TestMasters TOEFL Review

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Updated: December 8, 2021

4/5 Pisa Rating

✅ Highest score improvement guarantee (20+ points)

✅  Flexible timetables and online course options

✅ A large archive of practice questions

The TestMasters TOEFL course is suitable for students looking to improve their TOEFL scores in order to get admission to an American institution.


The company promises a 20-point improvement and provides hundreds of video lessons, practice exams, and study materials along with individualized feedback to facilitate that.

Test Masters

Testmasters TOEFL iBT classes are popular and reliable. They provide online and traditional classroom programs, with a score improvement guarantee and curriculum by top TOEFL professionals.

This review provides the full information for comparing Testmasters with other TOEFL courses on the market. Read on to get the full, unbiased Testmasters TOEFL review from the experts at Prep Test Pros.


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About Testmasters

Testmasters was founded in Houston, Texas, in 1991 and is known for its extensive experience in supplying excellent test prep products for various standardized examinations, including the Engineering, Graduate Admission, College admission, and K-8th grade.

Testmasters offers classroom courses, one-on-one tutoring, online courses, training manuals, and other preparational materials.

The company’s Graduate Admissions Courses (LSAT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL) are nationally renowned for helping students get top marks and qualify for competitive programs. The company’s excellent teachers and their unique tactics assist students in mastering different topics.

Testmasters use several lecturers per course, unlike other test prep companies, each with his/her own unique specialty. Students will learn from these specialists, with a lot of additional support or tutoring opportunities.

Testmasters currently have well-deserved notoriety for success in grad school admissions, with several satisfied students making it to the best schools in the country.

TestMasters TOEFL Review

Testmasters has solid TOEFL prep options for you if you are looking to crush the TOEFL exam. You can purchase a streaming on-demand course, take live sessions in places all across the USA or buy one-on-one tutoring packages.

Live Classes

Live classes are for students who live near Testmasters training centers. Students enjoy the experience of the traditional classroom learning environment. With highly qualified teachers and a huge library of practice questions, you will get enough lessons and practice to get ready to crush the TOEFL exam.

Standout features of the course include

  • Eight three-hour classes delivered in Testmasters onsite centers
  • A 20 Point Score improvement Guarantee
  • A Testmaster TOEFL course manual

$699 On-Demand Streaming Course

On the other hand, the on-demand TOEFL course is for those who can’t make it to the traditional classrooms. The on-demand online streaming TOEFL course has the same number of classes as the traditional classroom course. It’s the same type of course, including study materials, 20-point score guarantee. 

However, it has other advantages. For example, learners can watch classes repeatedly, stop and resume any time and all from the comfort of their own home.

The online course also saves time since there’s no commuting to onsite learning centers; this makes it especially convenient for working professionals or busy students. 

Another benefit of the online study package is that students can use the courses anytime during the four months following registration.

Standout features of the course include:

  • Eight three-hour classes available on-demand:  a series of HD videos that follow the company’s traditional classroom format. Stream the video lessons anytime, anywhere, watch as many times as you want on any device as long as you have the internet.
  • A 20 Point TOEFL iBT Score Improvement Guarantee: of all the TOEFL courses on our list, Testmasters has the most generous score improvement guarantee, promising that after completing their course, you will see a 20-point increase from your previous TOEFL iBT score.
  • Computerized assessment and feedback on strength and weakness
  • Includes a TOEFL Course Manual for learners
  • Ask e-mail questions
  • Call for technical support
  • Arrange for tutoring sessions delivered via your phone (extra fees apply)
  • Free course demo

$2999 Private One-On-One Tutoring

The private one-on-one course is for those who want individual hours with TOEFL experts. It is taught online and will prepare you for the TOEFL fully.

With this option, a personal tutor will take you through the entire TOEFL Test Masters course, wherever you wish: choose your timetable and set the location. This choice gives people wanting to prepare for TOEFL the greatest flexibility.

Features of the package include:

  • 24-hour TOEFL course including 15 hours of one-on-one tutoring at your convenience
  • Computerized TOEFL Practice Exams and feedback.
  • Approximately 1200 pages of course materials
  • A 20-point increase from your previous score

Testmasters TOEFL tutors are available all days of the week; tutoring time is standard between 10:00 and 12:30 and between 14:00 and 14:30 and between 6:00 and 20:30.

Moreover, every tutor can stay for an extra half hour for each class should the learner desire to use additional materials or if the tutor requires additional time to cover the student’s day’s material.

Testmasters TOEFL Pros and Con

Because it’s not the most cutting-edge course, TestMasters TOEFL has a few drawbacks. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of the Testmasters program:

Pros 👍

✅ Higher Scores Guaranteed

With years of experience, Testmasters has gained a reputation for providing high-quality test preparation materials since 1991. The Testmasters Score Improvement Guarantee proves it.

