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Updated: December 8, 2021

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✅ Course variety

✅ Low course price

✅ Tutoring is available

PrepScholar GMAT is a fantastic program if you are looking for a curriculum with a superstar teacher roster, generous score improvement guarantee, and a low price to match.


The company doesn’t provide a mobile app but you can still access the platform via mobile phone device browsers.

PrepScholar has a GMAT prep course that’s popular with students looking to apply to MBA schools. You have the options of a self-guided online prep, completely customized online prep, and a resources pool online prep. 

They also provide online GMAT tutoring from expert tutors from top business schools and admission consulting from open and honest MBA grads and Admissions Experts. Read on to get the full, unbiased Prep Scholar GMAT review from the experts at Prep Test Pros.


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GMAT Prep Courses, Tutoring & Consulting Near Me

The GMAT is one of the toughest exams a student will face in their life. It’s short for Graduate Management Admission Test. The exam assesses Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning Analytical Writing, and Verbal Reasoning skills

These are the primary skills that reflect your readiness for the rigors of the MBA degree program and the business world thereafter. 

It only makes sense that you use the best resources available to prep for the exam since when evaluating candidate applications, a majority of admissions committees highly consider GMAT scores. It’ll be the only thing standing between you and that MBA school admission offer.

Although many superb GMAT Prep courses are available, PrepScholar’s GMAT curriculum offers numerous exclusive features that set it apart from the rest. 

Each of these characteristics, such as a proprietary study plan algorithm, top 1 % instructors, a variety of tutoring, and MBA school application consulting packages, make PrepScholar stand out. You will get a   high-yield customized learning experience at a reasonable price.

This PrepScholar GMAT review goes through some of the questions you might have about the course, including the highlights of some of its features that may make other GMAT courses a better fit. You can check our GMAT course-by-course comparison chat to see how the course stacks up against the competition.

About PrepScholar

Prep Scholar is made up of a team of standardized test professionals focused on helping students ace their examinations and get accepted into their dream schools and professions. The company benefits from the fact that it is neither too old nor too green. 

Indeed, it was founded in 2013 by former top Harvard graduates Allen Cheng (several teaching awards) and Fred Zhang (Bachelor’s in Mathematics and Ph.D. in Economics). This gives it the ideal experience while also allowing it to build an appropriate curriculum for today’s test-takers.

The company provides students with hundreds of adaptive lessons, thousands of practice exams, and practice tests for various standardized tests, including the SAT, TOEFL, and GMAT. 

Most of their courses come with generous score guarantees upon purchase. Right now, their services also include MBA admissions consulting, where you’ll get expert reviews on your grad school application essays and resumes.

PrepScholar GMAT Overview

PrepScholar GMAT is an ultra-affordable course launched in 2016. It’s 100 % online prep that comprises over 100 hours of practice work and a highly customized study plan

The course starts with a free diagnostic assessment; then, the algorithm builds a custom prep for you, followed by weekly progress tracking, reports, and customized feedback as you work your way through the course.

You have to create an account to take the diagnostic test. The exam is used to assess your strengths and weaknesses across 30+ GMAT skills. Once you are done, the test is scored, and based on your performance, the company’s algorithm creates a personalized study plan for you.

 This is divided into four sections: a section for the current week’s assignments, a section for future assignments, a section for weekly progress reports, and a section showing your progress across all GMAT skills.

You will also get printed books to complement the online prep. If you are the old school kind of student who likes to peruse pages and take notes, you’ll enjoy this.

Features of PrepScholar GMAT

  • Diagnostic exams
  • Customized study plans
  • Self-guided online prep
  • Printed books
  • 25+ video lessons on GMAT Quant and Verbal topics
  • Over 1200 practice questions
  • Four full-length practice tests
  • 2-4 months of access

PrepScholar GMAT User Interface

PrepScholar’s online platform is user-friendly and straightforward. The Dashboard and the Strategy and Progress tabs at the top of the screen provide quick access to whatever you need. You can see currently weekly assignments on your Dashboard, as well as a sneak peek at upcoming projects. 

On the dashboard’s right side, you can see the number of hours you’ve studied, the amount of time you’ve to spend on your preps, your weekly study objectives, and a graph that shows your overall skill growth.

To make things even easier, they’ve color-coded everything such that your progress report shows green (core learning), purple (advanced), and gold (mastery) color bars. 

They’ve also made it easy to evaluate quizzes and assignments; correct answers are marked green while the incorrect are marked red. There’s also color-coded information to show how your quiz performance compares to other learners on the platform.

How’s PrepScholar GMAT Coursework?

This is 100% self-paced, so if you are the type of student who learns better in a classroom environment, it may not be the best fit for you. You can check our GMAT course-by-course comparison chart for a better alternative. 

Now back to PrepScholar, this course is 100% student-driven. It’s an ultra-affordable course for self-motivated students who can push themselves along. It offers 15 video-based lessons and over 1200 practice questions. 

That’s somewhere in the mid-range because there are courses with fewer or more video lessons and practice problems than that. For example, Kaplan GMAT offers over 5000 practice questions, and Magoosh GMAT has over 300 video lessons.

