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Updated: December 8, 2021

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✅ Emphasizes ACT coaching

✅ Interactive platform

✅ Dual ACT +SAT prep

Testive ACT combines personal coaching with online learning in a sleek platform. The interactive software contains thousands of video and text explanations that reinforce concepts and prevent you from repeating mistakes.

Testive takes a non-traditional approach to ACT exam prep by combining practice material and technology with human coaches.

They provide the second-highest number of practice questions of all ACT prep courses on the market, and before you start prepping, they’ll sit down with you and your family to determine your learning objective and circumstances and customize the curriculum for you.

However, a unique approach to test prep is not the only thing that defines a suitable curriculum for many students. The cost of the course figures heavily in the decision making, too, andTestive, with its unique approach to test prep, demands some of the highest prices. Read on to get the full, unbiased Testive ACT review from the experts at Prep Test Pros.


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An In-Depth Review of TheTestive ACT Prep Course

If the only thing standing between you and admission into your dream college is a decent ACT score, an excellent ACT prep curriculum can help you do better.

Testive started in 2011 to provide students with a non-traditional approach to exam prep. Their focus is on personalized help because they figure what high school students really need is not more classes or pre-books but personalized guidance and motivation.

TheTestive ACT curriculum combines a self-paced course with human coaches. The coaches monitor students daily to learn an individual’s learning style, motivation, day-to-day school life, and extracurricular activities; this helps the company create personalized curriculums for all users.

Overview of theTestive ACT Prep Curriculum


TheTestive ACT curriculum is built around an organizational system that’ll keep even the easily distracted students on course. It combines over 3000 practice questions, eight practice tests, video instructions, progress tracking, and dedicated coaches.

Every user gets two weekly live sessions with their own dedicated coach, and as an extra feature, the study and prep materials spun the ACT and SAT exams for students on the fence about which exam to take or looking to sit for both.

TestiveFeatures ofTestive ACT Prep

  • Self-paced course plus human coaches
  • Free self-paced course
  • Two coaching sessions every week
  • Diagnostic exam
  • Video instructions
  • Over 3000 practice questions
  • Eight full-length computer adaptive practice tests
  • Weekly email reminders
  • Progress tracking

How Does theTestive ACT Curriculum Work?

Human coaches are the key part of theTestive ACT curriculum. Indeed, it’s structured around weekly coaching sessions. A student and their family will sit down with an expert from the company for a consultation.

They will ask questions to figure out your learning style and objectives, extracurriculars, and college plans, and you can ask any questions you have. Next, you will set up an account, download the complete ACT practice test, take it in the same settings as the actual exam and upload your answers for scoring.

The purpose of the initial test is to serve as a diagnostic exam so the company can figure out your strengths and weaknesses across all ACT areas of assessment.

person writing on brown wooden table near white ceramic mug

Following that, you will be given study and practice materials, as well as a personal coach. The coach will go through your practice work performance with you, answer questions concerning ACT content and techniques, and develop customized work assignments to boost gains.

In addition, as a courtesy to parents, your ACT coach delivers weekly email notifications on your progress to keep everyone informed. This ensures every student remains on course and their parents are kept up to date.

In between tutoring sessions, you will get short, regular assignments to keep you motivated. The homework is kept short and frequent so that you won’t get bored. This also leaves you with sufficient time to rest, so the concepts sink in, leading to steady gains throughout the course.

Progress tracking is also included in the program. The company’s software tracks and analyzes each of your practice sessions. It’s a technology that adapts your practice assignments based on your performance. It also modifies the difficulty level of specific questions to help gain max improvement in a short time.

Testive ACT Coursework

Overall, theTestive ACT coursework is fantastic. As already mentioned, it’s structured around weekly coaching sessions. The coaching is done online for 30-60 minutes once or twice a week. It’s that short because the coaches are already familiar with their assigned student’s performance and weekly course progress; they don’t need to catch up on a lot of stuff.

They just dive right into reviewing your performance on the week’s assignment, noting what types of questions you missed, why and what you can do to improve.

During the session, you can ask questions and seek clarification on tough concepts. After going through your work, the tutor will help plan your next assignment. YourTestive ACT coach will work around the schedule and prioritize your needs to ensure you remain focused and productive.

After setting the week’s study plans and goals, they’ll give you the chance to ask questions or talk about your preps. Also feel free to let out your frustrations and vent because the coach listens and gives the pep talk. 

Testive employs only the crème de la crème of the ACT tutoring world with a passion for teaching and caring about their students. They scored in the 99th percentile in the exam themselves and boast qualifications from Ivy League universities too. They are excellent motivators and results-oriented.

After the tutoring session, it’s up to you to do the prep work. The assignments are short and near-daily to keep you motivated and productive. They never take longer than 30 minutes, and your coach will send a notification to remind you to do the work.

