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Updated: December 8, 2021

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✅ Course variety

✅ Content variety

✅ Admission resources

Veritas Prep provides a variety of SAT products in a variety of formats, ranging from online self-paced lessons to rigorous private coaching schedules.


These courses serve the individual needs of high schoolers, particularly those wanting individualized feedback from teachers, a variety of study resources, or college admissions assistance.

Veritas Prep

The SAT is a regulated exam used by colleges to assess applicants’ academic preparation for a more challenging post-secondary education.

Excellent SAT scores are a significant part of a student’s application to prestigious universities and colleges, as well as a determinant of their ability to get college scholarships. 

Veritas Prep provides a selection of SAT prep packages to match your goals and budget if you are studying for the exam. Read on to get the full Veritas Prep SAT review from the experts at Prep Test Pros.


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About Veritas Prep

Meet the team | Veritas Prep

Veritas Prep is a company of high achievers for high achievers. The company is famous for its graduate and undergraduate admission counseling services, though, from many students, its exam prep classes are among the best on the market. The company was founded in 2001 by Yale students Chad Troutwine and Markus Moberg.

Drawing from their experience with the SAT exam and their college education, they set forth to provide ambitious college-bound students with the best test prep and admission counseling services. 

They have employed a team of experts in graduate and undergraduate programs, and their courses often feature college profile assessments, consultations, and admission seminars.

This here is a review of their SAT course; read on to find out what sets it apart from the competition and whether it’s suitable for your learning style and habits.   

Veritas Prep Sat Review

Veritas assists ambitious students in achieving their goals. The company’s in-depth, effective training is guaranteed to improve your SAT score by 200 points or refund your money.

The company provides the following SAT prep options:

SAT On Demand

SAT On Demand

Veritas Prep SAT On Demand is a completely online toolkit comprising high-quality video lessons prepared by the top 1% of instructors. The lessons are split into Reading, Writing and Language, Mathematics, and a non-compulsory Writing section. This makes it easy to fit little bits of lessons into an already tight schedule.

The lessons are interactive and include guidebooks and targeted assignments. There are algorithms to track the student’s progress. There’s also live homework help where students fire up those challenging questions to online tutors for help.

Students are given 230 minutes to complete the exam plus the optional writing part. The compulsory section will be scored on a 200-800 scale and the writing section on a 6-24 scale.

Students have the following On-Demand course option:

Sat On-Demand Self-Study

The $499 course is for the self-driven or busy students who’d like the flexibility of studying at their own pace at their own time. No tutoring. No admissions service.

Features of the On-Demand Self-Study course include:

  • Test-taking strategies from the top 1% of instructors
  • 12-month access
  • 10 lessons
  • Study plans and practice resources
  • Desktop, phone, and tablet HD access
  •  Expert live instructors 24/7
  • Eight official SAT practice tests

On-Demand + Tutoring

This $899 package provides everything the self-study package provides, plus tutoring. Subscribers will get 3 hours with 99th percentile instructors for one-on-one coaching.


  • Customized study plan
  • Tutors to help assess your skills and highlight key areas of growth
  • Free admissions consultation.

 On-Demand + Admissions

This $2,300 self-study plus admissions package includes:

  • 7 hours consulting
  •  Free admission guidance
  • Extra essay edits
  • Select your dream colleges
  • Interview prep
  •  Individual statement editing

Live SAT Courses

Live SAT Courses

If you prefer a structured learning setting, you can add live classes to your on-demand package and improve your score by 200 points. The classes are offered in a state-of-the-art online classroom by 99th percentile instructors.


  •  Proven strategies
  • 200+ points improvement guarantee
  •  Real-time direct access to SAT experts
  • Full-length SAT practice exams
  •  25 hours of live classes
  • Free SAT and ACT video library
  • 12-month access
  • An exclusive look at university admissions
  • $899 price

1-on-1 SAT Tutoring

1-on-1 SAT Tutoring

Working with an SAT expert one-on-one helps focus on one’s areas of weakness, be it math, writing, reading, etc. Veritas Prep tutors work with students to design great study plans that focus on the student’s needs for maximum improvement. 

They provide time management strategies and are also available when a student feels stuck. Furthermore, students will get help with their college application process.


  •  Everything the on-demand package includes
  • Private coaching at $154/hr.
  • Customized study plan
  • Homework help all days of the week
  •  Flexible scheduling

Why choose Veritas Prep SAT 👍

Veritas Prep SAT has a lot of appealing features that place it among the courses; here’s a look:

✅ Top 1% Instructors

The quality of instructors is one of the defining features of the best SAT prep courses. Companies like Magoosh, Kaplan, Testive, Prep Expert, and Prep Scholar employ only 99th percentile scorers who care about teaching and their students. 

Veritas Prep does the same. Their instructors have demonstrated an excellent capacity to teach the SAT syllabus in an engaging, personalized, and results-oriented way. 

They hold degrees from Harvard, MIT, and Yale and high test scores and advanced post-graduate degrees (JDs, MBAs, PhDs, MDs, etc.).

✅ Free college admissions help

Veritas Prep is one of the few test prep companies that provide college admission guidance. This is a 5-part crash course that focuses on details college boards use to vet applicants. 

These include guidance on how to frame your essays, which extracurricular activities to join etc.  The services are included in the tutoring and live packages and cost nothing extra. 

