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Updated: December 8, 2021

3/5 Pisa Rating

✅ Risk-free trial and money-back guarantee

✅ Video solution for the practice question

✅ Private tutoring is available

Target Test Prep GMAT is another top-rated program. It’s completely online, self-paced, and available in different packages at affordable price options.


The course combines thousands of video lessons, practice exams, personalized practice tests, live homework help, and performance trackers to help students break the barriers of success and reach higher levels of success in the GMAT.

Target Test Prep

Target Test Prep is a recent entrant into the GMAT prep scene. Since its launch in 2013, it has earned a reputation for providing a great comprehensive Quantitative Reasoning course.

However, in recent months, the company has begun giving its subscribers access to its new verbal reasoning GMAT course at no extra cost at all.

The GMAT verbal course is still in pre-launch, though; even so, a large percentage of users on the internet have a lot of good things to say about it. 

Read on to get the full, unbiased Target Test Prep GMAT review from the experts at Prep Test Pros.


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About Target Test Prep

Target Test Prep, also known as TTP, is an innovative exam preparation services provider that has been helping learners score high in the GMAT for the past ten years. It is a privately-owned test prep company based in Los Angeles, with a small crew of GMAT, MCAT, and GRE enthusiasts.

Target Exam Prep offers innovative online study tools as well as one-on-one instructions for various standardized tests.

Scott Woodbury-Stewart founded the company in 2013. He’s a former teacher with a specialization in the subjects of math, physics, chemistry, and biology.

Driven by a desire to assist learners in overcoming the long-standing obstacles to success in the GRE, he launched the company with other like-minded ins instructors, and right now, their products include GMAT and MBA prep courses,

Target Test Prep GMAT Review

Target Test Prep GMAT Course is a cutting-edge, online self-study platform that helps learners earn top marks in their GMAT exams. For years, the company’s GMAT products only focused on the quantitative reasoning section; then, in September of 2020, they introduced verbal content in every GMAT plan.

But the company’s GMAT course was already well-known as one of the best options for improving your aggregate GMAT score even before they added the verbal reasoning content. 

Their instruction techniques, score guarantees, and multiple course packages are just some of the things that have helped them acquire that distinction.

The Target Test Prep GMAT course combines over 4000 practice exams, 1,200+ expert-led videos, smart analytics, and tailored study plans into an insane super-comprehensive course taught with unmatched detail and clarity for any student aiming to conquer the GMAT.

It comes with a guarantee of an improved score backed by a refund policy.

The Quantitative Reasoning course is expected to take roughly 150 hours to complete. It normally starts with a 31-question diagnostic test, which is used to design a personalized study plan in combination with your specific GMAT target score.

The Verbal section of the exam, which is still in pre-launch at the time of this study, contains comprehensive coverage of the exam’s Critical Reasoning and Sentence Correction parts. It does not comprise Reading Comprehension questions yet.

The Target Test Prep GMAT methodologies

While it is true that their methods are somewhat brute force in nature, the GMAT instructors at Target Test Prep shine not just in the number of exams and depth but also in the quality of their instructions.

The Target Test Prep GMAT course uses various instructional modalities, such as text-based lectures, high-quality video solutions, and active review sheets.

The active review sheets are really useful PDFs that contain key GMAT concepts for you to note down as you progress through the course and can come back to review later. 

Furthermore, you will have to take the test at the end of every chapter and pass with a preset accuracy score before moving on to the next chapter. The specified score accuracy is set according to your test goals and study plan.

This feature is ideal for learners who want a cohesive, well-organized course to help them gain a strong foundation and hold them accountable, so they master key GMAT concepts.

Overall, the course provides outstanding value comprehensive topics coverage, easy-to-follow video explanations, and a cutting-edge platform.

Learners even report that some of the practice questions are more difficult than those on the actual exam, but this is due to TTP’s thoroughness in assisting you in preparing for the exam. The training will assist you in identifying your weak points and guide you through a systematic improvement approach.

You can access the Target Test Prep GMAT course on any device.

Features of Target Test Prep GMAT

  • 40 comprehensive chapters organized into over 1200 lessons
  • Over 4000 authentic GMAT Quant and verbal sections problems
  • Over 1200 expert-led videos
  • Thorough explanations of every single Quant reasoning topic
  • Personalized GMAT practice test engine
  • Useful smart analytics to help strategize and focus your study efforts
  • The GMAT study plan that’s adaptable and personalized
  • A GMAT Verbal and Quant error tracker
  • Live support
  • Guaranteed GMAT Quant score increase 

Target Test Prep GMAT Course plans and Pricing

Not only does Target Test Prep have great pricing options, but it also has the lowest priced GMAT course for all the courses on our list.