The content itself is comprehensive and delivered in an engaging manner, and the practice questions are realistic enough to give an idea of what the real exam is all about. There are blue sidebars, yellow text boxes, and lighter blue boxes next to text lessons. 

In the blue sidebars, you will find helpful info, and for more details on the topic you are studying, open the yellow text boxes. The lighter blue boxes contain model practice problems accompanied by step-by-step solutions.

Apart from the main lessons, you also get strategy lessons; these dive into the various kinds of questions you can expect in the GMAT exam and attack them from various angles. You’ll also learn useful shortcuts for quick score jumps.

Then there’s the practice questions, each followed by problem explanations. These really delve into the details of every question, ensuring learners understand the concepts being tested. You will get these problem explanations on the practice tests as well. 

In total, you get four full-length realistic practice tests; not as many as Veritas GMAT 12 or Princeton Review’s GMAT 10 but certainly more than Magoosh’s 2.

Finally, there’s the adaptive algorithm and performance monitoring. The adaptive study plan algorithm really sets this course apart. You’ll get a 60-question diagnostic test followed by a customized study plan based on your performance in the diagnostic exam. 

This contains lessons, practice problems, and tests that really hit on your strengths and weaknesses and will be updated weekly based on your progress. You’ll get more lessons and tests on the subjects you need to improve on and less on the ones you’ve already mastered.

Overall, PrepScholar GMAT’s Study Smarter, Not Harder approach is impressive and backed by stellar course features for max score gain in a short time.

What are the PrepScholar GMAT Plans and Pricing?

The PrepScholar GMAT prep course is available in three different tiers:

Resources Pool Online GMAT Prep

This is the cheapest course option; for just $69, you get 60 days of access to GMAT skill lessons and 500+ practice questions accompanied by answer explanations. It’s for students looking to drill lessons and take practice exams without any adaptive study plan.

Standout features include:

  • A two-month access period
  • Over 500 practice questions
  • In-depth answer explanations
  • Over 30 GMAT skill lessons

Self-Guided Online GMAT Prep

The “Self-Guided Online GMAT Prep” costs only $139 and starts with a skill-by-skill diagnostic test; then, you will have access to the following for three months:

  • 750 realistic practice questions
  • In-depth answer explanations
  • Over 30 GMAT skill lessons
  • Five strategy lessons

Completely Customized Online GMAT Prep

This is the company’s most popular course option and requires a $250 payment for four months of access to a customized and 100 % adaptive GMAT prep experience.

Standout features:

  • Diagnostic assessment
  • Over 1000 realistic practice questions
  • In-depth answer explanations
  • Over 30 GMAT skill lessons
  • Over 100 hours of GMAT content
  • 10 GMAT strategy lessons
  • 60-point score gain guarantee
  • Customized study plan

How’s PrepScholar GMAT Tutoring?

Not all students are the same, while some are comfortable enough to study on their own. Some require the help of experts to grasp concepts. Most test prep companies provide tutoring services for students who want one-on-one instructions. 

PrepScholar makes it possible to supplement the online GMAT prep course with tutoring plans. These are offered by experienced instructors from top universities and who scored top marks in the exam themselves. 

Furthermore, the tutoring packages are completely customized, from how you test goals to the topics you need to cover; the tutor will tailor their teaching methodology and your learning style to help you learn best. 

The course is tutored in three distinct levels, just like the online prep. You’ll also have access to the Completely Customized Online prep package. However, access times depend on the tutoring package you purchase.

The tutoring packages include:

Monitored Automated Prep

This is PrepScholar’s most flexible tutoring plan and requires a $799 payment for one month of access to the Completely Customized Online GMAT Prep and:

  • Four hours of one-on-one instructions
  • Tutor checkpoints where they review your work and feed you tips

Full Tutor-Led Complete Prep

This is PrepScholar’s most popular tutoring package and requires a $1799 payment for three months of access to the Completely Customized Online GMAT Prep and

  • 10 hours of one-on-one instructions
  • Online expert-led learning

Maximum Tutoring Prep

If you want maximum gain, this is it. It requires a $3399 payment for Unlimited access to the Completely Customized Online GMAT Prep and:

  • 20 hours of one-on-one instructions
  • Personal attention from a top tutor

How Long does Prepscholar Allow to Access their GMAT Prep Course?

Depending on which plan you purchase, you will have between two, three, or four months of access.  This is significantly more limited than the access hours offered by other courses on the market, but still, it’s decent enough to allow you to get your prep done in time before the exam. However, if you are not looking to take the exam in four months, PrepScholar GMAT is not the ideal option for you.

Does PrepScholar GMAT have a mobile App?

Regrettably, PrepScholar doesn’t have a mobile app to go with the desktop platform. Not that this is a dealbreaker; you can still access the course on your mobile device. But it won’t be as smooth as it would have been via an app. 

Mobile apps are advantageous, especially for busy students who want to squeeze preps in their already busy schedule and study on the move while waiting in line or taking a breather from normal daily activities. 