Apart from that, all the company’s SAT packages include college profile evaluation services free of charge. That means one of the company’s admission experts will evaluate your GPA, grades, and extracurricular activities to tell which college to apply to. 

This guidance puts Veritas Prep subscribers ahead of the competition when it comes to college applications.

✅ Live instructors

Access to online experts is another feature of great SAT prep courses. However, most of them stop at email and phone chat support only, with no real-time interactions. In most cases, students will get responses within three days. 

On the contrary, Veritas Prep provides real-time homework help all days of the week. Students can ask instructors questions, watch them solve problems on an online whiteboard, ask for clarification, etc. that way, students can complete their lessons in time instead of waiting for responses for two or three days.  

✅ Discounted tutoring

Another feature of great SAT prep courses is tutoring. It’s for students who want extra help because they are looking for perfect scores. It’s also suitable for students who are not confident in their skills enough to study on their own. 

Veritas Prep SAT tutoring pairs the flexibility of the on-demand course with the structure of the live class package. That way, students work with experts in real-time at a pace tailored for their learning style and habits.

There are various hourly tutoring packages at competitive rates. The cheapest one is the $2400 Independent bundle for 12 hours of coaching. However, if you’ve already bought the self-paced course, you can add tutoring to your prep at a discount, starting at $154/hr.

✅ Essay scoring

The writing section of the practice exams is voluntary. However, if you attempt it, your work will be scored. This feature sets Veritas Prep SAT apart from most other courses that don’t do essay grading.

200-point guarantee

Another defining feature of the best SAT prep courses is their score guarantees. Most SAT prep companies promise that you’ll score higher upon completion of their courses than you scored previously or ask for a refund. However, many of these companies promise a 100–160-point improvement only.

On the other hand, Veritas prep promises a 200-point improvement making it the most generous on the market. It’s enough to take your score from the 40th percentile to the 74th.  However, the promise is only offered to subscribers of the Live Class packages.

✅ One year of access

Another defining feature of great SAT prep courses is the access period. Different students have their exams scheduled at different times of the year. Some have it in a months’ time, and therefore a course with a short access period doesn’t worry them. 

On the other hand, some prefer long periods of access because they have their exams scheduled for later in the year and would like more time to prepare fully.

Veritas Prep appeals to the later types of students. With the on-demand package, you have 12 months of access to the course. This is advantageous because you can use the course several times during the year to take and retake the exam till you attain a perfect score. You can also move it around when your schedule gets too busy or even buy it on sale for later use.  

✅ Free resources

Veritas prep does not allow a risk-free trial or free course demo. However, they do provide a ton of materials for free to students looking to join their curriculum. You will get an SAT book, webinars for SAT prep, college admission consolation, etc.

What you might not like about Veritas Prep SAT 👎

Overall, the Veritas Prep SAT program is fantastic. When put side by side with the competition, the company stands out for its high-quality videos, live homework help, college admission guidance, and a long period of access. However, there are a few features that reviewers still feel the program could use some improvements.

❌ Basic progress tracking algorithms

Veritas does provide progress tracking and expertly designed study plans. However, these are not 100% specific to individual students. They are also not as detailed or stellar as those offered by PrepScholar or Magoosh SAT. These two companies use intuitive algorithms that provide lesson and practice suggestions based on a student’s progress.  

Indeed, the companies do start students on diagnostic tests to determine their strengths and weaknesses then create a custom plan that drills on the weak areas first before moving to other topics. That way, students focus much of their prep learning only on what they need to improve.

❌ Limited self-paced course features

The Veritas Prep SAT course includes a 200-score improvement guarantee and a college admission crash course. However, these two features aren’t available to subscribers of the self-paced course. 

However, you will still get live homework help and support plus free admissions consolation. But still, it would have been nice if the company improved the features of the self-paced course.

❌ Higher starting price than most courses on the market

The Magoosh one-year self-paced SAT course costs only $129. The one from PrepScholar costs $397. Compared to Veritas Prep’s $499 course, these are more affordable. Furthermore, they include more practice and exams than the veritas Prep package. 

For example, Magoosh self-paced SAT offers 1750 practice questions, and PrepScholar includes 7100 of them. Veritas Prep Sat, on the other hand, doesn’t include a question-answer bank.

Who is the Veritas Prep SAT best suited for? 🤔

Any student can use Veritas Prep SAT to get ready for their exam. However, the way the course is designed, students who fall into the following categories will benefit the most:

  • Busy students or professionals: the self-paced course is split into sections to fit into an already busy schedule easily. The course can be accessed anywhere, anytime via desktop, android, or iOS devices.
  • Students who want one-on-one guidance: Veritas Prep SAT includes live instructor access all days of the week for help with assignments, difficult questions, areas that need clarification, etc.
  • Students who want extra help: there are various hourly tutoring bundles at competitive rates. The tutors can help design a study plan, focus on weak areas, and maximize score improvement.
  • Students looking for a structured curriculum: the live class package includes 25 hours of live classes in an innovative online classroom and a 200-point score improvement assurance.
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Wrap Up 🎁

It’s easy to see why Veritas Prep is popular. Their SAT course includes a free college admission consultation and guides to put a student ahead of other applicants. You will know precisely what to do to get into your dream school.

Furthermore, you will also get access to a team of online instructors for help with your assignments, areas you need clarifications, and more.

However, the disadvantage is there’s no free trial, so you have to subscribe to find out more. Alternatively, you can call Veritas Prep offices for further chat with an SAT expert.