It’s as simple as that: take the Testmasters course and score better than you did previously. The course guarantees that you will see a 20-point score improvement from your previous score once you finish their course. 

That’s the most generous score improvement guarantee by any TOEFL course.  The estimate was arrived at by assessing the performance of over 160,000 former TestMasters TOEFL students.

If you’d like to know what the competition is all about: Magoosh TOEFL guarantees a 4-point improvement only; Kaplan offers no specific score improvement guarantees; English Success Academy and EDX offer no such guarantees.

The only other courses with a score guarantee close to Testmasters are the ones from PrepScholar (15+ points) and BestMyTest (7-15 points).

✅ Various Course Formats

If you are looking to crush the TOEFL exam, Testmasters has solid course options for you. You can choose a traditional classroom course or an on-demand online streaming course.

The traditional classroom course is for those who live near Testmasters’ onsite training centers. 

You will get eight, three-hour TOEFL classes led by TOEFL experts. The package includes computerized testing and feedback, a course manual, and hardcopy prep books.

The online course is for busy students or those who can’t make it to the onsite learning centers. You will get all the features of the traditional classroom course plus some. You also have the option to add one-on-one private coaching to your prep.

✅ Outstanding Course Materials and Dynamic Teaching

How can Testmasters students get such high marks? The secret is excellent instruction and course materials. Unlike their competitors, Testmasters teachers are experts in the content they teach as well as the test. Teachers at the company not only enjoy teaching, but they also enjoy the content they deliver.

What distinguishes our Course Materials? Years of research and development utilizing real exam materials and student feedback have resulted in the creation of the Study Guides, which serve as the core of the Testmasters curriculum.

Experts at the company have spent years refining their knowledge into simple tactics to help any learner conquer any test.

✅ Flexibility and Convenience in Learning

Do you have to miss a class? Not an issue. You can always make it up with the course’s flexible timetables and online alternatives.

Choose from classroom, private one-on-one, online, and custom group study packages to meet your learning style. Do you require additional assistance?

Special tutoring is given for subjects that require special attention. Choose your suitable Testmasters TOEFL prep and start on your journey towards success in the TOEFL exam.

✅ A Large Database of Practice Exams and Tests

This is a distinct advantage and distinguishes Testmasters TOEFL from all other TOEFL test preparation packages. Almost no other TOEFL prep course can boast such a large, historical database. There is no better way to prepare for any standardized exam than to take it several times. 

The exam assesses your ability to communicate in English freely. However, it is a complex curriculum, and you will need assistance navigating it if you are to be successful.

The more you practice with actual TOEFL material, the better you’ll grasp how the questions are phrased and how to answer them. The TOEFL questions and practice tests in the TestMasters database will help a lot.

Cons for TestMasters TOEFL Prep 👎

❌ No Mobile App

For many people, studying for the TOEFL on the go is essential. Most people aren’t able to take time away from work or school to devote to study. This implies that dedicated student mobile apps are crucial. Unfortunately, TestMasters lacks one.

❌ Access To the Course Is Only Available for A Limited Time

You will get four months of access after signing up for TestMasters. Many people spend nearly as much time studying for the TOEFL.

However, if your preps are going to require more time than expected, or if you need to repeat the exam, you may lose access to the company’s TOEFL course sooner than desirable.

❌ Price

Testmasters TOEFL isn’t exactly a cheap course. The on-demand streaming online package proceeds at $699 for four months of access only, while the private one-on-one tutoring course costs $1299 for 24 hours of coaching only.

That’s way more expensive than the competition. For example, Magoosh sell-paced TOEFL packages cost between $79 -$149. 

For BestMyTest, it’s $39-$169. Kaplan TOEFL is $349 while PrepScholar TOEFL is $189. So, if you are looking for cheaper options and with longer access periods, those are your options; Testmasters TOEFL is not one of them.

Who Are Testmasters TOEFL Suitable For?

Who Are Testmasters TOEFL Suitable For?

The TestMasters TOEFL course is ideal for those who want to achieve a high score to gain admission to an American university or college. The company guarantees a 20-point score increase and backs it up with hundreds of video lectures, practice examinations, and study resources.

As you progress through the exams, you will receive personalized feedback. The feedback is intended to help you figure out strengths and weaknesses and assist you in making changes to your studies to fit them in. However, the course costs upwards of $600, so it will only be suitable if money is not an issue.

If you are interested in the Testmasters TOEFL course, check out the free course demo to find out more. Wishing you the very best as you get ready to crush the TOEFL and unlock opportunities in English-speaking countries.