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Updated: December 8, 2021

3.5/5 Pisa Rating

✅ Course variety

✅ Free admission consulting services

✅ Score improvement and satisfaction guarantees

Veritas ACT is a solid ACT prep program. The course options include an on-demand course, hybrid on-demand + tutoring, on-demand + admissions, live online, and standalone tutoring packages.


A great option for ACT students who require personalized teaching during their exam preps.

Veritas Prep

Veritas Prep ACT curriculum employs elite instruction and innovative strategy and provides students with the opportunities to practice concepts and strategies on official ACT questions and tests.

With at least two decades of experience, the company often ranks top regarding admission seminars and college profile assessments. Here is a look at the ACT prep options the company provides, plus all the info you need to decide if Veritas Prep ACT is a good fit for you.

Read on to get the full, unbiased Testive ACT review from the experts at Prep Test Pros.


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ACT Prep Courses, Classes & Tutoring, Near Me

If you plan on applying to college, you should consider taking the ACT to help you stand apart from other applicants. With almost everyone applying to college possessing a great GPA and extracurricular, a great ACT score can help you come out on top. It stands for American College Testing. The exam tests your language (Reading, Writing), Mathematical, Logical Reasoning, and Scientific skills. 

Many college admission boards consider ACT scores when evaluating applicants. It’s administered by a non-profit of the same name, and to prepare for the test, students depend on many curricula online or offline. Veritas ACT prep is one of those curriculums.

It’s available in different formats and styles, ranging from OnDemand lessons to live classes and intensive private coaching. They also offer free personal admission consultations and standalone admission packages to help students raise their profiles and stand out among other applicants. Here’s the breakdown of the features of the Veritas Prep ACT curriculum.

Features of Veritas Prep ACT Prep Course ✨

  • Comprehensive ACT Prep OnDemand or Live Online
  • ACT private tutoring
  • 99th percentile instructors with certifications from Ivy League universities
  • Eight official practice tests
  • 3-point score improvement guarantee
  • Free admission consultation
  • Chat support

Veritas Prep ACT OnDemand Prep Course

The Veritas Prep ACT OnDemand program is a robust, one-stop study option with everything a student needs to independently prepare for the ACT exam. It includes interactive video lessons taught by 99th percentile ACT instructors. 

You will also get targeted assignments and practice tests to ensure thorough mastery of the skills and strategies taught in the program and their application in a timely fashion come test day. Students have access to daily live online office hours to get real-time help on their homework or any other course question from live instructors.

Additionally, you will have access to a suite of online resources, including comprehensive study guides, a question bank, and live homework help. The OnDemand curriculum is accessible for 12 months following the day of purchase. Here’s a look at the OnDemand ACT Prep options:

ACT OnDemand

ACT OnDemand

This $499 self-study package includes pre-recorded HD video lessons in which experts will walk you through the ACT curriculum.

Standout features include:

  • 12 HD video lessons
  • 10 ACT lesson guidebooks
  • An ACT question and answer bank
  • Live instructor support 24/7
  • 12 months of full-access
  • Free admissions consultation

OnDemand + Tutoring

OnDemand + Tutoring

This $899 plan is a hybrid package because it combines the OnDemand course plus 3 hours of ACT tutoring with a 909th percentile instructor. Of course, you will have access to the OnDemand course for 12 months as custom, but it’s the one-on-one tutoring that makes the package unique because your tutor will:

  • Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses across all ACT areas of assessment
  • Help craft a personalized study plan to turn your weaknesses into strengths
  • Free admissions consultation

OnDemand + Admissions

OnDemand + Admissions

This $2,300 includes everything in the $499 OnDemand package plus 7 hours of admissions consulting. A team of down-to-earth college admission experts will work with you to:

  • Edit your personal statement
  • Edit your supplemental essay
  • Prepare you for interview
  • Narrow down your college options
  • Guide you through the college application and admission process

Live ACT Classes

Veritas Prep provides live ACT classes in a high-tech online classroom if you prefer a structured learning environment. The package comprises 25 hours of classes spread over five weeks and taught by the top 1% of ACT instructors. It’s available worldwide, allowing students to learn from elite instructors directly regardless of their locations.

