT Live Classes

This is the company’s most comprehensive option for GMAT prep. You can take live lessons online or in-person at various Manhattan Prep learning centers in major cities.

The classes are delivered by 99th percentile GMAT instructors, and the instructions are based on official exam questions. 

Furthermore, the company maintains a small teacher-to-student ratio to ensure all students get individualized attention. During the classes, you can participate and interact with other students.

Usually, the classes are spread out over two to four months and include Individualized pre- and post-exam assessments with an instructor. Live class options include:

Complete Course

The Complete course comprises 27 hours of classroom instructions spread over nine sessions and is available as a $1599 standard package (no tutoring) or $2049 extra guidance package (includes 3 hours of tutoring). All packages provide access to everything in the OnDemand course.

Advanced Course

The advanced Course provides classes exclusively for students already scoring a 650 (V35/ Q42) and above. It’s not easy to improve when you are already scoring above 650. but most students are not satisfied with that; they want top marks. 

If that’s you, this course will suit you. It comprises 15 hours of live instruction spread across five sessions, six full-length practice tests, a complete set of GMAT resources and strategies, and individualized pre and post-exam assessments with an instructor. You will also get everything in the Interactive course.

You can try these classes for free, too, to get first-hand experience before purchasing.

Manhattan GMAT Prep Tutoring

Manhattan Prep also provides private tutoring packages led by top-ranking GMAT instructors for learners looking for a more individualized or thorough prep. These packages start at $2,450 and go up depending on how many hours you purchase. 

You’ll get focused one-on-one GMAT instructions provided according to your availability. You will also get 100% access to the OnDemand course, six full-length computer adaptive practice tests, a 7-hour recording of the GMAT math foundations workshop, mobile app, eBooks, and hardcopy books.

Manhattan Prep GMAT Boot Camps

For students with a short time to get their GMAT prep done, Manhattan Prep has GMAT boot camps for you. These are short, 2-3 weeks of intensive GMAT courses that cover the exam syllabus in over 35 hours and also provide simulated practice. 

You can choose between Boot Camp Plus and Boot Camp. Both are available online or in-person and provide full access to the OnDemand course, including eBooks and printed books as well.

Boot Camp

For $2599, you get 35 hours of GMAT instructions, 7-hours of GMAT math foundations instructions, six full-length practice tests, a set of GMAT strategies, and full access to the company’s GMAT Interact course.

Boot Camp Plus

For $5099, you get all the features of the Boot Camp package plus 12 hours of private GMAT tutoring.

Manhattan Prep’s GMAT Math Basics Workshops

If you need a quick review of the fundamentals of GMAT math to get ready for a more rigorous prep program, the company’s one-day GMAT math workshop has got you covered. It’s a 100% fee crash course on the basics of GMAT math, including strategies. 

You’ll get 7 hours of lessons delivered by a top-ranking GMAT math expert, a strategy guide eBook on the foundations of GMAT math, and access to online practice problems. After the workshop, you will get a full aftermath syllabus to help reinforce what you’ve just learned.

Manhattan Prep GMAT Books

Manhattan Prep provides GMAT eBooks and hardcopy books to complement the online course. These include:

  • GMAT All the Quant Strategy Guide
  • GMAT All the Verbal Strategy Guide
  • GMAT Integrated Reasoning & Essay
  • The GMAT Official Guide
  • Foundations of GMAT Math
  • Foundations of GMAT Verbal
  • Advanced GMAT Quant eBook (you must request this one)
  • Test Simulation Booklet

Together these books are a great resource for GMAT preps. While each book contains lessons on different GMAT materials, combined, they cover the foundational principles of GMAT, provide practice problems and test strategies, and tips for specific sections of the GMAT.

They are nicely written and informative and give a considerable added value. Not all exam preparation companies have course books, and only a few offer such solid material in hardcopy or eBooks.

