TestMasters GMAT Review

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Updated: December 8, 2021

4/5 Pisa Rating

✅ Course variety

✅ Group discounts

✅ 100 points score improvement guarantee

The TestMaster GMAT program is top-rated because it provides comprehensive prep on-demand, live online and, in physical classrooms.


Students cover over 1,200 pages of GMAT instructions, practice with thousands of tests and sit for nine full-length practice tests at various stages of the course.

TestMasters GMAT Review

TestMasters is a company that offers classroom, online, and tutoring services for various standardized tests, including the GMAT, TOEFL, and GRE assessments. It was established in 1991 by Robin Singh. He holds the global record with 12 LSAT scores. 

This TestMasters GMAT review goes through its GMAT courses, including aspects that may or may not make them a better fit for you. Keep on to get the full, unbiased TestMasters GMAT review from the experts at Prep Test Pros.


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TestMasters GMAT Prep Review

Test Masters

TestMasters GMAT prep is intended to help MBA aspirants understand the GMAT exam language, the concepts being tested, and how to use basic English and math to answer the questions. There are various options to choose from. 

They all follow the same curriculum, which gives pupils a solid foundation in the grammar, math, and logic skills examined on the exam. They include a variety of tests, drills, and even interactive games to encourage pupils to participate. Here’s a breakdown of the features ofTestMasters GMAT.

What to Expect fromTestMasters GMAT?

  • 12 comprehensive GMAT classes either online, in a classroom, private one-on-one, or custom group style
  • Optional GMAT tutoring
  • 100-point score gain guarantee
  • 1200+ pages of course material
  • A personal set of GMAT practice questions
  • Nine full-length graduate management admission council   practice tests

What are The GMAT Course Prep Options fromTestMasters

1. Classroom Course

TestMasters’ GMAT classroom course comprises 36 hours of instructions split across eight lectures. You will meet twice a week for the sessions, which last 3 hours long. You will get a complete set of course materials, including the manual and the Official Guide for GMAT Review. 

The guide contains 800 authentic GMAT questions accompanied by their explanations. It also features a brand-new diagnostic section for use by learners to figure out their strengths and weaknesses. 

The questions in the book are organized in order of difficulty to save study time. It also contains a detailed review of GMAT math and roughly 270 GMAT Analytical Writing Assessment topics. Instructors use these materials to teach and instruct.

You will get four additional sessions during which you will sit for practice exams. That gives the course a total of 12 sessions.TestMasters strictly use certified GMAT examinations to provide students with a rather accurate assessment of their skills and areas for improvement. 

Following each exam, the student responses will be processed by a computer system to generate an analysis describing the learner’s strengths and weaknesses, so they know exactly where to put in more effort.

2. Online Course

TheTestMasters GMAT Online Course is a series of videos that follows the same framework as the company’s traditional GMAT classroom course. Both guarantee the same number of instructional hours, the same course material, and a guarantee of a 100-point improvement. 

However, taking the course online has several advantages, including the ability to watch lectures numerous times, pause and resume lessons any time, and complete all of the work from the comfort of your own home. 

It also saves time for working professionals or busy students who would otherwise have to commute toTestMasters learning centers.  Another benefit is that students can access the course up to four months after purchase.

When you sign up for the online course, you will get a Lesson Plan,TestMasters GMAT Prep Course Manual, Official Guide for GMAT Review, actual GMAT practice exams with computerized feedback. 

The lesson plan follows theTestMasters GMAT course format; the official GMAT review book contains 800 past GMAT questions with detailed explanations. You will also receive free essay grading online.

3. Private One-On-One

The private GMAT course offered byTestMasters is ideal for students who require specialized GMAT instructions. This one-on-one GMAT prep course offers students personalized attention as well as direct access to the best instructors. This is an excellent choice for learners with demanding schedules or busy working professionals. 