If you prioritize ease of access, Magoosh may be a better alternative; they provide a mobile app for users to access their online GMAT Prep course, progress reports, and flashcards anywhere anytime as long as you have internet access.

Does PrepScholar GMAT Include a Score Guarantee?

Yes, PrepScholar provides score guarantees on some of their GMAT prep packages. If you purchase the Completely Customized Online GMAT Prep, the company guarantees that you will gain 60 points upon finishing the course; otherwise, you’ll get your money back. The tutoring packages promise that you’ll score higher or get your money back too.

The 60-point score gain guarantee is one of the most generous you’ll get on any GMAT prep course. In fact, only the Economist GMAT Tutor has a higher (70+) score improvement guarantee than that.

Why Choose PrepScholar GMAT? 👍

From the high-quality course structure to the adaptive study plan, score guarantees, and lower costs, there’s a lot to like about PrepScholar GMAT. Here’s the breakdown:

1. Course Personalization

Course personalization is one of PrepScholar’s priorities. They start students on diagnostic tests followed by a customized study plan created by a unique algorithm based on their test goals and performance on the diagnostic test. 

The study plan contains lessons that will be updated every week to hit on the individual student’s weaknesses for max score gain in a short time. Furthermore, since the course is self-paced, it’s up to you to decide how much studying you are going to be doing each week.

2. Most Affordable

PrepScholar boasts the lowest prices for GMAT prep plans. As you can see above, the online prep plans cost falls in the $69-$260 range. That’s cheaper than Kaplan GMAT, which costs $599 for four months of access, and Princeton Review, which costs $399 for four months of access too. However, these two courses provide more practice questions and tests than PrepScholar, so they have an advantage there.

3. Generous Score Improvement Guarantee

The PrepScholar GMAT prep course comes with a 60-point score improvement guarantee. That’s only bested by the Economist GMAT Tutors 70+ point gain guarantee. 

A 60-point gain is no small number; it might spell the difference between a below-average candidate and a very competitive applicant for top MBA programs. Above all, PrepScholar backs this guarantee with a refund policy should you not perform as advertised.

4. Risk-Free Trial

Each of the company’s GMAT packages also includes a 5-day risk-free trial, allowing you to test the course to determine if it’s the best fit for you.

5. Tutoring Options

Private coaching is one of the most efficient methods of prepping for a standardized test, but it also makes preps very expensive. Most of the main GMAT providers today offer some type of private tutoring; some include it as an add-on, while some provide completely standalone tutoring packages.

PrepScholar allows learners to add an hour of GMAT coaching to their self-paced course for $99. Apart from that, there are standalone GMAT tutoring packages starting from $799 to $3399

6. Progress Reports

PrepScholar progress reports let you know exactly which GMAT skills you’ve improved upon each day of study and by how much. This is valuable information as it helps you know where to focus your studies more. Besides, you will also get email and text reminders of when to study and your weekly progress reports.

7. Top 1 % Instructors

PrepScholar boasts experienced instructors from top universities who scored in the 99th percentile in the GMAT. Coaching is pretty much standard with many courses today, but coaching from 99th percentile scorers is not.

What You Might Not Like About PrepScholar GMAT? 👎

8. Access Period

PrepScholar GMAT plans allow two to four months of access. Most students can complete their preps within that period. However, if you want to practice slowly and maybe even take the test twice to ensure a perfect score, this is not it. The Magoosh GMAT course is a better alternative because it allows up to a year of access.

9. Very Few Courses Formats

PrepScholar only offers self-paced and online tutoring GMAT prep options. If you are the kind of student who likes classroom interactions, consider Magoosh, Veritas, the Economist, Princeton Review, and Kaplan courses. 

Who Should Use the PrepScholar GMAT Prep Course? 🤔

Anyone can Prep for their GMAT using the PrepScholar course. However, because of the way the course is structured and delivered, students in the following categories will find it a better fit:

  • Self-driven learners who are comfortable enough in their skills to prep on their own at their own time.
  • Students who have trouble grasping concepts and would like one-on-one help.
  • Students who want GMAT prep on a budget since PrepScholar boasts the lowest prices.

However, because the course is not optimized for mobile users, it will not be a good fit for busy students. Also, since there are no live classes, students who thrive in classroom learning environments will likely not find the course beneficial.

Wrap-Up 🎁

PrepScholar GMAT is a great alternative for students looking for a cheap, customized, expert-designed prep course. They offer some of the most generous guarantees available and an algorithm-based study guide to give you all you need to prep for the exam. The company also places a strong emphasis on GMAT instructor expertise and curriculum personalization.

While their course doesn’t boast the most materials or format options, most learners will be able to use it to hit their desired GMAT score thanks to its exclusive features and all for a very low price.

Hopefully, this PrepScholar GMAT review has helped you figure out where you stand. If you’d like to learn more about the course, start today with the risk-free trial offer; simply choose the package you want and try it for five days to gain a first-hand experience of what it’s all about. You can also check our course-by-course comparison chart for further information.