Manhattan Prep GMAT Supplemental Resources

Apart from fantastic lessons, books, and practice questions, you’ll get a remarkable suite of digital resources as well. These include:

  • Six full-length GMAT practice tests – computer-adaptive, of course
  • 7-hour GMAT Math Foundations Workshop
  • Manhattan Prep’s GMAT iOS & Android mobile app
  • Interactive OnDemand course
  • GMAT Navigator with solutions to practice problems and progress tracking
  • Question banks sorted according to different skill levels
  • Score analysis
  • Essay grading software
  • Individualized pre- and post-exam assessments with an instructor
  • Student’s forum

Does Manhattan GMAT Have a Mobile App?

Many test prep companies offer mobile apps, but only a few of the apps are worth taking note of. Indeed. Most of them simply provide an app for marketing purposes, but the apps themselves offer no value. But Manhattan Prep’s GMAT mobile app is different. The company has crammed a lot of content into the little app. 

You’ll get over 1100 practice questions, 1500 flashcards, 14 quizzes, strategy lessons, and progress trackers. It makes things easy for busy students who want to study while on the bus, waiting in a line, or taking a short break from normal daily routines.

Does Manhattan Prep GMAT Have a Score Improvement Assurance?

That will be a no; and quite saddening actually if you are the kind of student that likes assurance. Prepping for GMAT is hard; having an assurance that a course will help you gain a certain number of points will help you know approximately what your official score will be. It helps build confidence in the course.  Sadly, Manhattan Prep doesn’t have such guarantees in place.

Does Manhattan Prep Have a Refund Policy on The GMAT Course?

That will be a no gain; just like there’s no score improvement guarantee, there are no refunds. Many other test companies have score improvement guarantees backed by refund policies.

On the other hand, Manhattan Prep claims they can’t offer refunds because they maintain smaller classes and pay their instructors more.  

Does that make sense to you? Anyway, if you are looking for score improvement money-back guarantees on your GMAT prep, consider Veritas, PrepScholar, The Economist, Princeton Review, Magoosh, and Kaplan GMAT.

Why Choose Manhattan Prep GMAT 👍

  • Free trial
  • Boot camps
  • Top 1% GMAT instructors
  • Mobile app
  • Award-winning platform
  • Comprehensive course
  • Multiple course formats
  • Over 4200 practice questions
  • Free GMAT math foundations workshop
  • Downloadable video lessons so you can study even without the internet
  • A suite of supplemental resources -textbooks, interactive, adaptive learning software, essay grading software, and performance tracking
  • mbaMission partnership – a leading MBA admissions consulting company

What You Might Not Like About Manhattan Prep GMAT 👎

  • No score improvement guarantee
  • No money-back guarantees
  • Price: the cheapest online course costs over $1000
  • In-person classes and tutoring are available only to students living in major cities

Who Is the Manhattan Prep GMAT Course Suitable For? 🤔

Basically, anyone can use the Manhattan Prep course to study for their GMAT. Self-driven students have a choice between the Interact Full Course and the Interact Full Course Plus Tutoring.

You will get a mobile app to complement the desktop platform; this makes it easy to study anywhere anytime, especially if you are a busy student or working professional.

If you prefer a classroom learning environment, there are live online and in-person classes. Then there’s the tutoring option for students looking for focused one-on-one GMAT instructions.

Students who have a short time to prep can use the 2-3 weeks of boot camps to put in the final touches. Most importantly, Manhattan Prep GMAT stands out because of its high-quality interactive and adaptive video lessons; so, if you learn better by watching, this is it.

Wrap Up 🎁

When it comes to GMAT prep, Manhattan Prep provides a variety of packages that come loaded with luxury features making them the number one choice for various students.

However, you may find the packages a bit more expensive since the lowest priced online course package costs $1000 while tuition starts at $225/hr. 

But if money is not an issue, you’ll certainly benefit from adaptive interactive video lessons, thousands of practice questions, full-length computer adaptive practice tests, free math workshops, and a suite of supplemental resources. 

Furthermore, the company has partnered with mbaMission, to prepare students for the challenges of the MBA program and the business world thereafter.

If you are interested in the Manhattan Prep GMAT course and want to learn more, you can start today with the free trial offer. The company allows learners to take the online interactive course for a test drive or even sit in five live classes to gain first-hand experience before deciding whether to purchase.

Try the course for free today to learn more. Also, don’t forget to check our course-by-course comparison chart to determine how Manhattan Prep GMAT fares against the competition.