It has all of the benefits of the classroom study package, with the added benefit of flexibility in terms of location and time. Tutoring sessions can also take place in your own home. The instructors will collaborate with you to develop a curriculum that meets both your scheduling and lessons requirements.

4. GMAT Tutoring

TestMasters Private Coaching for the GMAT is ideal for learners who want to work one-on-one with an instructor but don’t want a full course. Private coaching sessions last two hours and are available seven days a week. Each session is tailored to the specific topics you want to focus on.

5. GMAT Custom Group Prep Course

This course is perfect for educators, school administrators, or group organizers who want to purchase a GMAT course for their groups of students. TestMasters will send instructors to businesses and universities to conduct the GMAT preparation course. 

The group prep package provides all the benefits of the classroom package but at a lower price because the course is shared among the group. This course includes two paper-and-pencil exams, four 3-hour GMAT classes, and two GMAT CAT exams.

How Much IsTestMasters GMAT Prep?

TestMasters’ GMAT prep plans can begin at $899-$2999 for online, classroom, and private one-on-one instructions. The online course costs $899, the classroom course $999, and private tutoring $2999. 

Now, this is significantly higher than Magoosh, Kaplan, and PrepScholar GMAT, but one thing you must know is thatTestMasters is a 100% live online or in-person course.

In contrast, the courses from the other companies are self-paced, with only a few live classroom sessions.  Indeed, students who prefer a classroom learning environment will benefit more fromTestMasters GMAT than the other courses.

TestMasters GMAT is cheaper than Veritas, whose 36-hour flagship live classes package costs $1399. It’s also cheaper than Princeton Review who’s online, and in-person courses begin at $1300-$1700.

Why ChooseTestMasters GMAT? 👍

From the comprehensive course to the generous score improvement guarantee and special discounts, there are various reasons to choose Test Prep GMAT. Here’s the breakdown:

✅ Group Discounts

The cost of the full-length GMAT Course varies depending on location. There are several options for further discounts:

  • A group of 3 to 4 students can get discounts starting from $25 up to $50 per head.
  • Discounts of $50-100 per head for a group consisting of 5 to 9 students
  • Discounts of $100-200 per head for a group consisting of 10 or more students

Members of a group must enroll in classes at the same time, although not a must in the same course. All group members’ payments must be submitted at least a week before the commencement of the group’s first class.

To earn a group discount, each member must independently enter the names of all the other group members. 

Students who request group discounts are not eligible for the withdrawal policy because that will impact fellow group members.

Any modifications to group membership should be addressed seven days before the commencement of the group’s first class. After registering, input your details on the student portal to receive a group discount.

✅ Make-Up Policy

If you miss a GMAT class, you can watch recorded versions of the session online, or you may be able to catch up on a missed class topic with the subsequent round of GMAT lessons. For further information, contact theTestMasters office!

✅ Experience

TestMasters have been in the test prep industry for over 20 years and understand the hardships involved when prepping for the GMAT. They understand how difficult the GMAT can be but have an extensive understanding of the exam. 

Experts atTestMasters examine every graduate management admission council exam available and share their experience, test tactics, practice methods, and course analyses with potential students who sign up for GMAT courses and tutoring.

✅ The Most Generous Score Improvement Guarantee

Since 1991,TestMasters has built a reputation for offering high-quality exam preparation services based on years of experience. The services are backed up by theTestMasters Score Improvement Guarantee. It’s as straightforward as that: take theTestMasters course and outperform your previous score. 

After completing the course, the company guarantees a 100-point improvement over your previous score. That is the most generous GMAT score improvement guarantee offered by any test prep company. The figure was determined by analyzing the performance of hundreds of thousands of formerTestMasters GMAT students.

TheTestMasters score improvement guarantee is several points higher than what any other GMAT course offers. For example, Magoosh GMAT guarantees a 50-point SCORE improvement; Kaplan offers no specific score improvement guarantees; Veritas also offers a 50-point score improvement.

The only other course with a score improvement guarantee close toTestMasters is the Economist GMAT with a 70+ points gain promise.

