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Updated: December 8, 2021

4.5/5 Pisa Rating

✅ 99th percentile instructors

✅ Live GMAT classes and private tutoring options

✅ Score improvement guarantee

With over three decades of experience in test prep, Princeton Review GMAT boasts 10 practice tests, adaptive video-based lessons, over 4400 drills, adaptive drill builder, and the Princeton Guarantee.


Read on the get the full, unbiased Princeton Review GMAT review from the experts at Prep Test Pros.

Princeton Review has a GMAT course popular with students looking to join top MBA programs in Canada and the U.S.

The course combines video-based lessons, an Adaptive DrillBuilder, live interactive GMAT Explanation sessions, and an Official GMAT Guidebook into a prep that delivers the GMAT results top business schools want. 

There’s also the option of in-person or online live classes or tutoring. This Princeton Review GMAT review will walk you through the company’s GMAT prep packages in detail to decide which is best for you.


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GMAT Prep Courses, Classes, and Tutoring, Near Me

If you intend to pursue an MBA through a graduate management program, you should think about taking the GMAT. It is an abbreviation for Graduate Management Admission Test. 

This exam assesses your primary abilities (Analytical Writing, Quantitative Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning) that demonstrate your readiness for the classes you will take as part of your graduate degree program.

A significant proportion of admissions boards consider GMAT scores when evaluating candidate applications.

Princeton Review GMAT can help you prepare for the GMAT by providing self-paced packages, live virtual or in-person classes, and private coaching.

About Princeton Review

Princeton Review is a long-standing provider of test preparation and admission consulting services. Since its inception over 40 years ago, the company has also helped millions of students to score in the 90th percentile and get accepted into top institutions or qualify for scholarships. 

The team focuses on the most critical aspects of the GMAT and teaches them to students in the most efficient way possible; no time is wasted studying irrelevant concepts or practicing topics you are already good at.

Princeton Review GMAT Overview

Princeton Review has various GMAT programs for different kinds of students. You can buy self-paced, live, and in-person classes or a private tutoring package.

These programs are for students looking for exclusive features such as an Adaptive DrillBuilder and live GMAT explanation sessions for extra study benefits at no additional cost.

With the top 1% GMAT instructors and a higher score guarantee, these programs are ideal for students looking for a high-quality prep package that provides the most value for the money.

Features of Princeton Review GMAT Prep

  • Self-paced, live online and in-person classes and private tutoring
  • Ten practice tests
  • Over 4400 drills
  • 2750 adaptive drills
  • Adaptive video-based lessons
  • Access to superstar instructors
  • Princeton Review guarantee
  • Live GMAT questions explanations
  • Adaptive DrillBuilder

Pros 👍

✅ The Highest Number of Practice Tests

The GMAT exam can feel long, tedious, and frightening if you haven’t taken it before. Most courses use practice tests to prepare students for the test day so that they won’t feel intimidated by the actual exam.

You will be required to take full-length practice tests at various stages of your course, usually administered in the same setting as the actual exam.

In this category, the Princeton Review course comes out on top of the competition with ten computer-adaptive practice tests for all its students except for users of the Tutoring Packages. The GMAT is a computer-adaptive exam.

It responds to your performance by adjusting the complexity and point value of the succeeding questions based on your performance on the previous questions. Being familiar with such nuances before the exam will help you know how to approach the exam.

That is why exposure is so significant. Fortunately, Princeton Review GMAT practice tests simulate how the test questions will decrease or increase in difficulty. You won’t only improve quickly, but you will also better understand the exam format.

In addition, the Princeton Review course devotes a number of its intro video lessons to help you understand how the exam is scored and come up with a strategy for acing it.

✅ Adaptive DrillBuilder

One Princeton Review GMAT exclusive feature is an adaptive DrillBuilder; this is a custom algorithm that puts together a series of questions for learners based on their strengths and weaknesses as learned from previously completed drills and practice tests.

The questions are selected to hit the learner’s specifications to guarantee maximum improvement in a short time.

The DrillBuilder is easy to use and offers so much to students. You can let the algorithm do its thing or put together your own set of tests from provided templates.

