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Updated: December 8, 2021

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✅ Animated content

✅ Comprehensive ACT course

✅ Discounts for those in need of financial assistance

Instead of doing what others are doing, The Olive Book does things differently. By employing a team of animation experts to chop up concepts and present them in a fun animated way that high schoolers can understand easily.

While many ACT prep services providers are competitive and often copy each other’s products, offering nothing new in the end, Olive Book takes a unique approach to ACT prep by emphasizing animated learning content. Every ACT math, Language, and science topic is chopped and presented by a team of animators in a fun, interactive animated format. 

But, although this all sounds fantastic in principle, does this digital ACT prep curriculum pack sufficient academic juice to help you or your teenage kid get into your dream college?

This article takes a closer look at the ACT prep options from Olive Book SAT to help you determine if it’s suitable or whether to go with other ACT prep services. Read on to get the full, unbiased Olive Book ACT review from the experts at Prep Test Pros.

Olive Book ACT overview

Olive Book

Olive Book is a newcomer to the exam preparation arena. It was founded only a few years back by a Virginia Tech architecture professor. The Olive Book ACT curriculum is a hybrid one. You will get an online self-paced course with one 60-minute weekly zoom class. 

The course prioritizes the most difficult ACT content to learn, the content that is most likely to have been learned a long time ago and thus forgotten, and the content that is most likely to appear in the exam, and it translates it into visuals that are easy to understand and not boring to study.

There are no flashy tricks; you will learn the ACT material, core concepts, and strategies that work. Although the course is set up to be completed in a specified order, learners are encouraged to work at their own pace. 

If kids are studying for the ACT, Olive Book recommends starting with Math before proceeding to English, Writing, and Language. However, if you are tired of Math, switching gears and concentrating on English may help you stay focused. It’s designed to be completed in 2 to 3 months.

What to expect from Olive Book ACT prep? ✨

  • Online ACT study course
  • One zoom lesson every Wednesday
  • Higher guarantee or get your money back
  • Animated video instructions
  • Over 100 ACT practice questions set by qualified instructors
  • English grammar passages followed by questions and grammar quizzes
  • Practice questions based on reading passages, and videos explaining reading tips
  • 9 Science passages followed by questions and explanations
  • Calculator tutorials, exam techniques, and expert advice on how to solve tough questions
  • Essay practice work and writing tips
  • Diagnostic to assess your progress
  • Curated study plans
  • 4,3, 2-and 1-month study schedules
  • Intuitive digital dashboard
  • Discounts for veterans and students who need financial help

 How much does Olive Book ACT Prep cost?

How much does Olive Book ACT Prep cost?

Olive Book’s ACT prep course is only $50 per month. A 50 % refund will also be provided to students who complete at least 90 % of the course within 90 days of purchase. 

The best part is that Olive Book will refund your money in full if your score does not increase after prepping with their learning resources, so there is no fear of losing out.

Why choose Olive Book ACT? 👍

✅ Comprehensive ACT course

Olive Book SAT is a comprehensive guide to ACT math, science, and English/Writing and Language. Hundreds of practice questions authored by top exam specialists are included.

Plus, pre-and pots-diagnostic tests to evaluate weaknesses and strengths.

In addition, the company provides video and text explanations for some of its practice problems; these provide thorough and detailed explanations of problems solutions in an easy-to-understand manner.

✅ Visual teaching

Visual teaching

The Olive Book emphasizes visual learning. Their lessons are presented in the graphical language of architecture, keeping concepts fun and easy to remember. 

Videos help you learn math, especially geometry, and to understand as you progress through the ACT program. 

There’s still plenty of information available if you find that their videos just aren’t working for you; you can always read through the explanations.

✅ Low tuition rates

Olive Book ACT doesn’t require a large one-time payment. Instead, the company uses a subscription-based model where you’ll be required to pay only $50 per month.

Given that the course is designed to be completed in 2 to 3 months, that makes it a $100-$150 course.

✅ Deals


Olive Book takes pride in being accessible to all students, no matter their financial circumstances. 

Free access will always be offered to students enrolled in free or reduced school lunch programs, charities, and or after-school programs, and low-scoring or under-resourced schools.

As an added incentive, Olive Book offers a two-pack tuition program. You will both get $100 off if you sign up with a buddy. 

There is no other prep course out there that offers such a high-quality deal, so if you have a study partner, be sure to take full advantage!