✅ Course Variety

If you want to ace the GMAT exam,TestMasters has various prep options for you. You have the option of taking a regular classroom course or an online streaming course. The traditional classroom course is available to people who reside close toTestMasters’ onsite learning sites.

You will receive eight three-hour classes taught by GMAT professionals. Computerized testing and feedback, printed books and eBooks, are included in the bundle.

The online course is designed for learners who are too busy or unable to commute to the full classroom course. You will receive all of the benefits of a regular classroom course, plus some. You can also supplement your preparation with one-on-one private coaching.

Private one-on-one tutoring is available for students who want specialized GMAT instructions. This will give you intimate access to the top-ranking GMAT instructors who will help craft a study plan and course that fits your schedule and learning style.

Finally, there are group classroom options for students who want classroom GMAT instructions at a discount.

✅ A Large Database of Practice Exams and Tests

This is a unique advantage and setsTestMasters GMAT apart from many other GMAT prep courses. Very few GMAT prep courses can boast a large, historical database of graduate management admission council questions and practice tests asTestMasters.

There is no superb way to prepare for any exam than to take it several times until you feel ready.

The exam assesses the primary skills you will need to thrive in the MBA program and the business world thereafter. However, it is quite a complex curriculum, and you will need help navigating it if you want to succeed. 

The more you practice with actual GMAT material, the better you’ll grasp how concepts are tested.TestMasters GMAT provides nine full-length graduate management admission council practice tests and thousands of practice questions.

Some of the practice questions are accompanied by expunctions to help learn the concepts being tested.

Cons ofTestMasters GMAT 👎

Some of the aspects that may makeTestMasters GMAT a poor fit for you include:

❌ No Self-Paced Course

TestMasters provides only classroom or online classes and private one-on-one GMAT tutoring. There’s no self-guided prep; this makes the course unsuitable for busy students or working professionals who want a self-prep package for studying on the move.

If you want a self-prep GMAT package, take a look at the Magoosh, Veritas, Kaplan, PrepScholar, or Princeton Review GMAT.

❌ No Mobile App

For many MBA aspirants, studying for the GMAT on the go is essential. Most students and working professionals aren’t able to take breaks away from work or demanding schedules to devote to prep. This means that mobile apps are essential.

They make it easy to study while on the bus, waiting in a line, or just taking a short break from work. Unfortunately, TestMasters lacks a mobile app.

❌ Only Four Months of Access

You will get only four months of access after purchasing the TestMasters Online GMAT. On average, many learners spend almost as much time prepping for the exam.

However, if your studies are going to take longer than average, or if you need to retake the GMAT exam, you risk losing access to the Testmaster GMAT course sooner than you prefer.

For longer course access, Magoosh GMAT or Veritas GMAT are better alternatives.

❌ Price

TestMasters TOEFL isn’t exactly a cheap course. The online streaming package proceeds at $899 for four months of access only, while the classroom course costs $999 for only six weeks of preps. The private one-on-one course costs a whopping $2999.

There are special discounts in place that will knock a few hundreds of dollars off the price. But even so, the cost is still huge if you are looking for GMAT classes below $800.

Who IsTestMasters GMAT Suitable For?

Wrap Up 🎁

TestMasters GMAT prep services are ideal for students who want to score top marks and gain admission to top business schools. The company guarantees a 100-point score increase and backs it up with several GMAT classes, thousands of practice examinations with explanations, full-length practice tests, guide books, and several one-on-one tutoring options.

You will receive computerized feedback on the practice tests. The feedback is intended to help you figure out your strengths and weaknesses and, therefore, where to focus your prep more.

However, the services cost upwards of $800, so if you have a big budget to spend on your GMAT prep.

If you are interested in the Testmasters GMAT course and would like to learn more, start with the free course demo.

Wishing you the very best as you get ready to crush the GMAT, make it into the best MBA programs, and unlock your opportunities in the business world thereafter.