For just $99, you will have month-long access to the Quant and Verbal course. Of course, to many students, that’s not enough time to prepare. 

On average, many students require 4 to 6 months to prepare for the GMAT exam; some even prefer a whole year to repeatedly go through the academic materials until they feel ready.

Furthermore, the Target Test Prep GMAT course is intense, so you’d be wise to purchase the plans with longer access period options.

That said, the one-month prep is still a great option for students who have the exam coming up in a month. If you commit to it, it can really help you make strides and get ready for the exam in under a month.

Specifically, Target Test Prep offers the following plans and Pricing for their premier GMAT course:

Flexible Preparation
Dedicated Study
Maximum Learning

All plans offer unrestricted access to the Target Test Prep GMAT platform and include the company’s GMAT Quant and GMAT Verbal courses.

Target Test Prep GMAT Review Pros and Cons

Keep reading to find out what users like and dislike about the Target Test Prep GMAT prep course.

Pros 👍

✅ 1. A Huge Number of Practice Questions

One feature of the best GMAT courses is the number of practice exams they provide. The best GMAT courses provide immersive learning experiences where students get the opportunities to put what they’ve learned into practice.

With Target Test Prep GMAT, you get 3000+ realistic practice questions focusing on the Quant reasoning section alone. Compared to a course like Kaplan’s 5000+ GMAT questions that include Quant and Verbal, this is a remarkable number of questions. 

Furthermore, the company has started collecting verbal questions, and right now, there are roughly 400. That’s not a small amount at all because many other GMAT courses provide roughly the same number of Verbal Reasoning practice questions

With such a massive number of Quant practice questions, Target Test Prep ensures that you will have no knowledge gaps on exam day.

While they may test you on fundamentals in an excessive manner at times, they will nonetheless continue to look for gaps in your comprehension of niche subjects that may be tested in the exam.

Furthermore, their 500+ verbal questions covering Sentence Correction and Critical Reasoning are similarly rigorous and will inspire confidence in your GMAT skills once you complete the course.

✅ 2. Video Solutions for Practice Questions

Target Test Prep has a good number of practice questions. The quality of the questions and the explanations provided is great too. Indeed, a large percentage of the questions are accompanied by HD video explanations.

You will see the correct answer, common mistakes to avoid, and how to make the most of your time when answering certain types of questions.

While a majority of the GMAT prep courses on the market include explanations for right and wrong answers, Target Test Prep’s videos chop problems into key concepts with step-by-step solutions.

They are presented in a clean, engaging HD video format by the company’s top-notch instructors to help learners identify holes in their understanding of the concepts. The instructors solve the problems by hand, step-by-step.

✅ 3. Online Help and Private Tutoring Services Are Available.

The Target Test Prep website has various resources for learners who need help selecting the right GMAT prep product, working their way through the course, or just learning the exam process.

For example, if you want extra information to complement the course, you can get it on the Target Test Prep GMAT blog. There’s also live chat support anytime, any day of the week for students who want to get in touch with a GMAT expert.

They also provide private coaching for people who require more assistance with specific topics. Tuition begins at $300 per hour, and you may select the length of instruction time that best suits your needs. 

Target Test Prep employs skilled instructors with mastery of all GMAT sections, including Integrated Reasoning, Quant, Verbal, and Analytical Writing.

Tutoring is often the most expensive option when it comes to preparing for tests, but it can be quite effective for studying specific topics that are difficult to master online.

✅ 4. Higher-Score Guarantee

Preparing for GMAT is already expensive; getting the assurance that a course will boost your score helps you feel like it’s not a waste of time and money.

Most GMAT courses have such score improvement guarantees in place to motivate students to purchase.

Target Test Prep promises that once you complete their GMAT course, your Quant score will improve; otherwise, you can ask to be refunded in full.

However, you must have taken the GMAT at least once before and completed every instruction module in your TTP GMAT Prep package.

The company says that the average reported score of their GMAT students is 720, the average Quant score is Q48, and this has an 84% chance of happening to you.

✅ 5. Top 1% Instructors

Target Test prep also boasts high-quality GMAT instructors. The company only employs 99th percentile scorers who love teaching the GMAT syllabus in a fun, engaging, and results-oriented style. They have degrees from IVY league institutions as well as JDs, PHDs, MBAs, MDs, and other qualifications. 

