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Updated: December 8, 2021

3/5 Pisa Rating

✅ The largest number of TOEFL practice questions

✅ Long risk-free trial period

✅ Writing/speaking skills trainer add-ons

Taking the Test Den TOEFL gives you access to a large number of practice questions over a period of 6 months, so it is a good course to enroll in if you have like 3 to 6 months to prep for the exam.


Although it is slightly more expensive than other TOEFL courses, it provides the most practice questions (2480+) along with speaking and writing training add-ons and a 30-day risk-free trial offer.

Test DEN

TestDEN’s Online training program for TOEFL Practice is the Internet’s Internet’s oldest TOEFL course. The platform was created in 1997 by ACT360 Media Ltd, a Vancouver, British Columbia-based education technology company. 

Thousands of students have used TestDEN’s tools to help them study English more successfully and achieve their dreams. The portal also provides specialized courses, such as accent reduction, as well as personalized training programs. Read on to get the full TestDEN TOEFL review from the experts at Prep Test Pros.


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The TestDEN TOEFL Review

TestDEN’s Online TOEFL self-study is exactly what you need to prepare for the TOEFL test swiftly and effectively. You will receive FOUR timed and graded TOEFL practice tests to help you prepare for the exam, enter the TOEFL test center with confidence, achieve the score you desire, and continue to your dream college or university in the United States or Canada.

The TOEFL Practice program is wholly online, and your password will be emailed to you immediately. TestDEN develops test preparation resources in collaboration with a network of experienced writers and TOEFL experts. These writers adhere to the strict criteria set by the company’s editing and education teams.

Features of TestDEN TOEFL Prep Course

Being the oldest online TOEFL training platform, TestDen TOEFL has many fantastic features for students looking for an easy-to-use course. Here’s a look:

100% online

The TOEFL Online Course is an entirely online course designed for students studying for the TOEFL exam. You register on their website and immediately gain login details to a comprehensive Online TOEFL Prep Course. After registering online, you will receive your password in seconds.

Four Full-length TOEFL practice tests

Four full-length TOEFL practice examinations show what TOEFL is all about. Each test has sections for reading, hearing, speaking, and writing, and it is scored by TestDEN TOEFL experts.

The authentic listening part of the tests includes all of the tough question types, just like in the real exam.

The timed writing part allows you to practice composing under time constraints.

Record your speaking section responses using a headset and microphone, and TestDEN’s advanced tech digitizes and stores your responses on their servers.

There is a test timer to help you get used to working under time constraints. You can pause your quiz any time and resume it the next time you log in.

You will be given an approximated score after completing each TOEFL practice exam. TestDEN teachers will grade the speaking and writing passages.

Expert reviews

You’ll get the opportunity to see where you went wrong so you can learn from your mistakes.  Each Test Review includes a list of your incorrect answers, an explanation of the right answer, recordings and transcripts of the tests’ listening sections, and example responses for writing and speaking.

TOEFL trainer for speaking and writing

This bonus feature includes an additional 60 speaking and 20 writing assignments. Each assignment includes a model response for you to study to enhance your speaking and writing skills.

TOEFL skills trainer

You will receive 24 practice sets as well as an additional 2,400 listening and reading questions. Every day, complete one practice set and observe your TOEFL score rise!

30-day guarantee

If you are unhappy with the TestDEN TOEFL course for whichever reason, you get up to one month from the date of purchase to contact TestDEN and request a refund. TestDEN will repay you in full.

What sets TestDEN TOEFL Prep apart 👍

From the number of practice questions to the price and satisfaction guarantee, there’s a lot to like about TestDEN TOEFL. Here’s a look:

✅ Cheap course

TestDEN TOEFL costs only $64 and grants six months of access to thousands of practice questions, four full-length practice tests, 24 practice sets, speaking and writing reviews, a skills trainer, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Other TOEFL prep services providers will charge you more for the same period of access, and they may or may not provide such stellar features.

For example, the Magoosh 6-month TOEFL course costs $149 and provides only 420 practice exams, 120 video lessons, and six practice tests but no speaking reviews.

Another example of a pricey 6-month TOEFL prep is Kaplan; it costs a whopping $349. However, it includes a coursebook and video lessons, which TestDEN doesn’t provide. But still, many students feel it’s overpriced because it has the fewest number of practice exams (100), only four practice tests, and no money-back guarantee.

Plus, which busy student wants to struggle with a hardcopy book when on the move. TestDEN TOEFL is 100% online, making it easy to use whether you are on the bus, waiting in a line, taking a break from normal daily tasks, etc.

✅ Six months of access

TestDEN grants six months of access to its TOEFL course for a one-time payment of $64. That’s a longer period of access than the English Success Academy and EDX permit for their courses. That gives TestDEN students more time before the exam to practice, read and re-read until the concepts sink in. 

Indeed, most students make the mistake of cramming many study sessions in a short period, this tends to leave most of them overwhelmed, and they give up on their studies quickly. The secret to preparing for any exam is to get enough rest between lesson days, so the concepts sink in.

