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Updated: December 8, 2021

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✅ Course variety

✅  Many video lessons, practice questions and online drills

✅ Live classes and tutoring are available

Princeton Review ACT courses, classes, and tutoring stand out because of the number of practice questions, online drills, and tests along with comprehensive interactive score reports and the guarantee of higher scores. This is an exceptional ACT prep course and well worth the money.

Princeton Review offers comprehensive ACT prep on-demand, live online, and in person. They also have tutoring options for students who want help grasping certain concepts or getting top marks to gain a significant advantage over others in the college application process.

So, what makes these packages suitable or unsuitable for you? Read on to get the full, unbiased Princeton Review ACT review from the experts at Prep Test Pros.


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ACT Courses, Classes, and Tutoring Near Me

If you are going to apply to college, then you better find something to give you a significant advantage over other applicants. With almost every applicant nowadays boasting fantastic GPAs and extracurriculars, a great ACT score could be the only thing separating you from the pack.

Princeton Review, a test-prep company, affiliated with the renowned university, has various premium ACT curricula to help students prepare for the exam.

About Princeton Review

Princeton Review

Princeton Review was formed more than three decades ago, and for the past 35 years, the company has helped countless students pass various standardized tests and get admitted to their dream schools or qualify for academic aid. 

Their method concentrates on the most important components of the ACT and teaches them to students in the most efficient manner possible; consequently, no time is wasted learning unimportant facts or practicing subjects in which one is already skilled.

Princeton Review ACT Course Plans and Pricing

The Princeton self-paced course guarantees max results in a short time. It combines ACT and SAT materials into one test prep package and costs only $299 for 12 months of access following the date of purchase. It includes practice tests and drills from which an Online Engine personalizes lesson plans for individual students.

Here’s what’s included in the package course:

  • Unrestricted access to over 280 online video lessons
  •  377 online drills
  •  Over 3,200 online practice questions
  •  SAT & ACT practice questions review sessions
  • AP online video lessons (World History, U.S. Government, U.S. History, English Language, Chemistry)
  • Full-length and single section SAT and ACT practice sessions (8 for ACT and 15 for the SAT)
  • Comprehensive, interactive score reports
  •  A higher score guarantee or get your money back
  • 10 hours of on-demand ACT or SAT tutoring for an additional $290 – optional

If you are not interested in a hybrid package, you can purchase ACT self-paced only for $199. ACT +SAT self-paced costs $299. ACT + SAT self-paced with coaching will cost you $589.

Princeton Review ACT Prep Classes

For students looking for structured prep with teachers to hold them accountable and ensure mastery of basic ACT concepts, Princeton Review offers two prep options:


The Essentials ACT course is Princeton Review’s flagship program and perhaps the most popular. It costs roughly $749 and includes 18 hours of live classroom time, hardcopy textbooks, and a few extra practice tests, in addition to the same resources and features of the Self-Paced course (including proctored exams). With this wide selection of incredibly useful prep tools, it’s no surprise that it’s Princeton’s most popular option.

 Alright, here’s the break-down:

  • 18 hours of focused classroom time plus over 100 expert-led ACT video lessons and 100+ SAT video lessons
  • Unrestricted access to the ACT Advantage LiveOnline sessions
  •  Three scheduled practice tests
  • Eight extra single sections and eight full-length practice tests for both the SAT and ACT
  •  Practice questions review and practice books
  •  Personalized homework assignments
  • Customized study plans
  • The ability to set and track goals interactively
  • Princeton Guarantee
  •  Full-year access to drills, practice tests, and instructional videos

ACT 31+

With an average cost of approximately $1,449, Princeton Review’s ACT 31+ course is on the higher end of the spectrum.  This package is unique among ACT courses in that it guarantees a score of 31 or above to pupils.

This may be your best bet if you’re hoping to get into a top 25 college or qualify for merit-based aid. This assurance is fulfilled by Princeton Review’s 36 hours of live instruction, supplementary practice tests, and private tutoring. This is the top-of-the-line bundle for students looking for top marks in the exam.