When it comes to practice problems, you complete a predetermined number of them and check their solutions step-by-step. The number of practice questions you receive daily or per week is entirely dependent on your progress, your coach’s recommendations, and your schedule, but you will always receive at least 100 of them spread out over three days.  

These aren’t too many to overwhelm you; just enough to ensure sufficient practice and review for max gain. Each practice question is accompanied by a text and or video solution, allowing you to determine where you missed the answer.

When reviewing your work, you can label your mistakes. For example, you can say you “didn’t understand the content” or were “confused by the question.” This provides talking points for later when you get together with your coach.

In total, you get over 3000 practice questions; this is an excellent number, given that most other companies’ number of ACT practice questions don’t come close. The only ACT prep course with more practice questions thanTestive is Princeton Review ACT (3200+).

The disadvantage is thatTestive Video instructions don’t touch on the core ACT concepts; they only explain the practice questions. If you are looking for a curriculum that teaches ACT content, this is not it.Testive ACT teaches the exam, and it reinforces that by providing a full-length practice test once every month throughout its duration. In the end, you’ll have sat for 8 of them to really increase your confidence.

Testive ACT Course Plans and Pricing

Testive provides three different ACT prep packages from which students can choose. However, unlike other companies that demand a large one-time payment,Testive charges a monthly subscription fee for their ACT prep packages except for the Bootcamp.



Testive ACT Bootcamp is a six-week intense ACT course for students strapped for time and has a test date coming up soon, especially in less than six weeks. It includes two coaching sessions per week, 3000+ practice sessions with text and video solution explanations, and tailored study sessions. It costs $799.



Testive ACT coaching is the company’s most popular package. It’s a steady-pace ACT curriculum over 4-5 months, allowing users enough time to practice, review and let the material sink in. users get one coaching session every week with their dedicated coaches. It costs $399

Coaching Plus

Coaching Plus

Testive Coaching plus is for learners who need extra one-on-one guidance because it includes all features of the $399 coaching package plus one extra coaching session per week.

Testive 2-Week Risk-Free ACT Trial

sk-Free ACT Trial

One feature of the best ACT courses is a risk-free trial, allowing students to get a first-hand feel. When you purchase any of theTestive ACT courses, and you find it’s not for you, you are allowed to terminate your subscription within two weeks of the purchase and ask for your tuition fee back.

Money-Back Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee

Another feature that makes theTestive ACT packages fantastic is the money-back score improvement guarantee. The curriculum doesn’t promise a specific gain in points, just that you’ll score higher than you did before. If you don’t see any score improvement, you can ask for your money back.

Refer-A-Friend Rewards

Refer-A-Friend Rewards

Testive has a loyalty and rewards program for its users. When your friend purchases aTestive ACT prep package through your referral, they get a $100 discount, and you get a $100 Amazon gift card or discount too.

Verdict OnTestive ACT Prep

Testive provides a one-of-a-kind ACT prep experience that you won’t find with other test prep providers.  Their approach is centered around smart practice and the personal touch of human coaches to guide you throughout the course. This amazing mix of new world technology with traditional guidance results in a truly productive prep experience.

However, while the optimized practice material and the quality of the dedicated coaching are pleasing, there is still something missing.Testive ACT curriculum doesn’t teach core ACT content; it just teaches the exam. Indeed, the video instructions that accompany the course only offer explanations for the practice work. If you want a curriculum that delves into ACT subjects, you will have to look somewhere else.

That said, it’s still a fantastic ACT prep program, especially for students who want to be held accountable or receive steady guidance from top ACT teachers in the industry. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of the curriculum.

Why ChooseTestive ACT? 👍

✅ 1. Top 1% ACT Coaches

When hiring coaches,Testive looks for expertise, adaptability, passion, empathy, and communication skills. Only individuals with SAT or ACT scores in the 99th percentile and degrees and post-graduate certifications from IVY league colleges are considered.

Testive coaches work with students and their families on flexible schedules. They work to understand the goals of their students and help craft study plans and assignments to ensure maximum gains. They also send weekly notifications to parents to keep them informed too.

✅ 2. Personalized Study Plan

Testive ACT is not one-plan-fits-all. From the start, you answer a survey then take a diagnostic exam to help them figure out your strengths and weaknesses across all ACT areas of assessment; then, you will get a dedicated coach to help you prep.

Your coach will observe your day-to-day school life, extracurriculars, study habits, and performance on the practice work, then guide you on what you can do to improve. You will get one or two coaching sessions per week.

✅ 3. Adaptive Learning Software

TheTestive learning software is a visually appealing platform with short and regular practice sessions to keep learners motivated and productive. The software adjusts to each student’s performance providing the proper practice at the right time accompanied by video and text explanations and a note-taking feature to note down important points.

It comes with a calendar; simply fill it out to let your coach know your schedule and the number of practice questions you want per day.

Once you finish your practice, it will give you an estimate of your official score. Feel free to sign up for text and email reminders, too, especially if you have a busy schedule and would like to be reminded when to practice.