Apart from lessons, guidance, and personalized advice, you will get several practice tests to simulate the D-day experience and homework to ensure thorough mastery of the skills and strategy required in the exam. This package costs $399.

Standout features

  • 25 hours of classroom instructions
  • Five weeks of study
  • Innovative online classroom
  • Live homework help any day
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • 3-point score improvement promise
  • Five-part college admissions essential course

Private ACT Tutoring

Suppose you have difficulty learning key concepts or want top marks to give you a significant advantage when applying to colleges. In that case, Veritas Prep provides many ACT coaching options. Tutoring is a robust and comprehensive method of mastering academic concepts and preparing for a major exam.

Unlike a classroom setting, where a teacher’s time is divided among several students, ACT tutoring is conducted one-on-one, allowing a tutor to devote all of their attention and energy to assisting a single student.

To help you achieve your ACT goals, your tutor will create a study plan tailored to you, targeting your main weaknesses and leveraging your major strengths. Each ACT coaching session will proceed at your own pace, allowing you to ask questions when you want and progress when you’ve understood a concept.

You’ll be working with an instructor who has an ACT score of 33 or higher. They will provide you with solid, concrete ACT techniques to help you manage your time more effectively. You’ll also get the ideas on what to do if you get stuck on a question and the knowledge and skills to face even the most difficult ACT problems.

Tutors can also assist with nervousness and working under pressure. Working with an expert who can teach you the techniques and habits to harness your strengths and feel prepared for the exam can be incredibly beneficial, especially if you struggle in exam situations. Veritas Prep ACT tutoring options include:

Independent ✨

  • 12 hours of tutoring
  • A one-time payment of $2,400 or $817/month
  • Live help any day of the week
  • Includes the self-study course


  • 24 hours of tutoring
  • $1,483/month or a one-time payment of $4,400
  • Live help any day of the week
  • Includes the self-study course

Ambitious ✨

  • 36 hours of tutoring
  • $1,983/month or a one-0time payment of $5,900
  • Live help any day of the week
  • Includes the self-study course
  • Includes the live online course
  • For students applying to highly selective colleges
  • Live help any day of the week

Comprehensive ✨

  • 48 hours of tutoring
  • $2,483/month or a one-time payment of $7,400
  • Live help any day of the week
  • Includes the live online course

Pros of Veritas Prep ACT Prep 👍

✅ 1. Free Consulting Features

Each year, Veritas Prep’s well-known college admissions advisory services in standalone packages assist students in getting into their preferred colleges. However, the huge demand for these types of college admissions consulting packages can make them unaffordable. 

That’s why having free college admissions included with each of their ACT prep plans is a major selling point for the company. 

You won’t find such services with other courses on the market. Users of the Veritas’ OnDemand ACT prep course, for example, receive a free college admissions consultation from one of the company’s advisors, who will assess their high school grades, accolades, activities, and other details to determine their chances of being admitted into certain colleges.

Veritas Prep users will also get a college workshop session that explains how college admissions boards evaluate applications nowadays, which can help them express their particular strengths and weaknesses on their application more effectively. 

While paying thousands of dollars for a college admissions counselor may be worthwhile in the long term, hiring a less intensive college admission counseling service may be more cost-effective. If that appeals to you, Veritas Prep would be an excellent choice for your ACT preparation, as it is the only curriculum that provides this level of assistance.