There’s also the option of getting feedback as you work or getting the results after you are done. Finally, input the approximate time you’d like to spend on the tests and the difficulty level you want.

✅ Numerous Adaptive Video-Based Lessons

Part of exam prep is learning from your mistakes and sharpening your skills. Princeton Review GMAT provides adaptive video-based lessons containing responses and explanations for each problem. Simply select “review” to get a video explanation or hint for each practice problem. 

The video explanations will react to your responses and quickly rehash the particular subject or strategy you’re having trouble with. This helps avoid guesswork, falling into traps, and making silly mistakes in the exam.

✅ Includes Options for Private Tutoring

Princeton Review GMAT programs include live online and in-person tutoring starting from $167/hr. Usually, most GMAT courses restrict coaching to Live Online study packages only.

On the other hand, Princeton Review allows even self-paced package users to schedule a one-hour session with one of the GMAT instructors and get one-on-one instructions without the hefty price tag of a Live package.

A Princeton Review GMAT instructor will help you organize your study time efficiently. They will also provide tutoring on specific subjects, answer questions, review your practice exams and provide tips.

✅ Live Gmat Explanation Sessions

Princeton Review GMAT instructors provide weekly live explanation sessions. During the sessions, the instructors cover different subjects and practice questions in detail. The lectures are 100 % free, and you can take advantage of them to get live GMAT instructions without spending on one-on-one sessions. 

You can schedule the sessions a few times a week, and if you can’t make it to a specific subject session, there will be other opportunities since the lecturers always come back around.

✅ Multiple Packages

Princeton Review GMAT is not a one-size-fits-all. Rather than shoehorn you into a self-paced or live online course, the company provides you with a wide variety of GMAT packages.

The self-paced course is available online only. It provides on-the-go access to adaptive video-based lessons, ten practice tests, and over 4000 practice questions.

It also includes a GMAT Official Guide eBook, live GMAT explanation sessions, and access to instructors when you need them. If you don’t score higher, you can ask for your tuition fee back or repeat the course for free.

There are two live classes packages: the Fundamentals and GMAT 700+. Both are available live online and in person. The Fundamentals provides 27 hours of live classroom instructions. Users can also watch recorded video lessons anytime. 

The number of drills and tests is the same as the ones in the self-paced course, plus you’ll get the Princeton Guarantee too.

The GMAT 700 is for students looking to apply to top business schools. You will learn strategies top students use to crush their GMAT exams.

Finally, private tutoring starts at $ and is available in person or online. It also allows access to the self-paced course.

✅ Princeton Review Guarantee

All Princeton Review GMAT packages carry the Princeton Review Guarantee. The guarantee assures that you will increase your score or get your money back.

It also says that if you are not satisfied with your final result, you can repeat the course for free and pay only $50 to get new physical test materials. 

To be eligible for the Guarantee, you must have completed all of your classes and coaching sessions (for in-person and live plans), as well as all lessons and homework assignments.

Subscribers of the self-paced course must have aced at least four practice tests and completed an in-person coaching session.

✅ Essay Feedback

The Princeton Review GMAT provides personalized feedback on essays. You can send your essays via the LiveGrader tool, and the company’s experts will grade them and provide constructive feedback on how to improve your writing. 

GMAT AWA score doesn’t matter much for native speakers, but for non-natives, colleges and companies use it to gauge your English proficiency against fellow applicants.

So, take advantage of Princeton Review GMAT’s essay grading services to perfect your writing and let your AWA score stand out.

✅ Experience

There are many brand-new test prep programs on the market, but The Princeton Review test prep has been in business since 1981 and knows what they’re selling.

Much about the Princeton Review GMAT course is professional and geared toward assisting you in reaching your objectives.

Their experience lets them know what factors most influence the success (practice test scores, for example), and they’ve explicitly focused on these areas to maximize your score increase.

Cons: 👎

❌ Short Access Period

Students who take The Princeton Review’s online GMAT prep courses have only access to the course materials for four months. It is one of the few companies that does not provide at least half a year of access to its self-paced course.

The four months of access aren’t insufficient because most students usually require three months of prep to prepare for the GMAT. However, this doesn’t account for students with busy schedules. 