✅ 4. Eight Complete Practice Tests

Testive provides ACT students eight full-length practice exams to prepare their minds and bodies for the rigors of the test and test-day conditions. These are three-hour tests that you may download and print along with their answer sheets for working on as paper-and-pencil exams.

You can also take them as digital exams. You must scan and upload your answers if you work on the tests offline. The company software scores your work and provides instant feedback.

✅ 5. Over 3000 practice questions

TheTestive online platform includes over 3000 ACT practice questions. That’s a generous amount of practice work, only second top Princeton Review’s number of practice questions. This ensures students will never run out of practice work.

✅ 6. Includes ACT Prep

If you are unsure whether to take the SAT or the ACT or plan to sit for both, TheTestive curriculum provides access to both ACT and SAT practice material in one course. To switch between ACT and SAT prep, simply click a button, and you will receive the same number of practice questions and amount of coaching with either course.

✅ 7. Free Learning Software

If you’re not able to sign up for theTestive SAT tutoring program, for whatever reason, the adaptive learning software is still available for free. You’ll have access to a lot of practice questions, with their video and text explanation. However, you will not receive a score guarantee; only those who subscribe for coaching will receive theTestive score guarantee.

✅ 8. Higher Score Guarantee

TheTestive ACT curriculum comes with two distinct money-back guarantees.  If the program isn’t a good fit for you, you have two weeks following the date of purchase to let the company know and obtain a complete refund, no questions asked.

This is fantastic news for anyone new to the online test prep thingy and who doesn’t know how a self-guided prep goes.

The next guarantee is for students who follow the course to the end but see no score improvement whatsoever; you are entitled to a complete refund.

Cons 👎

❌ 9. Price

Let’s just sayTestive ACT doesn’t have a cheap course option. The lowest-priced course option costs $399 while the highest-priced option is $799; however, considering that this is tutoring, this is still cheaper than what other test prep companies charge.

Plus, you can always use the platform free for self-guided prep if you don’t want to purchase the coaching services.

❌ 10. Brief Access Periods

AllTestive ACT course options except for the Bootcamp follow a subscription-based model. Each month, you have to pay to continue enjoying the package.

Given that the cost is $399 or $699, that’s a significant sum per month. Only the Bootcamp requires a one-time payment, but it too is a 4–6-week subscription at a whopping $799 per month – not exactly cheap.

❌ 11. No Flashcards

TheTestive ACT curriculum blends the old-fashioned way of exam prep with tech, but it leaves out the important features of old-school test prep like flashcards. Flashcards are an essential part of test prep. They help train memory by practicing information retrieval.

ACT students can use flashcards to practice tough vocabulary, memorize scientific and math formulas, etc., while on the move, waiting in a line, or taking a short-breather from other tasks. Unfortunately,Testive doesn’t provide flashcards; if you want a course that includes flashcards, consider Magoosh ACT.

❌ 12. No Mobile App

Same as flashcards, mobile apps, too, make it easy to study on the move. Many high school students use their mobile phones a lot to google explanations for tough concepts.

It would have been nice ifTestive allowed their users to access the practice questions and their expiations via mobile apps so they can prep on the fly.

❌ 13. No Live Options

Testive has various course options, but they all combine self-paced plus personalized coaching; there are no live options. Other test prep companies provide all kinds of ACT tutoring services, from the OnDemand course to live online and in-person classes and tutoring bundles.

Consider Prep Expert, Prep Scholar, Veritas, or Princeton Review ACT if you want live course options.

Who Should UseTestive ACT? 🤔

Who Should Use Testative ACT?

Anyone can use theTestive ACT curriculum to prep for the exam. It will suit especially the following types of students:

  • Self-studiers: the curriculum combines a self-paced course with human coaching; you will get thousands of practice questions with text and video explanations for prepping at your own pace and time.
  • Students who want coaching: if you want one-on-one ACT instructions, purchase the tutoring options for one or two coaching sessions every week
  • Video learners: Act includes 50 hours of ACT instructional videos; these are explanations for the practice questions to help see where you missed the solutions
  • Students on the fence about which exam to take or those looking to sit for both the ACT and SAT: you can easily switch between ACT and SAT prep on the platform, at no extra cost at all.

Wrap Up 🎁

However, the Testive ACT curriculum is not for students looking for live course options or those who want to learn core ACT content. Indeed, the videos don’t teach the subjects; they only provide solutions for the practice work.

If you want a course with robust study materials across all ACT areas of assessment, consider Magoosh, Princeton Preview, PrepScholar, Prep Expert, and the rest.

That said, if you prefer to practice for the exam and appreciate the flexibility of a self-paced course with the added benefit of personalized feedback and instructions every other week, Testive ACT is the curriculum for you.

There are various course options, and you can start with the risk-free trial offer to find out which one is for you. They all come with money-back score improvement guarantees and a referrals and rewards program. Please keep in mind that certain terms and conditions apply.