Product details:

  • Over 36 hours of classroom instructions
  • Four scheduled practice tests
  •  Seven extra full-length practice tests and eight single-section practice tests
  •  24/7 on-demand tutoring
  • Practice questions review and practice books
  • Personalized study plan
  • Access to the ACT and SAT self-paced prep
  •  ACT Advantage
  • Score above 31 or get your money back

All in all, the classroom sessions are enjoyable. Across the 18 or 36 hours, depending on the package, the instructor will cover a substantial amount of content and provide targeted strategies that’ll give you a quick score boost on the test. The classroom sessions generally cover the same material as the video lessons but in a more detailed fashion. Plus, there’s no restriction as you can ask questions, pause to seek clarification, and even get useful side tips.

Above all, the company employs only highly-skilled teachers who demonstrate the ability to teach content in a fun, engaging, and results-oriented manner. They communicate points really well, are approachable, and encourage students to participate.

The live lessons track with the content in the workbook that comes with the course. This combination of both video and text materials makes the course appealing to different types of learners.

Princeton Review ACT Tutoring

If you need tutoring, Princeton Review can help. Indeed, they offer coaching packages as add-ons to almost every type of their prep courses, and you’ll be in excellent hands, just like in the classroom sessions with the teachers.

They are quite intelligent and receptive to questions. Not only that, but they are simply kind people who work hard to break down boundaries with their students.

They will work with you to set your goals, develop a personalized study plan, help you understand those challenging topics, review your work and provide individualized feedback. Here’s the break-down of the tutoring options:

ACT Comprehensive Tutoring

This $150/hr tutoring option is the most basic ACT tutoring package from Princeton Review for students who need personalized ACT prep for whatever reason. Expect customized learning, practice tools, expert materials, and the Princeton guarantee.

You will be assigned a dedicated tutoring manager who will assist and coach you throughout the process. They will keep you motivated and assist you in comprehending complex concepts, ensuring that you reach your goal. Here’s the break-down of the specifics:

  • $150/hr or $2700 for 18 hours
  • 18 hours of private one-on-one instructions
  •  Over 2000 practice questions
  • Over 100 interactive video lessons
  •  365 days of access to the self-paced course
  •  Ten full-length practice tests
  •  Interactive score reports
  • The ACT Princeton review complete course manual
  • The 1,511 ACT practice problems review book
  • Princeton guarantee

ACT Targeted Tutoring

ACT Targeted Tutoring

Princeton Review ACT Targeted touring includes the same features as comprehensive tutoring except that the number of hours of tutoring is reduced to 10, there’s no guarantee, and it costs more. Here’s the break-down:

  • $167/hr or $1600 for 10 hours
  • 10 hours of private one-on-one instructions
  • Over 2000 practice questions
  • Over 100 interactive video lessons
  • 365 days of access to the self-paced course
  • Ten full-length practice tests
  • Interactive score reports
  • The ACT Princeton review complete course manual
  • The 1,511 ACT practice problems review book

ACT Intro Tutoring

  • $180/hr or $540 for 3 hours
  • 3 hours of private one-on-one instructions
  • Over 2000 practice questions
  • Over 100 interactive video lessons
  • 365 days of access to the self-paced course
  • Ten full-length practice tests
  •  Interactive score reports
  • The ACT Princeton review complete course manual
  • The 1,511 ACT practice problems review book
  •  No guarantee

ACT 34+ Tutoring

ACT 34+ Tutoring

This package guarantees that you will score 34+ or see a 5-points increase; otherwise, you will get your tuition fee back. A 34-points score on the ACT is what the top 20 tier universities (Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Yale, and the rest) look for from applicants.

So, this Princeton Review tutoring package will match you to the best ACT 34+ tutors and provide a dedicated coach to guide you in your exam prep efforts.

  • Over 1,500 ACT practice questions and at least 135 online drills
  • Over 100 expert-led interactive video lessons
  •  Ten full-length practice tests
  •  Interactive score reports and progress tracking
  • Includes online and print lessons
  • The ACT Princeton Review Complete Course Manual
  • The 1,510+ ACT Practice Questions Review Book
  • Unlimited ACT Advantage sessions so you can supplement your tutoring with live online lessons.
  •  Includes SAT prep
  •  Single-section and full-length SAT practice tests
  • Over 100 expert-led interactive SAT video lessons

On-Demand Tutoring

Users of the self-paced or live classroom ACT packages can add tutoring to their prep starting at $40/hr. Princeton Review On-demand tutoring is available online 24/7. You can get help in over 80 subjects via desktop or mobile devices, and you can cancel or change your subscription anytime.