✅ 2. Score Improvement and Satisfaction Guarantees

Veritas offers a score improvement guarantee on its live online ACT prep option. They are so confident in the course that they guarantee your exam score will improve by 3+ points or get your money back. However, keep in mind that certain terms and conditions apply like you have attended every single lesson and stayed for at least 120 minutes of it, among other conditions. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Participate in at least one Live Online Office Hours session.
  • Start with a score of 31 or less; if you begin with a score of 32 or greater, they guarantee that you’ll score at least 34.
  • Provide your official ACT score before and after the course, proving you did not improve your score. Post-course ACT scores should be from an exam taken within 30 days of the end of the course, as well as be submitted within 14 days of the ACT score release date.

The other guarantee is the satisfaction guarantee, meaning that you can retake the Veritas ACT course free if your score doesn’t improve.

✅ 3. Live Instructor Help

While the admissions services provided by Veritas are a unique perk for its ACT prep options, the ACT instructors users interact with online are the true heart of the curriculum. Students can get live assignment help from ACT instructors anytime, any day, and in an unlimited capacity number of times throughout their courses.

When you connect to the Veritas ACT dashboard, you will see a green light at the top of the screen next to the office hours tab at certain times of the day.

This light shows that instructors are available for consultations, which means you can ask any question you have, including ACT techniques, specific assignment or exam problems, or general academic concepts you’ll meet on the test via the video chat room.

Veritas Live Office Hours Help is a gamechanger; unlike other courses that limit you only to email or chat support, here, you will hear your questions explained by an ACT expert live.

✅ 4. Course Bundles

Veritas Prep offers various ACT preparation packages in various formats, from online self-prep classes to rigorous private coaching schedules. These courses cater to the distinct needs of different high school students, particularly those seeking personal feedback from ACT teachers, multiple types of study resources, or college admissions services, thanks to the diverse ACT portfolio.

Studying for the ACT exam can take various forms, such as purchasing an ACT prep book or enrolling in a school-based curriculum. However, for many prospective high school grads, the ideal method to prepare for the exam will be to find a course that fits your schedule and study needs while still providing access to tried-and-true ACT strategies and experienced experts.

That is precisely what Veritas Prep ACT is all about. Unlike other courses that restrict students to one course in each format, the company provides several live online and OnDemand options and tutoring bundles.

✅ 5. Content Variety

Veritas Prep offers ACT resources in both text and video formats to accommodate students with various learning styles. This is unique because many courses simply offer video or written content, which isn’t the most effective structure for a preparation program on its own.

Videos can be entertaining, but they aren’t as straightforward as texts; you may have to sift through a lot of footage to find the one subject or practice question you need to cover.

On the other hand, if you solely have to rely on text content in your course, you’ll run into the reverse issue: the text is easy to comb through, but it’s not as engaging as video content now, is it?

That’s why good prep curriculums combine both video and text instructions. The Veritas self-paced course includes 12 HD video lessons, a guidebook containing practice problems, and supplemental lessons that you can use at your own pace and time.

✅ 6. Discounted Tutoring

Private Tutoring is arguably the greatest approach to prep for the ACT if you are experiencing problems grasping certain concepts or want to get into incredibly competitive schools. Veritas Prep provides amazing tutoring services either as a standalone or hybrid package for students enrolled in the OnDemand or Live Online courses.

Each coaching hour will cost around $200 overall if someone picks the 12-hour Private Tutoring bundle. It’s also worth noting that if you choose one of the regular Private Tutoring plans, you’ll be limited to 12 hours of tutoring. 

However, if you are enrolled in the On-Demand or Live Class programs, you can purchase Veritas Prep’s Tutoring services at a large discount: $140 per hour, with no minimum number of hours.

Suppose you’re progressing through the ACT curriculum and run into a problem that you can’t answer during the allocated office hours. In that case, these discount offers could be valuable, providing you with substantially affordable access to the most personalized ACT training available.

✅ 7. One-year Access

The Veritas OnDemand course allows 12 months of access to the curriculum following the day of purchase. This is enough time to go over the materials several times before sitting for the exam, and if you don’t like your final score and there’s still time, you can use the course to prep for a retake.