The CEO himself has logged over 10k hours of instructions. The rest of the team boasts Quant, and verbal skill sets that they share in the lessons, practice questions, video solutions, TTP GMAT blog, YouTube channel, etc.

✅ 6. 5-Day Trial for $1

This offer grants full access to TTP’s Quant and Verbal sections study materials for five days for just $1. This is a great offer for students to see if the course design, lessons, practice questions, and instructors suit their learning styles and habits.  

The offer includes a guaranteed score improvement if you decide to purchase. If you don’t see the improvement, you can ask for your money back.

✅ 7. Personalized Study Plans

Target Test Prep’s GMAT curriculum adapts to each student’s skill level and test goal with detailed analytics and individualized evaluations, focusing on their weak areas to ensure max score improvement.

There are over 3,000 genuine Quant practice questions. All of these will assist the student in preparing for the rigors of the exam.

A customized study plan also walks students through 20 chapters of the GMAT syllabus divided into 500 easy-to-understand lessons.

✅ 8. New Verbal Course at No Extra Cost

When Target Test Prep first launched their GMAT course focused on the exam’s Quant subjects only. Now, the company has started adding Verbal Reasoning prep bundles to their courses at no extra charges. 

The Verbal course contains comprehensive coverage of the Critical Reasoning and Sentence Correction parts of the exam. You will also get 500 Verbal practice questions. It does not comprise Reading Comprehension questions yet.

Cons: 👎

❌ 9. Lack of Adaptive Practice Tests

If you haven’t taken the GMAT before, it’ll feel long, frightening, and boring. Most courses use practice tests to prepare students for this day so they won’t feel intimidated by the actual exam.

You will be required to take full-length practice tests at various stages of the course, administered in the same setting as the actual exam. 

Unfortunately, Test Prep doesn’t do this; if you want a course with adaptive practice tests, Princeton Review, Kaplan, and Veritas Prep GMAT are better alternatives.

However, remember that Target Test Prep initially focused on helping students with the Quant section alone, so maybe they thought it wouldn’t be sensible to include practice tests even though they hadn’t helped learners with the whole syllabus.

So, with the inclusion of the Verbal course, there’s a high chance the company starts providing full-length GMAT practice tests.

❌ 10. Only Self-Paced Online and Tutoring Options

The Target Test Prep Gmat course is in the self-paced online format with a few tutoring options. While this is advantageous for self-driven students and those who’d like one-on-one help, it leaves out students who want a classroom learning experience.

Other GMAT courses like the ones offered by Veritas and Magoosh include options for live classes where students sit in on two to three classes twice a week, ask and answer questions and interact with other students. If you are looking for this kind of experience, you won’t find it with Target Test Prep GMAT.

❌ 11. No AWA Grading

The Analytical Writing Assessment score doesn’t matter as much as the Verbal and Quant score. However, that applies to native speakers only. For non-native speakers, schools will likely check your AWA score to get an idea of your English skills. That means you need to perfect your writing. 

Unfortunately, Target Test Prep GMAT doesn’t include essay grading as part of their services. If you want a course that will help you with your essays, too, consider Economist, Princeton Review, PrepScholar, or Kaplan GMAT.

Who should use Target Test Prep GMAT? 🤔

Any student who wants to increase their Quantitative score should take the Target Test Prep GMAT course.  It comprises 20 instructional modules fully focused on GMAT Quant problems. 

Starting with a personalized study plan, target Quant score, daily schedule, and exam date, you can take advantage of video instructions, equation guides, active reviews, blog posts, and worked out practice problems to master all GMAT Quant topics and feel ready for the exam.

The advantage is the company has begun rolling out its Verbal course, too. Though not a full course, it will help you with the critical reasoning and sentence correction parts of the exam.

This structured linear GMAT course will suit any student looking to build a strong foundation and be held accountable to ensure they master key concepts.

The TTP platform features a well-organized dashboard that’s simple to navigate.  The various features and contents of the course have been organized into different sections.

There’s a page for progress stats, a page for training modules; a page for practice questions; and a resources page for extra GMAT study materials, strategies, and tips. Progress stats are presented in red- and green-colored charts.

Wrap Up 🎁

Hopefully, this Target Test Prep GMAT Review has done its job to help you figure out if the course is for you or not.

If you’d like to know for sure, start today with the $1 five-day risk-free trial offer; you will get unrestricted access to take the course for a test drive.

Should you find it suitable, we recommend the $99 one-month prep if you have the exam coming in a month. But if you want more time to prep, choose a plan with a longer access period option.

Wishing you the very best in your GMAT prep.