✅ Several syllabi

The Olive Book SAT course is a self-paced curriculum, and as already mentioned, it doesn’t require a large one-time payment but follows a monthly subscription-based model instead. 

Unlike other self-paced courses on the market, which often have a standard content access period, here, you can choose from 4,3, 2-and 1-month study schedules.

Plus, the study plan is not restricted. Although the course is set up to be completed in a specified order, learners are encouraged to work at their own pace, skip between topics, leave some practice questions answered, etc. 

The recommended learning path is from math to English/Writing and Language, but if you are bored with math, you can jump to Language and back; whatever helps you stay focused is fair game.

✅ Higher score guarantee

Just because Olive Book is the new kid on the block doesn’t mean the team isn’t confident in their courses. The company’s ACT course comes with a money-back or higher score guarantee. 

The Olive Book provides every student with a full refund if they fail to score higher than before using the course.

Many test prep providers have similar guarantees in place, but what they don’t have is something close to Olive Book’s 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. 

With Olive Book, if your scores don’t improve after using the course, you get all your tuition fees back, no questions asked.

✅ Best-yield content organization

As already mentioned, Olive Book prioritizes ACT topics that are most challenging to students, most probable to have been learned a long time back and therefore forgotten, and most likely to appear in the exam. 

That way, even if you only go through a small part of the course, you will still benefit greatly. They call it prioritizing best-yield content, unlike other ACT courses that tend to overwhelm students with unimportant topics.

✅ Discussion boards

Taking a self-paced course can have several potential drawbacks, including minimizing your interaction with the instructors and peers. To address this, the Olive Book ACT includes a discussion board, so you’re never far from getting comprehensive guidance from an ACT expert whenever you need it.  

Throughout the course, you are welcome to leave comments or post questions on the board for teachers and other students to respond to.

✅ Support tools

Olive Book is more than just a typical study course, despite the stylish animations. There are a variety of options available to assist you in improving your ACT or SAT score, including math calculator tutorials, test strategies, and pro advice for handling tough questions, as well as anti-anxiety test suggestions.

They also provide additional blog content on topics like last-minute prep suggestions.

Olive Book’s staff is also available to assist learners like you at any time, and this can be done by using the conversation function available on each problem in the course. If you have a question, one of the course creators will respond swiftly.

Cons 👎

Olive Book is new to the test prep scene and has done much to set itself apart from the competition. Still, it suffers from a few major issues, as is common with brand-new courses. These include:

❌ Limited practice material

The Olive Book ACT program includes only 100+ practice questions. That’s a minimal number of questions compared to Prep Expert, another new company, which offers 1000+ ACT practice questions and six practice tests.

If you are serious about going through several practice questions and tests before the exam, you will soon run out of them when using the Olive Book ACT course.

❌ Not every practice question is accompanied by an animated explanation.

Olive Book competes with companies like Magoosh and Kaplan, which provide both video and text explanations for each of their ACT practice questions. 

Still, Olive Book falls short because its questions are fewer and worse of all; not every question has an animated solution explanation. 

You will still get detailed written explanations, but they won’t be as engaging as the video explanations. On the other hand, Magoosh and Kaplan ACT have video and text explanations for every one of their practice questions. 

With Olive Book ACT’s extremely few practice questions, it’s not irrational to ask that they all feature animated solution explanations.

❌ No robust stats

While companies like Magoosh and Prep Scholar provide their users with progress tracking features and visual representation of their performance throughout their courses, Olive Book doesn’t provide such stats. 

Stats are an important feature of any exam prep; they provide useful insights like the areas a student is yet to master, which questions take more of the student’s time, the student’s performance compared to that of other students, etc. 

It would’ve been nice to get such insights to customize preps and focus on areas one needs to hammer more, for maximum improvement in a short time.

Who is the course suited for?

woman in black long sleeve shirt wearing black framed eyeglasses using macbook

The graphics-loaded video lessons will suit students who learn better by watching, while the text instructions are for those who like reading more. However, if you prefer more practice than studying, this is not the course for you. 

The number of practice questions you get is just a little over 100, meaning you may run out of practice questions sooner than you’d like if you are serious about practice.

Wrap Up 🎁

If you want a discount on comprehensive ACT prep, this is the course for you. It is available to all students no matter their financial situation. There are deals for veterans, students who need financial help, and teachers buying the course for their students.

For more information about the Olive Book ACT course, check the website.

Also, don’t forget to read our ACT course-by-course comparison chart to see how the course performs against other ACT prep courses.