Some ACT prep programs only offer you access to the study and practice material for four months. While this may be sufficient for some, it does not allow everyone the flexibility required, especially those hectic schedules. The one-year access period is the longest you get for an ACT course, and it’ll give you plenty of time to study.

✅ 8. Free Course Trial

Veritas Prep offers a free 1-week trial of their On-Demand bundle to anyone curious to get a taste of the features offered through the curriculum. While reading the highlights of the course online is good, trying it out is even better. 

You’ll get seven days of restricted access to various lessons as well as instructor office hours and university admissions help from Veritas Prep’s specialists with this offer. If you want to see what this course is all about, taking advantage of the free trial is by far the most effective method to do so.

Cons 👎

❌ 9. Limited Guarantee

Veritas Prep ACT guarantees a 3+ point score improvement with their Live Online course packages. That means, if you don’t improve your ACT score by 3 points or higher after attending the Veritas course, you’ll get a complete refund.

However, the company’s other ACT products are not covered by this guarantee. You might obtain a lower ACT score after taking the courses, but you will be ineligible for refunds.

Given that Magoosh ACT offers a better 4+ point improvement promise on all of its ACT prep packages, it’s evident that Veritas Prep just does not have the greatest guarantee available. However, it’s not the worst, and it will provide some essential score insurance if you go with the live online course.

❌ 10. Rigid Lesson Plan

With this Veritas Prep ACT curriculum, you’ll have access to personalized practice options as well as a slew of helpful progress trackers and diagnostics. Despite these customization options and features, the course’s basic lesson plan isn’t quite adaptable. Magoosh and Prep Scholar, for example, feature an adaptable lesson plan in their ACT courses.

That means the courses adjust to the study patterns of individual students, selecting lessons and drills to help them transform their weaknesses into strengths. Students are able to increase their scores the most in a short period this way.

The Veritas Prep On-Demand course, on the other hand, consists of a series of lesson plans that do not adapt to a student’s learning style and progress in any way. Students can still skip lessons and study whatever they choose, but they won’t receive the course navigation guide. So, if you want the most up-to-date technologies and a modern learning platform, other ACT prep providers may be better alternatives.

Who Should Use Veritas Prep ACT Prep? 🤔

Who Should Use Veritas Prep ACT Prep?

Any student can use the Veritas ACT curriculum to prep for the exam. It will suit the following types of students particularly:

  • Self-studiers: there are several OnDemand sturdy packages; they combine 12 HD video lessons, ACT guidebooks, practice questions, and tests that you can use to prep for the exam anywhere, anytime on your desktop or mobile phone
  • Students who want private tutoring: if you need help grasping certain concepts or want a higher score to get into competitive colleges, there’s the option to add tutoring to your self-paced prep or purchase standalone tutoring packages
  • Video learners: Testative Act includes 12 HD Video lessons on core ACT concepts and strategies
  • Students who learn better from written instructions: the curriculum provides guidebooks containing supplemental lessons and practice questions
  • Students who want a structured classroom course with a teacher to hold them accountable and other students to interact with can purchase the live online course conducted in an innovative online classroom.
  • Students who want to gain a significant advantage over other applicants: Veritas provides free admission consultations plus premium standalone college admission packages if you want help understanding the college application and admission process and raising your profile to stand apart from other applicants

Wrap-up 🎁

Veritas Prep provides an ACT program that is well-balanced in terms of different study resources and unique extras like admissions counseling and live homework help that you won’t find in any other ACT program.

It’s also a great option for ACT students who require personalized teaching during their exam preps. This is a pretty enticing option for any student not content with programs that lack support services such as admissions counseling and access to expert homework help. Additionally, you can take advantage of private tutoring discounts and numerous bundles.

If you are interested in the Veritas Prep ACT prep packages and want to learn more, start today with the 7-day free trial offer if you wish to learn more about the program. Also, don’t forget to check our ACT course-by-course comparison chart to see Veritas Prep ACT compared with other courses on the market. Farewell!