Other courses make things easy for busy students by allowing more time to access the course. That way, the students can schedule preps at their convenience or even take tests and assignments early if they have other commitments coming up.

If you want more extended course access, check the competition because Princeton Review is not it.

❌ No Dedicated Mobile App

The Princeton Review GMAT program has a lot of exclusive features but no dedicated mobile app. Other GMAT prep services providers on the market allow mobile device users to fully access their self-paced course; some even include a series of GMAT flashcards. 

On the other hand, Princeton Review GMAT doesn’t provide any of these. You will still get an official GMAT guidebook containing exam tips, but it doesn’t make up for what you’d be able to cover if you could access the course via mobile devices.

❌ Few In-Person Learning and Tutoring Centers

No matter which company you decide to go with for your exam prep, your private and in-person tutoring options will be limited by location. The Princeton Review’s in-person learning centers are concentrated primarily in big cities and college towns.

If you’re looking for this sort of individualized coaching, check out The Princeton Review website to find out if there are any options in your area.

How Much does Princeton Review GMAT Packages Cost?

Princeton Review GMAT packages are on the expensive side, starting at $699 for the self-paced course and $167/hr for private tutoring. Here’s a detailed breakdown:


The Princeton Self-paced GMAT course requires a one-time payment of $699 for four months of access to an online prep that includes:

  • Access to Quant, IR, and Verbal explanation sessions
  • Ten practice tests
  • DrillBuilder
  • 83 adaptive drills (4000 practice questions)
  • 100 adaptive video-based lessons
  • Official GMAC eBook
  • Over 90 quick Review lessons
  • An hour of one-on-one tutoring
  • Princeton Guarantee


The Fundamentals require a one-time payment of $1299 for access to:

  • 83 adaptive drills
  • 4,000 practice questions;
  • Ten computer adaptive practice tests
  • DrillBuilder
  • Live GMAT Explanations;
  • GMAC Official Guide
  • 100 adaptive video lessons
  • Over 90 quick review lessons
  • 27 hours of classroom instructions
  • Princeton Guarantee

GMAT 700+

This is the most popular package. It guarantees a GMAT score that will get you into the top 25 business schools. It costs $1599 and includes:

  • Over 47 hours of classroom instructions by top GMAT experts
  • Over 4480 exam-style questions
  • GMAC Official Guide
  • Twelve students per class to ensure an ideal teacher-to-student ratio so you can get the attention you need.
  • DrillBuilder
  • Ten computer adaptive practice tests with online explanations
  • Over 2750 drill questions with online explanations
  • 700+ GMAT score Guaranteed
  • 365 days of access
  • Princeton Guarantee

GMAT Tutoring

Princeton Review GMAT tutoring starts at $167/hr (Comprehensive) or $180/hr (Targeted) and includes:

  • 10 hours of one on one instructions for the Comprehensive package and 18 hours for the Targeted package
  • Access to the self-paced course
  • The latest edition of official GMAT books
  • Princeton Guarantee (Comprehensive package only)

Who should purchase the Princeton Review GMAT Course?

Any learner can use the Princeton Review GMAT to prepare for their exam. However, due to the way the curriculum is structured, students who fall into any of the following groups will benefit the most:

  • Self-study: if you prefer to study on your own time and at your own pace.
  • Video-learners: The course includes a video explanation for each practice problem if you learn better by watching video lessons.
  • If you learn better in a classroom environment: the live online or in-person package includes 27 hours of classroom instructions.
  • If you want direct help: all Princeton Review GMAT packages include the option of one-on-one instructions.

Wrap Up 🎁

The Princeton Review GMAT Prep is one of the best GMAT prep courses available, offering the best value in terms of Self-Paced, Live Lessons, and Private Tutoring GMAT packages.

Even though the access period is only four months, you will have access to unique tools such as the DrillBuilder so that you make the most of your prep time, as well as free of charge access to their Live GMAT Explanation Sessions if you don’t want to use your one-on-one offer.

If you are looking for a prep that delivers high-quality instructions, you’ll likely find it with Princeton Review. Unfortunately, there’s no free trial offer or course demo, so you’ll have to purchase the course to find out more. You can also check out our GMAT comparison chart to determine how the course stacks against the competition.