✅ Speaking and writing reviews

You will be given an estimated score after completing each TOEFL practice exam. TestDEN teachers will grade your speaking and writing responses.

The Writing section reviewer will assess your work using real TOEFL grading guidelines, correct your grammar mistakes, and provide personalized feedback to help you better your writing.

The TOEFL speaking reviews in the course include grading, textual criticism, and an audio recording from the reviewer with advice on how to improve your speaking responses. The recording will allow you to hear a native speaker offer guidance on pronunciation, grammar, and other things.

Besides that, the TOEFL Trainer for Speaking and Writing includes an additional 20 writing and 60 speaking activities. Each assignment includes a model response for you to study to improve your speaking and writing skills.

✅ The largest number of practice questions

There is absolutely no better way to prepare for any exam than to practice it several times. The TestDen TOEFL prep course contains the most practice exams of any top TOEFL prep course, with over 2,480 practice exams, four full-length diagnostic examinations, and 24 practice sets. 

Furthermore, the practice exams will be graded and reviewed to learn what you did wrong and right. Each Test Review shows your incorrect answers, an explanation of the correct response, replay and texts of the listening sections, and example responses for writing and speaking.

The practice tests, however, are not the real TOEFL practice exams. They are set to imitate the real exam by TestDEN’s TOEFL specialist. Some of the company’s questions are even more difficult than the actual exam to provide you with thorough preparation.

✅ Great refund policy

The TestDen TOEFL course includes a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can quickly get your money back if you decide the training program isn’t for you.

 What you might not like about TestDEN TOEFL 👎

Here’s a look at the cons of the TestDEN ONLINE TOEFL Prep course:

❌ There is no learner support

Because the TestDen TOEFL online prep program has no student support services, it will be more difficult to get in touch with a TOEFL course professional if you become stuck.

❌ Limited vocabulary

Learners have limited TOEFL vocabulary support with TestDen. Therefore you may need to hunt for authentic TOEFL learning materials to augment your TestDen lesson.

❌ Not official TOEFL-approved practice tests.

TestDEN TOEFL course comprises 28 full-length three-hour practice tests that you will take at different stages of the course. However, they have not certified TOEFL practice questions; rather, they are created by the company’s TOEFL professionals to simulate the real exam. Therefore, if you want to prepare for the real TOEFL exam, you must obtain them directly from ETS.

❌ No lessons

TestDEN only provides practice tests and questions to help gain confidence in test-taking. However, there are no lessons, so if you want to learn content, you are better off looking at other courses such as BestMyTest, PrepScholar, Kaplan, Magoosh, etc. 

How to study for TOEFL with TestDEN

To begin, take all four practice tests. Each sample training module is timed and provides an estimate of your score. You’ll also get thorough answer explanations for use to figure out your mistakes. Examine all of your wrong responses, compare them to the model answers, and feel your test-taking confidence rise.

Then, in the TOEFL Speaking and Writing Trainer, concentrate on key skills. This is the most challenging part of the exam, and this program will provide you with enough practice exams and model answers to review.

Moreover, if you still want further assistance, you can use the TOEFL Skills Trainer to focus on your TOEFL reading or listening skills. For up to 6 months, you can train for the TOEFL at your own speed.

Who is the course suitable for?

If you only have 3 to 6 months to train for TOEFL and want access to a big question-answer bank, TestDen is a fantastic alternative. It costs only $64, making it fall in the cheaper course band.

edX vs. TestDen TOEFL Prep

EdX and TestDen are two very different types of exam preparation companies. TestDen has been providing its training programs since 1997, focusing solely on assisting students in taking English language certification exams. on the other hand, edX is a much younger company that provides over 2,500 online training programs for a variety of standardized tests

Course plans and price

The TOEFL prep package from TestDen is only $64 and includes graded speaking and writing assessments as well as six months of access. On the contrary, EdX’s TOEFL course is absolutely free. However, it only permits six weeks of access. 

TestDen also provides four times the number of practice exams than edX, giving you far more opportunities to assess and improve your weak areas. If you purchase the TestDen’s course but find out it isn’t worth the money, you have up to a month to get your dollars back. Finally, edX lacks the same number of online materials as TestDen plus is less user-friendly.

Wrap Up 🎁

Even though edX is free, its limited access and lack of in-depth resources mean that it ultimately isn’t one of the best courses on our list for TOEFL prep. TestDen would be a better option for those wanting to ensure a better TOEFL score, but that also doesn’t mean that TestDen has the best value compared to other services like Magoosh or BestMyTest every TOEFL student should look into.

As edX is 100% free, its short access period and lack of comprehensive resources make it less fine than TestDEN TOEFL. TestDEN is suitable, especially if you are looking for the most practice; you will get over 2400 practice exams, four full-length practice tests, and 24 practice sets. And you can find about all that starting today with the free course demo. See here for the free demo!