  • Monthly subscriptions: 1hr/month for 40, 2hrs/month for $80 and 3hrs/month for $115
  • One-time purchase for six months: 10hrs/months $350, 30hrs/month $950, 60hrs/months $1450.

On-Demand College Essay Review

On-Demand College Essay Review

If you want help with your essays, this package provides experts to quickly and comprehensively review your college essay. You will get feedback within 24 hours, and there’s no limit to the number of words allowed.

How are the Princeton Review ACT Prep Materials? 🤔

If you are looking for an incredible all-around ACT prep curriculum, this is it; and for good reasons. It covers various instructional methods, namely live classes, video lessons, tutoring, textbooks, and practice work.

This varied approach to teaching offers superior material comprehension and retention and accommodates all learning types.

Video lessons ✨

Princeton’s video lessons are the highlight of the course. There is no other ACT preparation company that delivers content and instruction of this caliber.  The presentations are short and engaging, lasting only 4-10 minutes depending on the topic.

As your instructor voices the instructions, notes and practice questions appear on the screen in front of them. It’s a clever visual trick because their back is never facing you; that way, they can draw notes right on the screen or highlight key points using a marker pen. Each study comprises a learning and practice component.

Learning component ✨

The learning component is always the first thing you do, followed by a quick dive into the practice material. The lesson uses a series of short videos, slides, and drills to cover both ACT content and strategies. Learning consists essentially of completing a series of individual tasks at a time. A video lesson usually begins with an introductory slide or two.

The combination of the short videos with the effervescent personality of the teachers and the stunning visuals of the whiteboard produces an excellent video lesson that greatly increases comprehension.  This is a fantastic way to hold your attention and keep you interested. You’ll spend 15-25 minutes on this part.

Practice component ✨

After each video lesson, you are directed within the module to a series of short drills. They have a wide variety of drill types, including fill-in-the-blank, true/false questions, moving blocks of text into the right column, etc. In total, you get over 377 online drills and 3200 practice questions. The practice questions are not official, though. They are set by an in-house team to mimic the real exam, which they do accurately.

After completing the questions, review your answers to see what you got right and where you went wrong. The practice component of each lesson will take you like 30 to 50 minutes, depending on the number of questions and how much time you spend on the review.

As a result, each study unit generally takes about an hour to complete. If you do the math across 40 or more study units, you will have quite a bit of time to complete the course.

The other thing to note is the testing software; it’s very excellent, it mirrors exactly what you’ll see in the real exam helping you avoid surprises galore come test day.

Live classes ✨

As a complement to the video lectures, live classes are taught by instructors who have experience teaching the ACT. It includes both content review and test-taking strategies and helpful side tips from the individual teachers.

Practice Tests ✨

Like the practice questions in the drills throughout the lessons, the Princeton practice tests are of very high quality. Not official ACT practice questions, though, because they are designed and written by an in-house team.

However, they do a good job of mirroring what you’ll see in the actual exam. Plus, the company provides excellent testing software with an interface just like the one used in the actual exam so that you can prep under exam-like settings.

The Self-Paced course comes with eight full-length practice tests, the Essentials course comes with ten, and the ACT 31+ course comes with fourteen. Students who take Essentials or ACT 31+ exams can take proctored exams, which are not available to Self-Paced students. Princeton will schedule time for proctored practice exams during these two higher-end course types.

The ACT 31+ students get four proctored exams, while Essential’s students get three. The practice conditions will be more stressful than during the real exam, but that’s just to ensure you are fully prepped for any eventuality.

ACT Prep Books ✨

As you can see, when we highlighted features of the self-paced, live classes and tutoring packages, the self-paced course didn’t include books. That’s because Princeton Review provides books to users of the live courses only. So, if you want to supplement your online self-prep curriculum with books, you will need to buy them a la carte.

The books comprise a coursebook and a workbook for practice questions.  The coursebook tracks with your video and classroom instructions, while the practice workbook supplies you with roughly 1,500 ACT practice questions. So, use the coursebook to supplement your coursework, get more tips and strategies, and the workbook to practice.

Supplemental Study Aids & Resources

The Princeton Review ACT course has a number of features that are not included in the study plan, such as a set of performance and improvement trackers. Using these analytics, you can gain a lot of insight into how your prep is going. The trackers give you a visual representation of your performance on individual subtopics. Graphs are colored to show you the areas you need to improve.

Use this resource to your advantage. Specific metrics include score reports (that measure your performance on each of the individual tests), topic break-down graphs, and goal tracking. Goal tackers give a visual representation of how far you’ve come as well as where you’re going. They don’t use many features – only a dozen or so points – but it is very useful.

Besides progress tracking, you can also get college rankings, PSAT and SAT prep resources, and basic resources info. The SAT and PSAT will probably not be that helpful unless you are also planning to take the tests.

Interface and User Experience

This course’s digital platform is one of its strongest features. Compared to other prep companies’ portals, this one stands out for its functionality. It’s visually appealing and has a modern and professional look, never bogging you down with unimportant features. The learning modules have an aesthetically pleasing layout and are incredibly easy to navigate.

The design is intuitive.  You can move around without worrying about where you are or how to get back to where you were since all features, including study tasks, practice tests, and performance reports, are easily accessible at the top of the platform.

Final Verdict on Princeton Review ACT Prep

Overall, the Princeton Review curriculum, study materials, platform, and course packages are impressive. Their study plan is extensive, structured, and very detailed. The systematic organization of the study units and the 1/2 punch of lessons and practice is powerful.

The problem explanations are detailed, often seeming like mini-lessons on their own and perhaps the best you will get on any ACT prep course. The course spans every instructional method (live classes, self-paced curriculum, textbooks, and tutoring) and comes with the Princeton guarantee. If you are looking for the pros and cons, here is a summary to help you decide.

Why Choose Princeton Review ACT Prep 👍

  • Expert instructors
  •  AI-driven course personalization
  • Over 280 expert-created video lessons
  •  Over 3,200 online practice questions and 377 online drills
  • Includes both ACT and SAT prep materials
  • Eight full-length and single-section ACT practice tests
  • 15 full-length and single-section ACT practice tests
  • Princeton guarantee
  •  Specific score improvement guarantees on ACT 31 and ACT 43+ courses
  • 12 months of access
  •  Various course options

Cons: 👎

  •  Limited self-paced course features
  • No free trial
  • Expensive: the cheapest live classroom course is $799, while the advanced course costs $1450. They do have a $299 course, but it has limited features.

Who should Use Princeton Review ACT Prep?

Who should Use Princeton Review ACT Prep?

The Princeton Review ACT Prep will suit just about any student looking to sit for the exam. The company has various curriculums that incorporate different instructional methods, making them suitable for different types of students. Here’s the break-down:

  • Self-driven students can take the $299 on-demand course and prep at their own pace and time
  •  Students who are not sure if they are going to sit for the SAT or ACT or plan on sitting for both will find the Freepass feature useful
  • Students who enjoy video instructions more will benefit from the 280+ expert-created ACT video lessons
  • Students who enjoy perusing books and taking notes will enjoy the coursebook and practice workbook that comes with the ACT 31 and ACT Essentials courses
  • Students who want to get into Ivy League schools can take the ACT 34+ Tutoring package
  • Students who want a structured course will benefit from the live course packages, which include a dedicated coach to guide one’s prep

Wrap-Up 🎁

Let’s face it, Princeton Review ACT is not the cheapest prep option out there. The Live courses start at $800 and go up to $1500. They have a low-priced option if you like to prep on your own, but it doesn’t come with an extra suite of features like the live course packages. Their tutoring rates are also expensive compared to other ACT prep services providers.

That said, Princeton Review ACT curriculums are geared towards students looking to get into Ivy League schools. That’s why they provide the ACT 31 or ACT 34 guarantees. Their courses include every teaching method. If you don’t get the concept in the classroom, you can ask questions in the class, peruse the books, work with a tutor, or even take practice questions and drills and review your work.

In the end, you enter the exam room feeling fully prepared, and if you don’t get the score you want, you can always use the course free of charge to prep for a retake or ask for your money back.